Fujii Kaze: The Biggest Japanese Musical Phenomenon Since Utada Hikaru?

Fujii Kaze debuted in November 2019 with his digital single “Nan Nan.” His debut album, “HELP EVER HURT NEVER”, debuted at #1 on Billboard Japan’s Hot Albums chart the following May, solidifying his position as one of Japan’s most promising new artists.

Nippon.com’s Kurihara Yuichiro spoke to prominent Japanese R&B producer Matsuo Kiyoshi about Kaze’s rise to fame. Kiyoshi says that Kaze’s music is fresh, yet familiar, reminding him of how stars used to burst onto the scene in the 80s and 90s. The artist that he most likens Kaze to is Utada Hikaru.

This comparison is further fleshed out in the full conversation between Kurihara and Matsuo, which can be read here.