Buzzfeed and the Fine Brothers Release Videos of People Reacting to Japanese Music

A few days ago, Buzzfeed and the Fine Brothers released videos where they gave unsuspecting people the chance to listen to Japanese music.

The Buzzfeed video, titled “Americans Listen To Japanese Pop Music For The First Time”, featured songs by Da-iCE, back number, and SKE48. The Fine Brothers video was titled “ELDERS REACT TO LADYBABY.” It that video, senior citizens reacted to the viral video for the group’s debut single, “Nippon Manju.”

Check them out after the jump and share your thoughts on these people sharing their thoughts on Japanese music!

Americans Listen To Japanese Pop Music For The First Time




Songs from the Buzzfeed video:

Da-iCE – Everybody


back number – Tegami


SKE48 – Maenomeri