Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yuto Nakajima drunkenly hugs a woman

Shukan Bunshun reported an incident of Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yuto Nakajima being drunk and the police getting called.

In the early morning of April 1, the police were called after a woman in her 30s reported being hugged by a drunk on the streets, who turned out to be Yuto Nakajima. The incident will most likely not turn into a police case as the woman is not pressing charges.

Last month, there was a scoop regarding Nakajima going out with Yo Yoshida, an actress 20 years his senior. The incident happened the day after he spent 7 consecutive nights at Yoshida’s apartment.

The representative of Johnnys Jimusho replies “Although he was drunk, for the matter to reach such a situation, we deeply apologize to everyone involved. The person himself will deeply reflect on his conduct”.

Nakajima has been cast as the lead in the upcoming FUJI TV drama titled “HOPE”.

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