Live-Action “Gintama” Film Sells 1.3 Million Tickets in 11 Days—Biggest Live-Action Film This Year!

The live-action film adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s action comedy manga “Gintama” has achieved success at the Japanese box office, far exceeding analyst expectations.

It has been revealed that the film has sold more than 1.3 million tickets and earned 1.78 billion yen in the 11 days since its release on July 14, becoming the most successful Japanese live-action film this year so far.

The Shun Oguri (“Lupin The Third“, “Nobunaga Concerto“)-starring film was released to 335 screens across Japan on July 14, crossing the one million mark in admissions in only eight days.

Special screening events for fans will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hokkaido that will allow theatergoers to wear silver or red wigs and glasses (full-cosplay are forbidden) and bring light sticks and musical instruments to celebrate the success, and will premiere a special prerecorded talk from the lead actors and director.

The first episode of the three-episode web drama based on the “Mitsuba Arc” of the manga has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube in its first three days. It also premiered on NTT DoCoMo’s online video streaming service dTV on the same day as the film, quickly becoming the service’s most watched web drama and attracting more than twice the viewers than the previous champion “Attack on Titan: Beacon for Counterattack” in August 2015.

(via “Gintama” live-action film official websiteAnimate Times, crunchyroll)

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    • Historia Lenz

      Yaaas! Congratulations to the cast! Sorachi-sensei’s wish came true… I am so excited to see the movie, but I have to wait for at least a month…

    • Yuki


    • PigeonPop

      Arama taking the moral high road this time and congratulating the Gintama live-action for its success. Meanwhile, Japanese matome blogs immediately noticed how the film’s official Twitter (in addition to social media accounts of the staff and participating actors) were calling out to fans and asking for their support so that it won’t “lose” to Pokemon and Pirates of the Caribbean. It spread and things got ugly.

      • sade

        Is it bad for them to do so? I thought they did that in Gintama spirit (ie being gag trolls)

        • PigeonPop

          The impression I am getting is that the GP and anime/manga otaku aren’t as kind when the joking around is no longer contained within the series’ own universe so to speak. The participants kept repeating “Fukuda-gumi” (the director and his inner circle of cohorts) and how important getting the #1 weekly spot is for said Fukuda-gumi, so…

          I’d imagine the backlash would not have been as extensive had it came in the form of a short jab within the manga (by Sorachi himself) or at least within the anime.

      • Nungshi Temjen Longchar

        Lol you probably didn’t watch gintama ever I can feel the hate(every non gintama fans syndrome cause you know it’s better than your fav. Anime)..bdw that pirates of the Caribbean reference was hideaki Sorachi sensei being secastic as ever he was like at least let him beat the pirates(one piece reference)in this movie but we all know gintama surpassed one piece long ago and they never referred about pokemon are you using twitter without the t?..get your fact’s right before you start complaning around like a little bitch!!

      • Nungshi Temjen Longchar

        Lol please don’t hate gintama just because it’s better than your fav. anime. I can feel the hate(every non gintama fan syndrome) they never mentioned about pokemon bdw & about that “please let them beat the pirates atleast in the live action reference”(..i,e.. he’s reffering it to one piece) was Hideaki Sorachi Sensei being sarcastic as usual.We all know gintama surpassed one piece long ago.since he just like messing with oda sensei & if you watched gin Tama you’ll probably agree with it. So what I’m trying to say is people like you should be locked away for a thousand years. I guess your using a twitter without the t? get your facts right !!

      • Guest

        “It spread and things got ugly.”
        Clearly not that ugly considering the movie is still smashing at the box office

        I think it’s funny how much stock people put on what random netizens have to say. Like, who cares what the reaction on some specific matome blog is when the movie is a hit??

    • pondloso

      TV version is soooooo boring and i dont think movie version can be 10 time better
      so it will be so much boring for me.

      • Nungshi Temjen Longchar

        Grow up & watch some good anime. You’re probably the most stupid person in the world if you think gintama is boring

        • Ryuzaki Raiga

          his favourite anime might be fairy tale

          • Nungshi Temjen Longchar


      • selina

        you can say many things about gintama but boring ain’t one of them, it is pure comedy genius

      • WorldGN18

        I bet you just watched like the first 3 eps, is the only logical explanation

    • Shinigami-kun

      Im a Gintama fan. But the LA trailer never impressed me. I was more impressed with the JoJo’s trailer. I can probably watch the Gintama movie if my brother will treat me to the movie. I’d rather save my money for JoJo.

      • sade

        Really? I was pretty underwhelmed by Jojo trailer. Even after reading arama’s positive review on Zakiyama’s performance I think the movie would still suck because Miike Takashi has been disappointment for awhile. Not a Gintama fan but I would buy tickets if its available in my country.

        • Shinigami-kun

          t was the CGI of stands that made me think that I’ll watch it in big screen. And also looking forward on how Mackenyu will portray the younger Nijimura brother. I dont think i’ve seen Mackenyu acting a wacky character

    • Partay

      Bring it to America. kthx

    • Mai Caronongan Tanaka

      I recommend it. Its very funny. Wached it during the opening day here in Japan and even wrote a review on my tumblr

      • Skai

        Thanks for your review!! ^^

      • AoZora

        share that review link please…

    • Skai

      Yay!!!! This makes me very happy!
      Congratulations to the Gintama team! (^o^)/
      Oguri Shun is bae ❤️

    • thank lort it aint flopping

    • I haven’t read or watched Gintama at all before so I’m pretty curious. Don’t wanna watch the movie before I take in any of the original work though.

      • MahiruNoYume

        It might take a while for you to really enjoy the series, but I started to really enjoy the anime after its first serious arc (the one the movie is based off of). You should definitely try it though if you have the time! It’s a good series to marathon!

      • CVox

        don’t get bummed by the slow start that where evryone drop the show
        it’s a masterpiece that loved by everyone who watched it

      • Historia Lenz

        The first 50 episodes are kind of character introduction, and as they have said, it gets better and better after that. It’s hilarious and insane, but the serious arcs will also make you cry.

    • CVox

      i expect nothing less from gintama tbh

    • CVox

      this is gintama year
      a new game
      a live action
      tv drama
      manga is doing well
      and the freaking anime is coming back in fall
      bless gorilla sensei

      • Historia Lenz

        Bless his hairy ***! ;)

    • Ricky Richolas

      Is the movie is still available

    • WorldGN18

      This makes me so happy!! I’m a big Gintama fan but my expectations are always low when it comes to live actions, but it seems like Gintama never disappoints! can’t wait to watch it

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