[BREAKING] Rola to make her Hollywood debut in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

Today, model and talent Rola made an exciting announcement on Instagram: She is going to take part in the final “Resident Evil” (known as Biohazard in Japan) movie.

Her role is described as a “cool female fighting soldier”. For her, filming will start in South Africa next month.

Rola also said that acting in a Hollywood movie has always been her dream and that she studied both the English language and acting for this role.

Check out her announcement after the jump!

Rola is not the first Japanese celebrity to play in a Resident Evil movie. Singer and actress Mika Nakashima has previously played a minor role as Patient Zero / J-pop girl in the previous movie “Retribution”.

Will Rola be able to succeed as a Hollywood actress?

(via Rola’s official Instagram)

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    • But is anyone even going to watch RE:Final Ch….?

      • True…

        But Milla is my girl so yeah, me. And I’m curious about Rola’s acting.

      • iGleaux

        I plan on watching it. I watched all the others.

    • tiffany nicole

      Rola is officially my favorite talento

    • Chickie

      But is it a major role or just a small part?

      • She didn’t mention that in her announcement. Time will tell!

      • word is that she’s replacing Li Bingbing as Ada Wong.

    • mapn

      I hope her acting is good ;-;

    • Guyman Seven

      Why is she doing this? Those movies are awful.

      • one does not simply turn down a hollywood offer

      • Guest

        those movies are actually huge in japan

        • SnapIntoASlimJim

          “those movies are actually huge in japan”

          Yup. In fact, the whole reason this movie series has even continued at all is all thanks to their enormous popularity in Japan. These movies are so popular in Japan they actually make more money than most of the Hollywood superhero movies.

    • omi

      It’ll be good entertainment for zombies :D

    • ミルキー娘

      I was so surprised about this news as she has never had much acting experience besides that short scene in Ataru. But congrats Rola! Here’s to hoping for more great things for her! :D

    • Gabrielle Willis

    • Chris

      I’d watch it, I saw the other movies already so why not. Let’s see how Rola does.

    • Jill

      i love the RE game series and Milla but after what they to Leon’s character, i doubt i will ever find enough motivation to watch this. just… stop. but still, congrats to Rola.

    • I actually might watch it for Rola.

    • Tami Menzed

      mika nakashima got cameo in afterlife too, XD

    • Ntouch

      “cool female fighting soldier?” Her role doesn’t even have a name yet? Sadly she will just be an extra in the movie just like Mika.