Watch the first 13 minutes and other spoiler clips of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Live Action film

Two weeks into the movie’s release, the official accounts of Warner Bros. Japan posted several major spoilers for the live action film JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I. The first 13 minutes of the film, four Stand battle clips and 4 live action video clips were made available online this past week.

It was also confirmed that ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman provided the soundtrack for the film. A 16-second opening title clip featuring his guitar play was also released.

It was reported that the live action film received a mediocre box office reception opening at #5 on its first weekend, with 117,000 admissions to earn a total of 166 million yen. It dropped out of the top 10 on its 2nd weekend. The disappointing results put the possibility of sequels in question. The film will be holding a stage greeting event on Sunday to mark the film’s opening.

If you don’t mind some spoilers and is curious how the movie is adapted in a live action film, you can check out the released videos below!


Crazy Diamond vs. Star Platinum

Star Platinum vs. Aqua Necklace

Crazy Diamond vs. The Hand

Crazy Diamond vs. Bad Company

Higashikata Josuke vs Angelo

Hirose Koichi getting stabbed in the foot by Nijimura Keicho’s Stand Bad Company

A mysterious room filled with books, medicines, and a woman’s hand in a paper bag

Kira Yoshikage’s stand Killer Queen using the Sheer Heart Attack bomb

opening title clip

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    • Otagei dansu

      Okay… I’m still gonna pass on this one.

    • selina

      I have to admit the cg is not as bad as I thought, the water stand is impressive but dear god yamazaki kento’s acting is so cringy, but I don’t think it’s his fault as even the scenes with the other more accomplished actors felt like I was watching kamen rider, maybe they were actually required to act like that.

      • Morganalilith

        ey, Kamen Rider sometimes has good actors, and give us good actors too… but yes, lately is looks like it has more pretty faces so mothers con be happy…

        I’m not interested in watch because half the casting looks weird choices and the main actor… I find him even in variety shows the most boring dead person… and being from Spain can’t stop thinking that is fucking Spain…

        • FARetis

          Morioh doesn’t look like a japanese town, even araki said that…

          • Morganalilith

            I know that Mori doesn’t looks like a jpanese city, but I imagined it in real life being more rural and being fron Spain can’t stop seeing spanish streets and that doesn’t let concentrate on the rest of the movie ( + bad acting), to me they have not got to how erase that spanish feeling and give their own to the city

    • H


    • FARetis

      I still hope more japanese watch this, I want to see a sequel, as the characters, well Japan is well known for that kind of acting and Miike used that kind of acting in Ace Attorney, The stands and the costumes look good; Morioh looks like spain because even in the source material it didn’t looked like japan, even araki has stated that.

    • yamakita

      I wanted to give it a chance, but I couldn’t get past the first few minutes. Too bad.

    • Guest

      Is the movie really a flop? It didn’t officially open, did it? I thought they just held some cast greetings special screenings across the country.

      • Matcha

        It’s a flop alright!

    • Dalooshe

      I want to watch this regardless so I will pass on spoilers or previews.

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    • Welp

      I feel like the lead actor could cure my insomnia

    • Matcha