1st round of a-nation performers announced: Koda Kumi, SKE48, Super Junior D&E, and more

Avex trax’s annual festival a-nation is getting ready for their 2018 set of lives.

The first concert will take place at the Mie prefecture on July 28th at the Nagashima Spa Land venue. Artists that will appear at that date include:


  • Koda Kumi
  • Urata Naota (AAA)
  • SKE48
  • Da-iCE
  • Lee Hi

The next date will take place on August 4th, this time at the Nagasaki prefecture. The venue selected is the Huis Ten Bosch. Current artists announced for the Nagasaki date are:


  • Koda Kumi
  • Super Junior D&E
  • Shuta Sueyoshi
  • Da-iCE
  • lol
  • nine stars

Tickets for the event go on sale today, April 13th. More artists will be announced for both the Mie and Nagasaki dates.

Furthermore, the venue and artists for the Tokyo and Oasaka dates of a-nation still need to be announced. Since a-nation’s inception in 2002, it has gone on to become the largest domestic Japanese music festival. It has drawn in nearly 6 million people over the span of 16 years.