Tetsuya Komuro to Retire After Cheating on Wife KEIKO

A weekly magazine has released a story that Tetsuya Komuro has been cheating on his wife of 15 years, globe’s KEIKO. During a press conference today in reponse to the story, Komuro announced that he will retire, thereby admitting his guilt. He apologized to KEIKO, his family, fans, and other people inconvenienced by his actions.

Tetsuya Komuro debuted in 1984 as a member of TM NETWORK. He reached his peak in the 90s, an era known as the “TK Boom”, where he created songs for the likes of Namie Amuro, globe, trf, Tomomi Kahala, and hitomi. Several of these releases sold millions of copies, cementing his legacy in the Japanese music industry.

The press conference


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    • Kyle
        • hasawa
          • More tea: At the press conference, Komuro said he has Hepatitis C. The main way people in the developed world get it is through intravenous drug use. That brings us back the rumors of him and Tomomi doing drugs during their peaks…

            • hasawa

              I don’t know what’s worse : the fact he did heroine (which is one hell of a drug!) or the fact he was so dumb/untouchable he flat out gave out clue about him doing it by stating he had Hepatitis C. I swear to God rich people LOVE to stir themselves into trouble.

            • Bobson Dugnutt

              Why would he reveal that? Is he trying to get sympathy?

              • Raheem Washington

                He was simply explaining why he was consistently seeing a nurse. he explained that she was giving him intravenous nutrients as a form of medicine for his health issues.

                I dont get how so many people who clearly arent his fans can act like they know so much about him that even his most diehard fans(me) dont know.

                Its gossip and the destruction that comes from it that has caused him to “take responsibility”, deny the allegations, apologize to the nurse-his fam-and his fans, and decide at this age that he should retire as a musician and celebrity public figure.

                He was waaay too transparent for people to be inventing dirt on the man. He went as far to even reveal that hes lost his sexual desires etc…he doesnt deserve this kind of harsh accusation on top of the initial accusation.


    • M

      NOOOOO, the man who was known for cheating BEFORE he married KEIKO and sleeping around with his prodigies who were half his age, was cheating?!?! It’s just worse because KEIKO has been ill for a long time. Scum.

        • M

          I’m still disgusted that Japan was applauding the fact that he “finally” went for KEIKO and made their marriage some kind of fairytale wedding when he literally dumped the dos/Africa Africa chick and her baby just months prior.

          • But that came back to bite him in the ass when he was charged with fraud for selling songs he didn’t own the rights to so that he could pay Asami’s alimony / child support. He probably paid for:

          • Kyle

            I completely forgot he married KEIKO so shortly after getting rid of Asami. Not to mention last year when he was basically using her for publicity to look like a superhero husband.

          • Raheem Washington

            Its more disgusting how you guys act like you know why this man ended his relationships with other women and kept his marriage with Keiko. Yall act like hes obligated to live out your fanfares. news flash: relationships are between the 2 people int hem, not the onlookers who feel entitled to jib jab about them as though they add or subtract meaning to your pitiful lives.

            • iGleaux

              lmao why you so mad your fave is a shitty husband?

      • hasawa

        Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    • parc manther
    • hasawa

      2016 : the year of realizing things
      2017 : the year of cheating
      2018 : the year of retiring

      • Two retirement stories in less than 24 hours!

    • eplizo

      I guess it’s not out of character for him, but I’m still disgusted cause KEIKO has been ill…. ugh.

    • james

      sad. another legend retires. who will retire 1st?

      Tetsuya Komuro or Namie Amuro?

      • circe154

        If this were 20 years ago I’d agree with you, but he’s long wore out his welcome and we all know he’s human garbage.

        • Raheem Washington

          You all get your facts from gossip magazines lol…you and your opinions belongs where they throw those magazines after people are done reading them…in the trash can.

          Yall talking about the man while literally sounding like Oscar the Grouches step brothas and sisters who never got the chance to move to Sesame Street.

          Get some business apart from dumpster reunions. TK was very concise and well spoken in the video but you guys listen with your eyes and think with your emotions…hopeless creatures. Go suck on a Tide Pod or something kay?

          • circe154


    • Ran

      Jpop scene is just so fucked up. If musicians were retiring for cheating in the West, there wouldn’t be anyone left on the Billboard charts.

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    • takufox

      How do you feel now?

    • AoZora

      I think cheating and adultery has b

      • CyDo

        it also applies for Japanese male entertainers/personalities.
        *Do u know a Japanese actor who gets even more famous after cashing in on his adultery?
        *Jinnai (Tomonori) makes a gag out of his alleged cheating tabloid articles (which was confirmed)
        Don’t forget the Gesu guy will release singles, albums… and most likely will get appreciated and shielded by his fans 😅

    • Dalooshe

      At first I wasn’t planning to watch the video because it would be a waste of my time but literally from the first 2 seconds in and he’s…..smiling? That just can’t be his neutral face soooo I thought not to bother with the rest.

      Seriously though such an embarrassing retirement by still trying to be relevant. He doesn’t even have to put on a fake public apology crap because obviously it didn’t matter every single minute he was cheating on his wife, and besides he could be thinking ‘wellll i could use an alias and still produce music to cash in so whatever’.

      The only thing I’m curious about is if they’re still planning to stay together or divorce?

      • CyDo

        nowadays, his works won’t sell without his name (the only thing that is keeping his afloat in the recent years). without his names, what’s the use of buying his works?

        He used to be prodigy… but now…

    • yamakita

      Can’t say I’m surprised by this story. Write one when a powerful person isn’t corrupt.

      • yamakita

        Oh, and maybe he can stop dying his hair and be the disgusting old man that he is.

    • Totokoko

      If he wasn’t caught he wouldn’t be retiring. What a pathetic man.

    • Liokt

      Listening to “Chase the Chance” to celebrate.

    • Guest

      I feel really bad for Keiko. That’s just 15 years gone right down the drain. TM has just proved himself to be a poor excuse of a man, but there was always something dodgy about him and his tendency for women.

      I guess this means Globe is really over. That’s really sad. I thought they actually were going to come back, but who knows now.

      But otherwise, TM retiring doesn’t really bother me – he hasn’t produced anything that’s actually really good in years; it’s just been mediocre or garbage.

    • Actually, many Japanese are sympathetic to him and are very mad at the magazine which reported the scandal. He’s been sick from Hepatitis C and the stress of taking care of his wife and working. He had plenty reasons to feel exhausted and needed the support which he got from the nurse since his wife’s brain was not functioning well. He denied any sexual desire and relationship with the woman.

      • Raheem Washington

        Theyre just mindless emotional ghouls who love gossip. They have venomous lips and their dagger-like tongues were created to spew lies and stab people when theyre down. I pray karma comes to collect for them all.

    • girlymatsu

      What a scum! Cheating while the wife is sick 🤬 Don’t show your face again!

    • Still striving for relevancy..

      poor keiko……..

    • Raheem Washington

      You fake fans are the real scum no doubt. So much speculation…i bet you all have an opinion on whether he wears boxers or briefs and why hes terrible for switching from one to the other.

      You all are pure vomit in light of the things Mr Komuro revealed when announcing the reasoning of his retirement. He was VERY transparent but you all are so mindless and lost in your emotional lust for gossip these words will probably go in one ear and out the other.

      I have nothing but respect for the man and his career as an imperfect human being among you accomplished talent perfect angels. ::spit::

      God bless TK and Keiko and I pray she recovers from her current state for her and her husband’s sake. I feel sorry for that poor nurse getting run under the bus by you vile brutes.

      -Real TK fan

    • Ialy

      Now Ayu can finally work with someone else

    • Just Tim

      Jesus, the comments section just reeks too much of VALAR MORGHULIS.

      At least Tetsuya Komuro has PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

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