“M Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite” Episode 5 Review

On June 20, the fifth episode of “M Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite”, the drama based on the rise to fame of Ayumi Hamasaki, starring Kalen Anzai as Ayu, aired.

Things start off where they left off in the last episode, with Reika entering Masa’s office in a wedding dress. He tells her he can’t marry her because he’s in love with Ayu, sending her into a rage. He came to this realization after reading Ayu’s fax to him. Reika knew this would happen because she read Ayu’s fax before Masa did.

We then see Ayu having a dream about her missing father, complete with a montage of him letting her hand go and child Ayu falling into the ocean, trying not to drown. She wakes up from her dream and finds a response fax from Masa, telling her he likes her.

Ayu and Masa decide to meet. They run into an embrace in Shibuya Crossing. They go to the waterfront and Masa asks Ayu out, to which she accepts.

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