Rola wants YOU to eat acecook instant noodles

Rola has been appointed to appear in a new set of nationwide CMs with popular food processing company acecook.

The Bengali beauty is responsible for promoting their brand of instant yakisoba noodles, promising that in just 5 minutes you can enjoy a filling and delicious meal or snack. Rola claims that the noodles are very sweet and scrumptious, promising that you have never eaten such amazing instant noodles before. The highlight of the CM is the “Rola Dance” and the cute jingle that Rola sings herself. The choreography for the dance was created by “Furitsukekagyou air:man”, a group very famous for their work in commercials.  In this year alone they have participated in the creation of over 30 CMs.

This is one of the many endorsement deals Rola currently has on her plate, last year she came in 2nd place during the annual “CM King/Queen” ranking. It’s safe to say her top 5 position is already secured for this year.

Watch the full CM, as well as the making-of, below the jump!

Making of

(via sponichi)

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    • Kyle

      i secretly became a rola ANTI but she’s cute in this..

    • soup cans

      I’m hungry now

    • Bubi.

      do yall have a NISSIN deal this is your fourth post this week

      • Oscarpro

        They probably do. I feel like this site has been selling out more and more lately… oh well. Everyone’s got bills to pay I guess.

        • Bubi.

          I was joking but OK. Clearly they don’t lmao. How have they been selling out?

        • surfboardt

          I have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Bubi.

            Stream it on Spotify once, stream it on Spotify twice, buy it on iTunes for $12.99. It’s E•MO•TION by Carly Rae Jepsen.


        • ???

          wtf lol

        • Thomas

          Lmao that’s ridiculous.

          This comment is sponsored by NISSIN Cup Noodles.

      • starlightshimmers

        What is a NISSIN?


    • hasawa

      How is this considered a “choreography”…?

    • Matcha

      I can’t tell if she’s dumb or she just acts that way?!

      • Mee

        How can you tell she’s dumb from the cm vids though?

        • Matcha

          I have seen her in plenty of variety shows and she always acts as if she has brain trauma.

    • Owari Konoyono

      Speaking of Acecook commercials in my generation was “Wakame Ramen” performed by Tetsuo Ishidate.
      The current CM has less impact.