Teruyoshi Uchimura to host ‘Kouhaku Utagassen’, supported by Kazunari Ninomiya and Kasumi Arimura

The hosts for NHK’s 68th ‘Kouhaku Uta Gassen’ have been revealed. The main host for the end-of-the-year music spectacle is Teruyoshi Uchimura (53), host for TV programme ‘Life ~ Jinsei Ni Sasageru Conte’. Supporting him in the job are Kazunari Ninomiya (34) as the host for the white team, and Kasumi Arimura (24), the host for the red team.

This marks the second hosting year in a row for ‘Hiyokko’ star Arimura. For Ninomiya, this is technically the first – he hosted together with his fellow Arashi members for five years straight from 2010 to 2014, but this year he’s flying solo for the first time. Same goes for Uchimura, who commented that he is quite shocked that he was offered such a huge task.

‘Kouhaku Uta Gassen’ will air on New Year’s Eve from 7:15pm to 11:45pm, local time.

(Via Oricon Natalie)

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    • yacchaitai

      I think nino will be good. aiba was awkward.

    • neko

      Nooo that means almost not arashi at Johnny’s countdown

      • AoZora

        They may pull out a stunt like the last time… :)

    • light

      Nino was the only Arashi member who wasn’t rumored for this year Kohaku and yet..lol
      Good luck, i’m happy for him! =)

    • Reileen

      good frigging choice with Teruyoshi Uchimura!
      and hell yeah Nino! I hope he brings a lot of snark!

    • AoZora

      Arimura again? She was awkward during last year kohaku. It would have been better if Nagano Mei who is the lead for upcoming asadora Hanbun Aoi be given a chance. It will help Nagano and her drama to get more spotlight. Anyways I find Nagano way beautiful that awful Arimura. I have no qualms with the other two hosts… I am sure Nino will do better..

      • byebicycle

        nagano mei is adorable 😍

      • She is underage for Kouhaku so she can’t participate. :/

    • Sakura Storm

      Nino will be good. No need to worry about him. The other two, though. Never knew of the older guy, but Arimura Kasumi should just go home.

      • myu

        I think Uchimura will do great. I’ve seen some of his MC,and he’s good

    • byebicycle

      meh @ kasumi. nino will do great. uchimura is a good choice, too. that said, don’t follow through on this rumoured arashi hosting relay till 2020, nhk. d o n t d o i t

    • CC

      Neen 😍 He can surely pull this off with ‘flying colors’ On the other hand I’m a bit unsatisfied with Arimura Kasumi ‘cos her performance last year as a host is not that really good, she’s so awkard to watch. ( I don’t hate her or anything, just stating my observation about her last year 😕)

      Well,still hoping for a good show in the end of the year. 😊

    • REMISU

      Why Arimura again?

    • Keny

      I dreamed about Nino being white team host. wtf @ my psychic abilities. joking aside I am really happy about this choice. Since last year when he and Naomi were pumping up the party I was thinking he would make a great host. About Arimura.. meh. I mean nothing against her but there would have been a lot of more interesting choices lbr.

    • Yeah Uchimura, I love him! I think he’s a great choice! Nino is pretty good at hosting and such so he’ll definitely be fine but….why Arimura again!? Why do the overlords want to push this girl so hard? She’s so bland it hurts. Give me someone colorful and talkative!

      • Reileen

        I was rooting for Watanabe Naomi!! Too bad the rumor did not come true

    • Still striving for relevancy..

      Uchimura and Nino <3 not sure about Arimura though….

    • annie

      Nino is a better choice than aiba but are they just going to rotate with each arashi member? Lol wtf

    • NinoAi

      Part of me had been hoping for a unit hosting for the White team. I think my name gives away who I would have wanted. But, eh. *shrugs* Nino tends to be bland when doing things on his own, but he will give as much to this as he feels it is worth. I really have no idea how he will do though. I personally don’t feel Aiba was as awful last year as so many others say. He wasn’t as good as he can be, he is a very good and charismatic host, but I didn’t find him bad. The red team host on the other hand, was what brought everything down, because she was terrible last year, and there is no reason she should be back this year. But whatever. Obviously, she has some good connections or something.

      But I think Teruyoshi Uchimura is an excellent choice, and he will be great.

      And also another year I am left wondering why they won’t choose a female music artist to host the red team.

    • Kanjo Maru

      Is hating Arimura like a requirement for Arashi fans or is it just a coincidence?

      • light

        I think she’s generally found boring, but the hate is so over the top.

        • You made me laugh at my own saltiness. x_x

      • Hiyokko

        I’m an arashi fan who actually likes Arimura as an actress but have to admit she was a bad Kohaku host last year. The Arashi fans might still be bitter Aiba gets the most flack when Arimura was actually worse.

        • Kanjo Maru

          Regardless of whether or not she was actually bad she got just as much hate when she was announced last year so it doesn’t seem relevant.

    • HevRev

      I don’t watch Kouhaku but is there a reason they have the same team hosts for consecutive years? Arashi are ok but surely it gets boring after a while?

      • Hiyokko

        It’s mostly because of popularity. Arimura asadora drama was a hit and the NHK audience (old people who watches NHK all day) are familiar with her. They kept using Arashi because of they are undoubtedly popular with general public across all ages.

    • yamakita

      Hmmm Nino did the half-time special last year. I wonder which Arashi will be this year: Jun, Ono or Sho?

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    • MoocowPoorchick

      Maybe next year we can have a female host that does more than just stand there and look somewhat pretty? She might be a decent actress, but as a host or guest on any show, she is as bland as a human being can possibly be. :/