Rena Matsui, Maya Yoshida, & Mari Sekine appear in Taylor Swift’s new video

Taylor Swift will be heading back to Japan this November to promote her latest album “1989”. “Shake It Off”, a song from her album, is currently dominating the charts in the United States, coming in at #1 for two consecutive weeks.

Swift has stated that she is really looking forward to promotions in Japan. To get her fans pumped up as well, she asked them to send in pictures of themselves with the year they were born attached to the photo. It’s the same look that Swift used for her “1989” album cover.

With the pictures, her staff created a ‘lyrics’ video of “Shake It Off”. Among some of the pictures were SKE48/Nogizaka46 member Rena Matsui, Pro soccer player Maya Yoshida, and talent Mari Sekine.

Check out the video below!

sekine mari yoshida maya

(Via: ModelPress)

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    • Victoria Season

      rena matsui is grogeous <3

    • TM

      Hikakin is there too

    • J-Pop

      Just another marketing strategy by a Western artist so that it gets Asia’s media attention. They only remember Asian countries (and, most specifically, Japan) when they are promoting something there. Unsurprisingly, the songs and albums that are marketed this way rise up on digital and physical charts, respectively. In my opinion, this is very disrespectful since it treats them like they are some kind of easy, cheap “billboard”.

      • Forget it dude. Japan’s pop culture is becoming irrelevent globally these day. It’s all about K-pop. It’s already been acknowledged that South Korea outcool Japan.

    • U San

      Rena im so happy for you! <3