Who are the most beautiful male entertainers?

Online web portal Goo decided to take on the daunting task of asking their readers which male entertainers are the most ‘beautiful’.  Even though Japan is famous for preferring ‘pretty boys’,  the inspiration came from the trend of top male entertainers being quite ‘strong’ and manly (perhaps due to monster popularity of acts like EXILE), but the resurgence of ‘beautiful men’ seems to be on the rise again.

Who do you think made the ranking? Find out below!



Despite netizens trying it with GACKT earlier in the year, it’s very clear that there’s just as many who still appreciate his looks. Goo attributes his tall height, paired with his flawless skin and “mysterious atmosphere” for all the votes he received.


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The frontman of L’Arc ~ en ~ Ciel and VAMPS naturally got a lot of votes from women, but also received a lot of attention from male users as well. Many couldn’t help but compliment his beautiful voice along with praising his ageless looks. Every time HYDE is brought up there’s usually a big fuss among netizens, common statements being “Is he really 48 years old?” “You are too beautiful…”

3. Masaki Kyomoto


Masaki Kyomoto is an actor, tarento, and guitarist who is most known for his roles in historical period dramas. Since debuting Masaki has amassed a legion of fans mainly consisting of middle aged women. A few years ago he went viral in certain parts of Asia after a picture of him posing with his son, Johnny’s Jr. member Taiga Kyomoto, hit the net. Despite there being a 34 year age difference many netizens thought Masaki was Taiga’s brother.

4. Hideaki Takizawa

5. Teppei Koike / Masaki Okada

7. Mitsuhiro Oikawa

8. Haruma Miura

9. Sota Fukushi

10. Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP!)

11. Ryunosuke Kamiki

12. Hiroshi Tamaki

13. Yamapi / Hiro Mizushima

15. Kento Yamazaki / Eiji Wentz

17. Koji Seto / YOSHIKI (X-JAPAN)

19.  Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai)

20. Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids)

21. Kiyoshi Hikawa

22. Yudai Chiba / Takumi Saito / Takanori Iwata (J SOUL BROTHERS)

25. Takeru Satoh / Shohei Miura

27. Kanata Hongo

28. Dean Fujioka / Mahiro Takasugi / DAIGO / Naohito Fujiki

32. Masaki Suda / Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS) / Mackenyu Maeda

35. Kei Inoo (Hey! Say! JUMP) / Jun Matsumoto (Arashi)

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Do you agree with the ranking?