Sexy Zone is this year’s “24-HR TV” main personality

We’ve got an early announcement for this summer’s “24hr Television” program. Sexy Zone will be the main personality of NTV’s annual program to broadcast on August 25 and 26. The announcement was made during the broadcast of Arashi ni Shiyagare last Saturday night.

It is the first time for the group to serve as main personality. More information about the program, such as the female personality, marathon runner and 24hr tv drama lead, will be announced later on.

The news was delivered to the group while they were doing a fake commentary promo for their new album. Upon reading the announcement in the cue cards, there was a moment of confusion until “Special Presenter” Ninomiya Kazunari appears to confirm. Check out a video of the announcement below.

(via livedoor news)

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    • Reileen

      Fuma fumbling thru the announcement lmao
      look at Marius tho

    • Ayu

      Good luck Sexy Zone!!!!!

    • Nana

      I’ve always been proud of Sexy zone! I know that you can do it!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!

      • Key

        Rise Sexy kento Zone! RISE!
        I love how Arashi members are very supportive of them. They seem to approve of SZ more than other debuted kouhai *coughhsjcough*

        • Satowwwshi

          As one of Arashi’s enthusiast, I can say that this is indeed true. Every single time the ojichans meet SZ, i can feel the adorable fondness they have for the kids. As for JUMP, it’s more of a tough love i guess? Lol

        • Isabella Tejada

          lol im a hey say jump fan and im happy for sexy zone! its not that bad of a band. I think hey say jump is get a bit (microscopic) more warm to sexy zone due to the movie that chinen and kento did together.

    • AoZora

      I think Nakajima Kento will act in the drama SP.. Just a hunch…

      • Lia

        Amen to that! I really wanna see him playing a role of a terminally ill boy fighting for his life (as drama SP has always brings out this kinda story) 😅

        • AoZora

          I think they are also trying biographies of some famous personalities.. Like last year it was Aku yuu…

          • Lia

            Well, it’s only one out of many years of illness-themed drama SP tho. Ever since it was first aired on 2005, the only biographical-themed drama SP was last year. So I hope this year it will get back on track to the illness-themed one hehehe

            • AoZora

              I am fine with anything :)

    • gyutto

      Congrats & good luck Sexy Zone! you guys will do great!!

    • put it back

      wtf is a sexy thank you?

      • Karin~

        it’s their longstanding joke :) it made them more known, to put sexy into stuff, it’s funny if you’ve been following them for a long time, it made them stand out and got their name known

    • rshina

      congratulation for them 😄😄

    • Carmille Lozano

      I don’t follow Sexy Zone, but from what I can sum up from watching their performances we got the narcissist, German gentleman, son of a Johnny’s, the one dude no one knows about, and Shori who pretty much has to keep his shit together because all of his members are about to fall off stage.

      • Nar

        No one of them is son of a Johnny’s

      • Lol

        Rrr no

      • lol I need to watch this performance.

      • bailey darbii

        correction, “son of lyricist who wrote for arashi”

      • Pipe’sIDIC

        Lyricist/composer can be a Johnny’s, right?

        Lol, Narcissist is a bit much though.

      • Kairi52474

        German gentleman? Lol his attitude is shit from what I’ve seen. The last thing I saw was a pv filming overseas or something and he is so selfish and bratty. He was legit fighting with the others/Sou to get what HE WANTS and he actually pushed them. It was so painful to watch. The other guys also bully him for real the hate is obvious omg he sticks out like a sore thumb.

        I haven’t been keeping up with them for years but Shouri isn’t exactly leader material, I remember going to their concert before and he was quiet af he never talked. He’s just the face of the group. I’ve always thought this group was a disaster.

        • Marina

          If you haven’t followed this group for years then ofc you won’t know how they’re doing lately. Yeah they were a bit messy since they were all kids when they debuted but they turned out to be a great group today and they totally deserve what they’re getting now. I’ve also seen them in concert last year and they’re amazing!

          p.s: Shori isn’t even their leader (face of the group aka centre, yes) but either way a leader doesn’t always have to be loud and obnoxious, I think he does a great job taking care of the group if you look closely enough.

          • Kairi52474

            Oh no it wasn’t when they JUST debuted (he had that attitude from way before anyway), I decided to google it to show how recent it is and it was the hawaii trip for rock tha town 2017. I was surprised the 3 “adults” became such bullies over the years, even Shouri who I thought was innocent. I could tell Sou was also unhappy with his treatment within the group from the pv making. The waterslide part and everything oh my god they really are kids for acting that way in front of the camera, I have never seen any Johnny’s group show all that hate for each other. Even Kento and Fuma who I thought got along before were weird so I googled it and apprently they had a fight or something? And are on bad terms.

            • Marina

              I don’t know if we have watched the same PV making then 😂😂 I got the complete opposite impression from their trip in Hawaii, they get along pretty well and are comfortable enough with each other to joke around. Fuma and Kento are fine as well, they even said that recently in an interview. Shori may tease Marius a lot but at the same time he helps him out with his Japanese when he doesn’t know what to say etc. I follow a few Johnny’s groups but SZ are the ones where I really feel they truly care for each other and don’t just do it for the cameras. When they had that 3nin thing going on, FumaKenShori always protested and fought for SouMari to get equal treatment and til this day they stress they want to be a 5nin group and are happiest this way.

              • Kairi52474

                Yeah okay you have your own opinion that’s fine, we sure didn’t watch the same thing then. I don’t know how you couldn’t see their >:( faces and especially the waterslide part where Marius pushed Sou and whined and forced him to do that lame janken because he didn’t want to… sit in front/go on it or something, but hey fans will defend their idols through and through.I thought during the Dubai pv filming they were ok, when I saw the Hawaii one I was like wtf happened to cause all this hostility. I’m not in that deep to know that leaving them out of the group thing (it’s obvious who’s popular and who’s not, just look at Kisumai and their Busaiku group) but being an incredible shrinking group like NEWS and KAT-TUN does not put them in an advantageous situation because well fewer members. I remember reading somewhere Sou was in a situation so bad he started crying and said he wanted to go home lol. Think what you will I don’t care anyway, after watching the Hawaii thing I was like god no I am not watching any Sexy Zone related thing again.

                • Marina

                  That’s completely okay you don’t have to. I understand why non-fans like you see it that way and I cannot force you to like them but that is not this group’s reality. I think you have to get to know them better to understand, so let’s just agree to disagree.

    • REMISU

      The way Marius literally puts his arms and leg around nakajima ahah

    • nero laika

      They finally got it cause Marius is gonna be 18 this year.

    • bailey darbii

      not gonna lie, sexy zone variety is hella funny. marius clutching kento reminds me that this kid was 10 when he debuted and is still a kid 5 years later

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Congrats, SeXY Zone!

      I got that their name was because Johnny said the XY is supposed to represent mathematical variables.

      It was funny that they were caught off guard with the announcement. I like that they didn’t know. Lols

    • Jorge Alison

      Marius reaction was precious.

    • King of the Kats

      My mom have a love/hate with this group. She likes Shori and Kento but doesn’t like the other members… LOL she’s not a fan but we watch pop club every week.