Finalists Announced for The 11th CD Shop Awards 2019

The 11th CD Shop Awards 2019 have selected their 10 finalists for this year’s grand prize! The top 10 were selected by 501 CD shop staff from a pool of 24 albums released last year. The award ceremony will take place on March 18.

This year will be different though, with two new awards being given out. The first will be the “red” award, which goes a to “god-level” album that can be listened to again and again. The second will be the “blue” award, which goes to an album by a new artist that is highly recommended to to customers.

Find out what albums made the cut after the jump!

Utada Hikaru – Hatsukoi

Elephant Kashimashi – Wake Up

Image result for Elephant Kashimashi - Wake Up

Official HIGE DANdism – Escaparade

Image result for エスカ パレード

Orisaka Yuta – Heisei

Image result for yuta orisaka

Kaneko Ayano – Shukusai

Image result for カネコアヤノ 祝祭

KID FRESINO – ai qing

Image result for KID FRESINO - ai qing

Zutto Mayonaka de Ii no ni. – Tadashii Itsuwari Kara no Kishou

Image result for ずっと 真夜中 で いい の に 正しい 偽り から の 起床


cero「POLY LIFE MULTI SOUL」通常盤ジャケット

Hoshino Gen – POP VIRUS

Image result for 星野 源 pop virus

WANIMA – Everybody!!

Image result for wanima every