Sayumi Michishige will officially resume activities next year

Sayumi Michishige has announced on her blog that she will officially be making a return to the entertainment scene next year sometime during spring. After graduating from Morning Musume 14′ and Hello!Project two years ago Sayumi completely disappeared from the public eye, announcing that she would be taking a temporary hiatus from all entertainment activities after graduating. Last month Sayumi made a surprise blog post sending fans and media alike into a frenzy. Shortly after she started to blog regularly again about her every day life, leading up the latest update confirming her comeback.

Sayumi hasn’t specified what activities she will pursue for her comeback (variety tv, singing, acting etc.) but we’re sure she will be very cute doing it.

(via Natalie)

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    • Ash

      I can hear Seiko Oomori’s hands rubbing together right now…

    • honami

      she talked about “lives” and “performances”…hmmm

      i doubt she’ll go back to doing full variety because her character was hated when she did it. people started to like her when they saw her unselfish, kind, warm self when she became morning musume leader and showed how much she loves the group.

    • Brett

      Oh wow. Utada who???? This is the comeback of the century, ladies! I’m bulk buying some wig glue while I still can! 😂😂

    • YATH the kween is back and gonna show these talentless flops (Masaki+Haruka) how it’s done!!!!

      • wakuwaku

        maa-chan and her weird ass fans piss me off so much

    • BabyPanda

      I’m so happy ;w;

    • Jay


      Shige is coming back!!! :D :D :D