‘Ao Haru Ride’ Live-Action Film Releases First Trailer

TOHO releases its first teaser trailer on Friday for the live-action film adaptation of Io Sakisaka’s Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) manga. Tsubasa Honda plays Futaba Yoshioka, a girl who experienced her first love with a boy named Ko Tanaka, (Masahiro Higashide) while in middle school. However, after a misunderstanding, their relationship as friends ends when he transfers schools over summer vacation. In high school, her world is turned around once again when she meets Kō again, this time under the name of Kō Mabuchi.

Set to be released on Dec 13, the film is directed by Takahiro Miki (Solanin, Hidamari no Kanojo, Bokura Ga Ita) with the script written by Tomoko Yoshida (Gaku, Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru).

You can check out the teaser trailer and other info below the cut.

The trailer’s narration:

Blue Spring is… the radiance of the moment. Blue Spring is… sweet, dazzling. Blue Spring is… fragile, painful, fleeting. Blue Spring is… always making mistakes.

Other cast for the film includes Yua Shinkawa as Shūko Murao, Ryo Yoshizawa as Aya Kominato, Izumi Fujimoto as Yūri Makita, Yū Koyanagi as Yōichi Tanaka, Yudai Chiba as Tōma Kikuchi, and Mitsuki Takahata as Yū Narumi.

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    • Yuki no fuyu

      I’m more excited with strobe edge!

      • Wayle

        Me too. But I’m more excited with this one. I hope it goes on air sooonnn

    • Cate

      Futaba’s hair looks kinda off…
      I don’t know if Aoharaido deserves so any adaptations, the story is just ok. And the anime is kinda boring

      • justaguest

        yeah i stopped reading cause it pissed me off

        • chu

          why did it piss you off?…I don’t know cuz I haven’t read the manga.

          • justaguest

            oh many things but i’ll just tell you the things i remember they like each other but this little bitch comes from his past and ruins everything and basically messes with both of the main characters and i stopped reading after that because i been through that not personally but read another manga similar like it and it was freaking dumb and the main girl character in my opinion is too nice she needs to be more aggressive in getting what she wants but who knows maybe she has changed if you like vary frustrating main characters that can solve there problems if they just talked to each other. other than just looking from the distance this your manga if any one wants to correct or add on more things go ahead.

            • chu

              omg really….this is one of the reasons why shoujo manga pisses me off too. I also hate love triangles with all my guts. The only shoujo manga I was quite pleased was Kaichou wa maidsama and kimi ni todoke.

              • justaguest

                omg i loved kaichou wa maisama oh damn i forget how to spell the male main leads name but his perfect you should read perfect girl evaluation it’s funny and no love triangles.

                • chu

                  yes yes…Usui is just perfecto…oh I have watched the drama first and then the anime for perfect girl evolution but not read the manga. I just loved the ghotic feel of the anime and the character design.

                  • justaguest

                    wow i didnt know there was a anime i’ll watch it

        • Cate

          That happens always with love stories! I’m always like Why are you so dumb!!!! Screaming at the characters haha

      • Wayle

        What??! What is wrong with you? The anime is good and the art work is the best! It’s really realistic.

        • Cate

          No shoujo is realistic! hahaha
          But I respect your perspective! Try to do the same with me

          • Wayle

            Some shoujo are really realistic, especially Ao Haru Ride! I respect your perspective though. I guess you haven’t fall in love in the kind of way the shoujo makes it. Hahhahaha, sorry if I offend you though.

            • Cate

              No!! I feel that Aoharaido has realistic situations too.Sometimes it even seems like a “piece of life” story. What I find more absurd in shojo generally is the construction and psychology of the characters, to be honest.

              • Wayle

                What’s wrong with the psychology of the characters? I think the characteristics of all the character is very well build up.

                • Cate

                  idk, for example never been able to be sincere or straightforward or being ridiculously stubborn about dumb situations. I understand that misunderstandings are a way to keep the plot going, but when that’s the main resource on which they build a whole story…
                  I’m speaking about shoujo in general!! Not especificaly Aoharaido, just in case

      • Otakulovemanganime

        i agree….sorry ….

    • Abee-chan

      I wonder how they’ll manage the ending given the manga is still ongoing… hope they make a good adaptation, I love the manga!

    • Crystina

      Trailer look good
      but I want to see strobe edge cast more ;_;

    • pace13

      Kinda off with the movie adaptation…I would go for anime..

    • Guest

      Honda Tsubasa is a bad actress. Higashide Masahiro looks a bit too older to play Kou. I like Yua but she’s not good at acting. Nothing else to add other than thanks Japan for ruining another live action with such cast

    • Lilly

      I’ve been waiting for this!!!<333 I just hope they don't ruin it :

    • Blu

      Just looking at the trailer…bad actors O_O

    • Wayle

      I’m hoping this will come soon. I’ve been watching the trailer like everyday. I’m so excited. The actor and actress really match each other. Woot woot. Goo!!!!

    • Ariel

      I watched the anime..I liked the anime up until towards the ending..It was kind of depressing I don’t know.. the main characters kind of bugged me..Overall I liked the story line and I will give this movie a chance hopefully it has a better ending then the anime..

    • NaNa_WuYiFan

      I thought the genre is romantic, shoujo. but why there’s no romantic scene. Ughhh I’m really tired of sad ending j-movie. It will hunt me for the rest of my life. uhuhu but still, I’m giving this a chance though I’m a little disappointed with the manga and anime. omg me dies*

    • Azuxchii

      higashide is really handsome, but he seems to be too old to be playing high school dudes. i like him tho! ;)

    • Otakulovemanganime

      um where can i watch it?? T.T