V6’s Nagano Hiroshi Announces Marriage

Today, Nagano Hiroshi of V6 announced his marriage in the group’s fanclub newsletter. He is the second member of V6 to be married, following in the footsteps of Inohara Yoshihiko, who married Seto Asaka in 2007.

The cover of the newsletter mimicked a table setting, complete with a menu and utensils. Inside the newsletter, Hiroshi announced his marriage. He thanked fans for watching over him through the years that V6 has been together. He continued by saying that he will continue to work hard.

No details on Hiroshi’s new bride were revealed.

We here at Arama! Japan wish the Naganos the best on this joyous occasion!


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    • kazumi

      I hope more and more Johnnys could married. It would be good if they could married in their 30s.

    • Lost In Ube

      “No details on Hiroshi’s new bride were revealed.”
      Wait, then why do all the headlines (and Japanese wikipedia) all state that he’s marrying Miho Shiraishi?
      Even a later version of the natalie article states that it’s Shiraishi:

      • Vicky

        His new bride is shiraishi miho!
        He didn’t mention anything about her in the letter but he and shiraishi signed it so that’s the prove!

        Please correct that Arama.

      • My source said no such thing.

        • rei

          Only one source?

        • D

          huh? the official word has always been shiraishi miho. it is all over the news

    • nothingsover

      Yay! Congratulations, Nagano-san!!!

    • Dashiya

      Congratulation Nagano-kun 🙌

      I’m glad more Johnny’s getting married. Who will next? I read the rumors said it between Matsujun and Inoue Mao or Yamapi and Satomi Ishihara. Waiting for more good news :)

      • kazumi

        Or maybe kame and fukakyon. There were rumour about them again lately.

        • Kamekazu223

          Yep, this. Undying rumors about kame and fukada

          • TruthSpeaker

            This Kame and Fukada affair seems to be for publicity, There are no pics published yet. Also they rumor came out just a day after Fukada’s new drama announcement. I think it will stay so till the drama finshes airing or till kame’s new movie gets released next year.

            • you

              I actually think that Matsujun and Mao and Kame and Fukada only for publicity too, their rumors going around for long but not even single strong proof. I’m not sure about Yamapi and Satomi newly couple, their reports seems convicing though but i don’t think they will marry soon.

              • TruthSpeaker

                Marriage will not so soon for MatsuJun, Yamapi or Kame..

            • kazumi

              Fukada has new drama?!? Wow! I don’t know it. She is a busy woman.
              Yeah, maybe it’s for publicity. Let’s wait what will happen next, the rumor is true or not.

      • goingtojpn

        I don’t think any of the “younger” ones will be next… more like one of TOKIO or another of V6… I think only one close to his 40’s is able to get married :S

        • Historia Lenz

          I wish Joshima Riida would already get married!

          • fal


      • mikamika

        That Jun and Mao rumour is so old, it already has grandkids…
        I really liked them on screen, but I don’t see any proof at all that they really are dating, so I think that rumour is just wishful thinking.

        • Historia Lenz

          lol @ the grandkids!

        • rei

          Nino and Nagasawa Masami had no concrete proof for ages but they’ve certainly had dated for years. Nagano love rumor with his wife surfaced about 5 years ago and they are married now.
          There’s certainly something going on between Mao & Jun after 2011 when she no longer seen in any Arashi’s shows. The romance might’ve fizzled out now with all the pressure.

          • mikamika

            When was it that Mao co-hosted Kouhaku with them again? Wasn’t it 2012 or 2013?
            As for Nino and Masami… well, if you want to believe, you have to believe ;)

            • rei

              31st December 2011

              Nino confessed it himself in a party with comedian friends and Masami’s dad (a baseball coach) once slipped to a pestering reporter about her daughter’s special friend. Well, if you don’t want to believe, you don’t have too but the signs are there with both pairs. Its an educated assumption.

    • light

      Isn’t the bride Shiraishi Miho? Anyway congratulations!!

    • Himi Tsu

      Congratulations to him and his bride :3

    • hizurisama

      I wish more members would follow his footsteps.

    • H

      A twitter user said “21 years and the only person he gets caught with in a love rumor, he marries. The 100/100 mark idol.” Perfect!

    • uza

      for some reason i always thought he was gay? anyway, congrats!

    • nonnonanon
    • the groupie who

      congrats Ultraman!!!! ;D

    • marko

      sweet innocent angel bb is married i can’t believe it ;;

    • anrkzmy

      im so happy for him! he deserves the happiness <3
      he has the longest history in JE among his generation (SMAP, TOKIO, V6) and now he finally found his love. like taichi said "Nagano's happiness is also JE happiness"
      congratulations hiro mama!

    • am

      So happy for you Nagano!, congrats to you and your wife!

    • demasta


    • monica_monami

      The second one in V6. When will Arashi?

      • a

        5 years after they stop being relevant and J&A has another big thing?

        • monica_monami

          It saddens me to think that one day they will be irrelevant but it is inevitable. I hope they will able to marry after their 20th anniversary. they contribute enough to the company. I hope sexy zone & jump will be able to make it big to their level in another few years. Or would it be another junior debut that could surpass them.

          • TruthSpeaker

            I have a feeling that SIX TONES or SNOWMAN will the next Jr group to debut..

            • monica_monami

              I don’t check them out. Are they impressive?

              • TruthSpeaker

                I haven’t followed them much. But there is always buzz around them. Also they keep appearing in their sempais’ movies.

                • monica_monami

                  Let hope they are as impressive as kattun during their debut:)

                  • TruthSpeaker

                    Yeah.. I wish they turn out to be a talented bunch…

        • hitthefan

          Arashi will never stop being relevant at this point hun

    • me

      congratulation! ^^

    • mikamika

      Somehow the world is no longer working how it should. Trump gets president of the US, Johnnys can get married……

      But congrats to him! Btw, I read he married some famous actress (that I haven’t heard of *laughs*), Miho something

      • rei

        “he married some famous actress (that I haven’t heard of *laughs*), Miho something”
        Why are you being so rude to the lady? Are you that kind of janiwota? Couple with the junmao/ninomasami denial you sounded like the kind of wota who can’t stand seeing these men having relationships with women. That’s the worst kind..tsktsk

        • mikamika

          Calm down, I merely mentioned that before I had never heard of his wife. I’m sorry that for you it’s rude that I do not know every single Japanese celebrity…
          As for JunxMao / NinoxMasami – I don’t know whether they ever dated and neither do you. If they make (or made) each other happy, why should I care? But as long as the “proofs” are some tabloid articles, I admit that I don’t believe them…