Visuals released for Jin Akanishi’s Chinese Drama “The Legends of Monkey King”

Back in January, it was announced that the former king of Arama Jin Akanishi would be starring in a Chinese Drama titled “The Legends of Monkey King”.  Also starring Raymond Lam and Jiang Meng Jie, “The Legends of Monkey King” has quickly become one of the most anticipated dramas of the Summer.

The drama series is based off of the folklore surrounding the famous mythical figure Sun Wukong, but with a twist. A normal man is going on about his day when suddenly he finds himself traveled back in time inside the body of Sun Wukong. He goes on a quest to try and understand the situation and restore everything back to normal.

Jin plays the role of “Erlang Shang”, a god and fierce warrior. In the drama Erlang Shang is infuriated when his sister, the “Holy Mother”, falls in love with a mortal man. This is Jin’s first major role in a drama in 10 years, the last being NTV’s “Yukan Club”.

Within the past few years Jin has established a very strong fanbase for himself in China. Back in April Jin was invited to attend the prestigious “Top Chinese Music Awards” (CMA). Not forgetting about his Japanese fans, Jin took a short break from filming to perform a two day concert in May at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

45 episodes have been produced and will air exclusively via the Chinese streaming service “Youku”. Promotional posters for “The Legends of Monkey King” can be seen below the jump.

(via sugisaku)

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    • Reixia

      Actually not exclusively. It’ll also air on open Chinese TV, although it’s a Youku Original production :D
      What a gorgeous Erlang Shen =D
      It’s nice to see that both Meisa and Jin are taking a chance to seek more chances in other Asian countries.

    • Sayuri kawakami arevalo

      yay omedetou jinjin..waiting for this..and ur next single

    • angel223_

      lol at this, Jin may get a strong fan base in China but so is YamaPi and other Johnnies. Jin is taking all the advantage he had in China, which He needs too.

      good luck.

      • Kotoko

        That’s good for all of them =D

      • nothingsover

        Dang someone sounds salty. They’re all doing well, but Yamapi and other Johnny’s artists haven’t really been promoting much in China whereas Jin has been. Also I wouldn’t say he “needs” to. He’s still doing plenty well within Japan. China is just a really nice bonus.

        • angel223_

          lol, don’t be defensive, I really don’t care if Jin got his fans, tho, its still consist of KT/Akame fans.

          I am just so amazed that even if Johnnies don’t promote themselves they got fans in China.
          do I need’ to imply who is salty here?
          I don’t jump into bandwagon so there is something to talk to.

        • Guest

          “He’s still doing plenty well within Japan.”


    • redwest

      you are still MY KING!!!

    • eternal…ly awful
      • Kotoko

        They’re all heavily photoshopped *cringes*

      • hizurisama

        C-dramas are infamous for their bad CG tbh

      • light

        Looks like a cm for a mobile game

    • Karen Khoo

      IS that Jin?!? That doesn’t even look like him.

    • eplizo

      All Chinese drama posters look the same lol. This is really bad tho. It doesn’t even look like him. It looks like an add for an MMORPG or mobile game lol

    • guest

      Haters be hating now, but the finished product with his CGI mouth will make everyone shut up!

      In all honesty, Jin and his Uggs and the rest of the beautiful cast weren’t done justice with these promo visuals.

    • Day

      Is his second kid born yet?

    • kashiyuka

      What in the graphic-design-is-my-passion photoshop hell is that poster

    • Liokt

      Smells like “Nobunaga Concerto”…?