SMAP Holds a Small, Informal Party on Their Last Day Together

Ever since it was reported that SMAP wouldn’t join the yearly Kouhaku Utagassen for their final performance together, many have speculated what was the idol group going to do instead on their final day? Now we have an answer!

Josei Seven and Yahoo News! has recently reported the former idol group’s last gathering was at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve. The small, private party had four out of the five members in attendance as somehow Kimura Takuya mysteriously didn’t show. Some of his former bandmates wonder if Kimura just merely forgot about the dinner party. But, the article thought maybe he wanted to spend the special night with his family. Nonetheless, former bandmate Mori Katsuyuki, who left the group in 1996, came as well, making the event more memorable.

According to the Yahoo! News article, the party started at 7 pm and lasted well into the late night as the members celebrated their twenty-five years together. They talked about various things throughout the night like their ups and downs, memories, and so on.

A customer who was in the same restaurant when the boy band came told Josei Seven:

“The second floor was reserved for private use. However, the first floor of the resturant was used for the general public. The customers who were sitting near the entrance were in shock when they saw them. Everyone was shaking when they came in one by one. We couldn’t believe it. I even said, “Isn’t that Nakai?” when I saw him entering.”

The article also goes on to report that SMAP ate the special toshikoshi udon and counted down towards the new year. The members stayed until 2 am when they bore masks, glasses, and caps when exiting the resturants and left in taxis.

Josei Seven will release an in depth report on January 19.





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