Do You Want Perfect Skin like Maki Goto? Start the “Water Peeling” Trend

Water Peeling is one of the newer skincare treatments that’s starting to gain traction all across Asia, specifically in Japan and South Korea. Deity Maki Goto has been chosen to promote the “aQua Queana Qlean Platinum S2” by the skincare brand pour-A-soigne.

Japan’s summers are known for being unbearably humid, as a result many peoples skin are prone to more stress from perspiration and sebum. These “pore stains” can start to be a real burden on your skin. Water peeling is one of the best methods to remedy this situation. Using water and “ultrasonic waves”, the device gently removes dirt directly from your pores leaving you with a beautiful glowing complexion. Unlike other pore treatments like oils, scrubs, and masks, water peeling allegedly trumps them all due to the “ultrasonic waves” that can easily clean all the dirt and grime that’s really hidden under your skin.

The device itself resembles a USB stick. After washing your face you simply turn it on and start to scrape your pores clean! Water peeling specifically targets three areas. Plugged up pores, blackheads, and enlarged pores due to sagging skin. The Qlean Platinum S2 offers two different settings. A “nutrition” mode which aims to work on perfecting your complexion by using negative ions, and an “up” mode that uses positive ions to help tighten skin.

The Qlean Platinum S2 is one of Maki’s favorite facial beauty products by far, citing it’s simple and quick ease of use as her favorite feature. She further stated that it’s almost like getting a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Maki regularly posts makeup-free selfies on her official ameba and Instagram accounts, with water peeling no doubt playing a role in her beautiful skin.

The videos below demonstrate basic water peeling in action, would you try this skin care technique?

(via Oricon Beauty & pour-a-soigne)

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    • Lemon

      Former Singer Maki Goto is really on the cutting edge. Let me stop using Lemon Juice and Bar Soap and hop on this trend.

    • Partay

      I’d buy this if she sang the theme song for the CM…..

      • l3012

        This! Her discography is still one of my favorites.

        • Partay

          *waves lighter while blasting “Fly away”*

          • l3012

            SWEET BLACK is still the best.

    • cosmic lad

      i’ve been wanting to try this. blackhead masks are satisfying to look at after…but only a temporary fix

      • hasawa

        No beauty treatment is a definitive fix, only dedication to your daily skin routine will improve your skin condition in the long run.
        For me, the natural route has done wonder : aloe vera and nut oil as moisturizers, micellar water to purify (after face wash/shower), and tea tree + citrus water as tonics to soothe the skin. Recently I tried KONJAC sponge to wash my face (along with my usual liquid soap) and I’ve been delighted by the results!! For trip in Africa I grabbed Lush’s “Magical Moringa” as main moisturizer (which is 100%natural) that has long time proven its efficiency even in extreme condition! (if Japan weather is a pain in the ass, just try out Tanzania!!)
        These products have been way effective on my problematic oily skin than any other over expensive ‘miracle’ creme/product that I ever tried.

        • starlightshimmers

          My skin isn’t perfect, but I use two cleansers, a toner, a blemish remover, a moisturiser, and sometimes sunscreen (depends whether I’m going to be out around often), and generally it keeps pimples away or if I do get pimples they’re gone within a week. You’re absolutely correct that having a skin routine is the most important aspect.

        • cosmic lad

          that’s true!

          i go in and out of skin care phases. sometimes i’m super anal about it, other times i’m just…whatever. it can get so overwhelming

        • Lemon

          I LOVE my konjac sponge. A bootleg Daiso opened up near me and I bought like 10.

          We stan Deciem’s The Ordinary line of products too

    • Matcha

      Looks painful.

    • surfboardt

      “Deity Maki Goto has been chosen to promote the ‘aQua Queana Qlean Platinum S2’ by the skincare brand pour-A-soigne.”

      I have a pretty good feeling who write this article in particular. That said:

    • hasawa

      This article is written like a scammy ass shopping TV ad, I love it!!

    • BabyPanda

      1. were you paid to write this article because damn
      2. the name of the company is so fucking cringy.

      • Lemon

        it’s clearly tongue in cheek

    • l3012

      And here I am, still waiting for more music (with PROPER promotion). I love her Instagram, and seeing her so happy but I really miss her as a singer.

    • starlightshimmers

      All hail Maki Goto-sama.

    • Beruda1495

      Is there any real science behind this?

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I hated the weather in summer there.. .I don’t know how they deal with it forever… lmao. Putting make-up on in the humid summer was yucky. And they don’t really have central heating/cooling either.. D:

      • The Dark Dudette

        The summer of Japan, ya mean? I feel you sis/bro. I think the weather system in India is designed to murder red heads like me. I have given up on any face creams in the last few months. Nothing works :'(

    • PigeonPop

      I happen to own one of the older variants of this by a different brand (dating way back to 2008-ish and still in use). It’s basically the facial treatment version of a high-end electronic toothbrush or a water-based ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Sounds dubious, true, but it does actually work quite well as a pore cleaner and exfoliator. And unlike electronic facial brushes, it’s much easier to keep this hygienic due to the metal plate.

      The negative ions mode (which mine also has) is probably rubbish though as is usually the case.

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