Arama! Japan Will Interview THE NOVEMBERS and Steven Lee

Hey, Arama! Japan readers! We have 2 interviews coming up and we want to open up the floor to see if any of you have any questions! We’ll soon be interviewing the band THE NOVEMBERS and songwriter / producer Steven Lee.

THE NOVEMBERS released their last release, the EP “Elegance”, this past October.

Steven Lee is an American songwriter and producer who has worked with many acts in the Japanese music industry, including KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, V6, Arashi, Namie Amuro, Kis-My-Ft2, and Sexy Zone, as well as many KPop acts. A song he wrote and produced for E-girls, “White Angel”, is currently being used in a new Prince Hotels & Resorts CM:

His songwriting / production discography can be found here.


We await your questions!