Erina Mano, Dean Fujioka, & more announced for live-action “Kids on the Slope”

More cast members have been announced for the live-action film version of “Kids on the Slope”

Seems like the industry is just begging for Dean Fujioka to work with them, roughly a week ago it was announced that Dean would be starring in another major film with with TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase. In “Kids on the Slope” Dean will be playing one of the main characters “Junichi Katsuragi”. Fans who are into Dean’s musical abilities will be getting the best of both words, in the film Junichi loves to perform Jazz whether it be by singing, or jamming on the trumpet.

Dean originally started to practice trumpet in August 2016, he honed his “jazz” vocals with the standard “But Not For Me” by Chet Baker and by visiting Jazz bars.  Dean became a big fan of Chet after all the practicing, admiring his ability to masterfully play the trumpet while also having an incredible singing voice. “But Not For Me” is performed by Junichi in episode 4 of the anime.


Erina Mano has been announced to play the mysterious beauty “Yurika Fukahori”, Junichi’s love interest. Since graduating from Hello!Project in 2013 Erina’s career has been in an upward spiral, bagging multiple roles in various dramas and films. 

Erina commented on how much of an honor it is to work with the director Miki Takahiro (Blue Spring Ride, Girl In the Sunny Place),  promising to perform with full power to give fans of the series something to be proud of.

Veteran actor Nakamura Baijaku II will be playing “Tsutomu Mukae”. Nakamura is a big fan of both jazz and the bass guitar, so being able to do both in this role was a huge highlight for him.

There was some issues with filming due to some of the cast members getting injured, fortunately none of the injuries were serious and production was able to go on as normal.  “Kids on the Slope” will hit Japanese theaters in 2018.

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    • faifantc

      Mano gives me hope that other H!P girls can become successful actresses after graduating to act. :)

      • H

        Mano is a special case though. A morning wide show last year attributed her success to the fact that she has an orthodox pretty face which is unlike most of H!P. She started getting traction through her mobile game and KFC CMs which she was chosen for because she is a type of pretty the public accepts.

        I think Duu has a good chance for similar reasons.

        • Soyeon

          This just goes to show how terrible H!P management was at the time, Mano could have been a huge star for them.

          • M

            Yeah, but that’s because she was trying to be an idol at the time, and the staff working with Mano have said she was a difficult one to work with (her terrible singing ability in the beginning was quite the hurdle and she just couldn’t seem to get it together). Mano is a much better actress than an idol, but that’s not what H!P does – they’re an idol agency, not an acting agency. Unless they created a new section of the company dedicated to acting specifically (which they’re now doing with the trainees) it wouldn’t have been something they would have done with her. It’s only been the last few years H!P’s really started heavily doing musicals and such so, I guess they could have started that sooner and had Mano doing that. But it wasn’t something they were interested in doing until after the success of Lillium in 2014.
            However, I guess they could have put her in more dramas and such, because regardless of singing ability, it probably would have helped that area of her career too. But Mano herself wanted to focus on acting specifically, so like I said, they would have probably ended up making that the focus – but that’s not what H!P does. You’re an idol first, and stuff like acting is a side thing, it’s secondary. H!P is not the place to be if you want an acting career, that’s why girls leave to do acting specifically. It’s too bad UF often doesn’t manage their talent well, H!P does fine but once the girls transfer to UF it’s mostly downhill from there. Even the most popular members can’t have decent success (that’s probably why Meimi left).

            Mano is better off this way – she’s probably taken a bit more seriously without the idol title which she would have had in H!P. She also seems more interested in dramas and movies which is where H!P doesn’t go as much, they seem to stick to musicals for the most part these days. Duu is the same way, so it makes sense she’s leaving to pursue that, and I hope she’s at least as successful as Mano has been. Honestly, like I said, UF is so bad at getting their talents decently promoted and out there that so many popular girls just fall off the radar (Abe, Niigaki, Reina, Miyabi, the list goes on…) and don’t really advance in their career, they just end up doing lots of variety to keep themselves going. So I’m super surprised Mano’s been able to have the success she does, so her management must be doing something right because pretty face or not, that doesn’t always mean it’s going to carry your career. A lot of pretty-faced celebrities don’t last or are only in one or two things and that’s it, because there’s so many girls out there with just as good pretty faces. Not sure what her acting is like but I’ve heard it’s good so, maybe that’s helped her along too. No matter how pretty a face is, if you have to watch them act terribly for a whole movie or drama, people get turned off pretty quick.

    • hizurisama

      wow, feels like dean is the new it guy

    • Kokoro Ai

      OMG Dean is a perfect “Junichi” this is the only one character on point. Well maybe Nana a little but the two male protagonist I’m so doubtful.

      • yamakita

        Agreed! Although he grates these days. The rest of the cast lacks appeal in my book. I have low hopes for live actions, most of them ruin the original stories with poor casting. Hopefully, this one is not totally cringe worthy.

    • Reileen

      Is Fujioka Dean gonna be the new Suda Masaki?

      • HoneyDew

        I doubt.. tbh,suda is much better actor and more versatile than Dean.. I mean i like Dean in terms of looks,but his acting needs a lot of improvement… I was not satisfied with his acting in HappiMari .. He cant emote well in emotional scenes but can carry ikemen type roles well…

        • Reileen

          I didn’t mean abt acting skills. I was referring to Suda being in an effing lot of movies etc

          • HoneyDew

            Oh… that’s true :P He is been cast in a lot of movies lately..

            Though,he has mentioned in the past,that his family back at Indonesia is pretty rich and he doesn’t have/want to do too much work in Japan.. I am surprised at the amount of work he is taking up… Anyways,I am not complaining..:) :)

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