Introducing Arama! Japan Playlists

With a new year, and a new decade, comes change! Towards the end of 2019, I started thinking of how to improve the site, and also how to expand its reach. One of these ways is utilize technology that we have at our disposal, but aren’t taking advantage of. An example of this utilization of technology would be the creation of the Arama! Japan podcast. Posting the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music, led to the next logical step: creating playlists!

The era-ending posts “Staff Selections: 2010s Decade End” and “Staff Selections: 2019 Year End” have now been turned into playlists on the aforementioned streaming platforms! There will be more playlists in the future! Check them out below!

Staff Selections: 2010s Decade End (Spotify / Apple Music)

Staff Selections: 2019 Year End (Spotify / Apple Music)

In making these playlists, I was actually surprised at how much of the music was available for streaming internationally, well in the US at least. There will be some variations in the songs included, due to the music’s presence, or absence, on Spotify and Apple Music.