Naruto Live-Action Hollywood Film moves forward with creator Kishimoto Masashi

Last year, it was reported that Lionsgate has acquired the film rights to the popular anime and manga series Naruto. If you are wondering what happened to the supposed Hollywood live action adaptation of “Naruto”, then here’s an update for all of you manga and anime fans!

At the Jump Festa event held last December Dec 17, the manga’s creator Kishimoto Masashi confirms the live action adaptation of Naruto. Kishimoto himself is involved in the production and is working with director Michael Gracey. Pre-production art was also revealed at the event.

The Tracking Board Hollywood reported in July 2015 that Lionsgate had closed the rights to adapt the manga, and was in talks with Gracey to direct. Gracey has previously worked in visual effects and animation. Avi Arad (Ghost in the Shell) and his son Ari Arad are producing the film at Arad Productions, and Erik Feig, Geoff Shaveitz and Kelly O’Malley are overseeing the film.

The news has been met with a lot of pessimism, understandably caused by the trauma from the dreadful “Dragonball Evolution” live action, helmed by the same studio Lionsgate.

We will never know until it is out. So for the meantime, let us know what you think of the planned Hollywood take on Naruto! Who’s gonna be cast? Make your own prediction.

What do you guys think?

(via ANN)

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    • No

      but why

    • Thomas

      “Avi Arad (Ghost in the Shell) and his son Ari Arad are producing the film at Arad Productions”

      • starlightshimmers

        It’s going to be whitewashed considering Ghost In The Shell is basically whitewashed.

    • Nic

      I freaked out big time when I first heard this news. Why does Hollywood keep trying to adapt manga’s with actual Japanese characters? I won’t mind if they cast an actual Japanese for the cast, but they kept whitewashing everything okay. Everything about Naruto is sooo Japanese. If they whitewash it again, I don’t think I will ever forgive Lions Gate. -______________-

      • hasawa

        “Why does Hollywood keep trying to adapt manga’s with actual Japanese characters?” THIS!!!
        It’s like they picked on purpose the mangas the most deeply rooted inside japanese folklore (i.e Dragon Ball) for hell of ruining them with their shitty Hollywood-washed adaptations
        Also i cringe BIG TIME at the idea of seeing actual actors running like this on camera
        I bet if they adapted One Piece or Fairy Tale they wouln’t meet that much uproar cause these mangas are less rooted within japanese culture and have less obvious reference to japanese culture (characters’ names, story etc) (?) (not that i’m wishin it will tho! lol)

        • Nic

          what’s weird is that they never consider making a live action for animes like FMA (which most of the main characters has caucasian names and looks, along with other diverse races). I mean FMA has a huge fan-base around the globe, & just look at how hyped people are w/ the Japanese live action, Hollywood might’ve been able to actually make a decent LA that is true to the source material, casting a team of actors w/ different racial background that would represent the diversity of FMA.

    • hasawa

      LMAO i cringe BIG TIME at the idea of seeing actors running like that
      Also i cringe BIG TIME at the idea of seeing actual actors running like this on camera

    • hasawa

      LMAO!! i cringe BIG TIME at the idea of seeing actors running like that

      • guest

        Omg, I’ve never watched Naruto, but more or less knew how they’re running. Except I thought their palms will be fully open or in fists and their arms will be more stiff or something, not like spaghetti on the wind. This looks even more dumb…

    • guest

    • Nikki ok

      biebs as naruto, I laughed too much, rob pattinson kind of suits sasuke tho lol but this will suck big time, it would probably also suck with a japanese only cast, some fiction cannot be made into live action without looking like a bad comedy attempt

    • JSu.

      This is too early for an April Fools’ day joke.

    • ShuttleBus

      If they are going to make naruto white, then i hope they dont name him naruto. If he’s asian, dont make him blond with blue eyes.

      • Glen

        Blonde with blue eyes…sounds Russian

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Though it’s my most favourite anime I don’t know why I feel pessimist about it. 😪

    • gus

      cant wait to see the adventure of Nathan, Scott and Susan!

      • Nic

        LOL GOOD ONE. Don’t forget team 7’s teacher, Keneth. And the bad guy Oliver Marcus

      • sarah

        This needs to stop. You know there is gonna be an american live action t.v show of Sword Art Online.

        Can’t wait to see how Kirk and Ashley do the 2 years worth of glop .

    • sarah

      Hollywood get the anime and manga titles that can at least transfer over well since you still have a whitewashing problem.

      I’d like a live action Baccano or Cowboy Bebop you can’t tell me they can’t do that movie.. look at the Star Wars franchise anything is possible. Hollywood would do so much better getting these titles that don’t have direct link to Japanese culture. If they do they really need to quit their shit and hire some damn asian people cause there is no fucking excuse when it comes to titles like ” Naruto” as much as I despise it .. both Hollywood and Japan need to stop.. Stop.

      • Fii

        Yes! Would love to see Baccano!

        • sarah

          Baccano! would be dope AF if like Martin Scorsese did it like holy shit. I think if someone put the plot of Baccano in front of him he’d do it. The man made Goodfellas and Casino. Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro would also be good since they both are just legends of cinematography. Shit even J.J Abrams would be a good fit.

          Point being Hollywood should stick to manga and anime that are told in western perspective or environment. Black Lagoon would actually make one really fucking good live action. Now that would be a diverse cast of awesome movie.

    • suezu

      hollywood version?! omg x_x
      no for me

    • starlightshimmers

      I gave up on Hollywood when they cast Scarlett Johansson for Ghost In The Shell. It’s white-washing paradise.

      • Nic

        wow, I didn’t know they’re making a Mulan live-action?? If they really do cast a Chinese actress, then that would be awesome! Mulan is probably the only Disney princess I’ve ever been interested in. Can’t wait!

        • starlightshimmers

          Yes. Disney said they were holding auditions for Chinese actresses this year, it will have an all Asian cast and Mulan will be the main character. Thank goodness.

          The original leaked script said that the main character was going to be a 30-year old European merchant who falls in love with Mulan and defeats her enemies.

        • Reileen

          It’s been years since a Mulan live action rumors were going around. Was there ever one? From China? The first time I heard abt this was Zhang Zi Yi in talks for Mulan. But this was like 10 yrs ago lol. At that time, Zhang Zi Yi as Mulan was highly possible

          • Nic

            lol they need to cast a younger actress though if they really do plan to make one for next year. Zhang Zi Yi is great, but isn’t she too old now? I hope this is true. Mulan was one of the best story disney ever made

          • JSu.

            There was already a Mulan Movie from China tho

            • starlightshimmers

              This one is from Disney. Which means it’ll be big. A Hollywood movie by Disney with an Asian woman as the main character, and all the important characters are Asian.This could be the biggest film in history, so far, for Asian actors and actresses.

    • cookie_monster
    • Midori

      NOOOOOOOOO…!!! Please, don’t…I’m begging you! x.x

    • REMISU


    • Well, I’m scared. But we might get some funny content out of it…..I mean cringey.

    • pinkranger7777


    • Phailin Cadiot




    • Ackerman

      What did we do to deserve this shit? Oh god -.-

    • Zoe Butcher

      They should cast it with all unknown teens from China. China is pretty much where white people came from originally and all the Naruto chars look somewhat whitish to me, so here’s my opinion on how to make an educated and good guess as to who Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura might resemble the most. Try looking of images of Han Chinese, Dravidian Albinos, Uyghurs, and Chinese Volta. <3

      They resemble mongoloid features and yet come stock with lily white skin, heads more red than a pure-blooded Irish-lass, and finally blond hair and blue eyes as well. We've got a little bit of everything and exactly what we'd be looking for in an actor who would both seem and look genuinely authentic in the iconic role. XoXo!

    • Glen

      There also a 2017 live action death note coming. Casting Nat Wolff as Light (kill me now). But save your complaints until you have watched it

    • Russ Purf

      This is fucked up there is so much lore you need to know and that can not be crammed into a couple of hours that seems more important firstly then the actors it’s too much to take on .A high quality TV show from the first manta would be better and then ride the story out as true as possible that’s what i think anyways as a long standing naruto fan!!!