Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku’s Rina Matsuno passes away at age 18

Fuji TV series “FNN Speak” has reported Rina Matsuno (18) of popular idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku has passed away.

Matsuno began her career as an idol in 2009 as a member of Minitia Bears under Stardust Promotion. In 2010, she transferred within her agency and became a member of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.

Absent from her activities on February 7, Matsuno was being treated at home when her condition suddenly worsened and was emergency transported to the hospital that night.

Matsuno was confirmed to have passed away today on February 8 at 5 AM JST. The details of her illness have not yet been confirmed.

(via Sanspo)

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    • the groupie who

      she was so young. poor kid. RIP

    • Krys

      It’s gross that the group’s official Twitter hasn’t even said anything about it and it’s been hours/official news outlets reported it before the group’s management.

      Poor girl, RIP. 18 is insanely young.

      • zam(仮)

        Companies respect the family’s privacy in this situation. News reporters don’t.

      • Amelia Ho

        is even more gross to disrespect for spreading news without permission… especially the news of some1 pass away

    • james

      Wow, this is shocking. all of a sudden.

      Does this mean Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku going to disband?

    • annie

      she was just 18, rip
      i wonder what happened if she took the day off and died so suddenly

    • byebicycle

      damn, that’s young as fuck. rip.

    • Anonymous

      This makes us wonder about the potential risks of being in the idol industry. 18 years old is too young to die.

      As for the Ebichu group itself…we’ve seen some of the group members already left the group (graduate). There is still a chance (slim, to be honest) Ebichu could disband, but we’ll see.

      But still, hearing an 18-year-old girl dying that young…that’s not something we would like to hear. This is very shocking indeed and makes us wonder: can the idol industry push a bit too far?

      • Amelia Ho

        tbh, no is depend how the idols handle on their life

        for this case she has the illness in the 1st place, (or somewhere during her work life)

        theres some entertainers that sound over working, but they know when to stop
        some work as if they chilling lol
        e.g. nanjou, her tv show is just lying down and talk or play video game lol

      • Airi Suzuki

        wow! terrible comment!

      • Ren

        Details of her illness have not yet been confirmed yet though?? We don’t know if it originated from her life as an idol.

      • andrew ferris

        Various girls have gotten injured and had to quit, surprisingly more in the last few years than before that. But this is only the third time I have heard of an active idol dying– the first, 17 years ago, was from an auto accident and the second (from a small, local, independent group) last year was murdered by a fan, this is the first time anyone has died of an illness.
        I guess one could say simply because they meet so very many people and shake so very many hands, the risk of contracting illness is higher… but all in all, idol group members getting sick doesn’t even seen to happen anymore often than your average junior high through college aged student.

        This is a rather freak occurrence, even if the reports of this actually being influenza is really just a PR cover-up (if it seems so impossible that it could be influenza). Out of the 1000s of girls and boys from Johnnies, Hello! Project, AKB48 Group, Stardust Agency, etc… this is the first time anyone has died under these circumstances.

        If you have a big enough pool of teenagers to early 20s people, things like this are bound to happen without it being any more likely than in the general populous.

        • Don’t forget about Okada Yukiko:

          • andrew ferris

            I didn’t know about that one. Well before the modern era though.
            It does make one consider– if Ms. Matsuno here died of something self-inflicted rather than an illness that can kill an 18-year old in less than 24 hours of becoming apparent… maybe it is best that the media cover that up.

            • Yarg

              It may be something like flu or meningitis exacerbated by exhaustion. Numerous AKB senbatsu members both past and present have commented on how they get very little sleep and very few days off. Overwork is an issue in Japanese society as a whole but even more so in the idol industry.

        • Kanjo Maru

          Did Tomita Mayu die? I can’t find any information about whether she survived. Last news said she was in hospital and no updates.

          Also, she wasn’t an idol when she was stabbed, she was a former idol turned singer-songwriter.

          • andrew ferris

            I tried looking that one up after I wrote how rare it was for any idols to die. The most recent news about her says she regained consciousness, so I have to imagine that means she survived. If she had died after regaining consciousness, I imagine there would be another update. Though it was a miracle she survived having been stabbed over 20 times in the neck and shoulders.

            • Kanjo Maru

              Yeah, I believe no news hints at life and laying low rather than death.

              I hope she did survive. Even making it as far as was confirmed was a miracle.

              • annie

                she’s alive and well
                she got mad at the police or the media a few months ago because she was being stalked way before the attack and nothing was done about it

    • demasta

      RIP :(

    • This hurts me. I hate to hear something like this.
      Rip angel. ❤💐

    • yacchaitai

      What???? omg this is so sad… rest in peace girl.

    • ren

      So young, rest in peace :^(

    • Social media is saying her family confirmed it as Influenza Virus Associated Encephalopathy, but Huffington post have contacted the family and they said they have made no such announcement. Their official website will report the news later today.

      • I was wondering if it was the flu. A lot of young people in my area are catching it and becoming hospitalized.

    • light

      Omg she was so young too, rest in peace….

    • aainaa

      I kinda like Ebichu & always thought Rina was the prettiest.. I’m very sad with the news.. I was speechless at first.. Can’t imagine how will her family, groupmate & fans will take this..

    • Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry for her family and group members. She’s too young for this to happen!

    • forget all that look how young she is she still has her life ahead of her

      • whaaaaat

        No, she doesn’t… :|

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Omg :( how horrible! I am so sorry for her family, friends and fans. 18 years old is so young!!!! RIP :/.

    • Risa

      Heartbreaking. As a student at university along with part-time work I feel pressed and have been seriously ill with flu and complications last year and this year. Yet this is nothing compared to the hectic life of idols. It really makes me think about what these young ladies endure. May she rest in peace…

    • nana

      she died from a lethal Heart arrhythmia

    • Radim Bartošek

      This can ´t be truth!! :( :( :(