PewDiePie uploads video with Morning Musume content; video gets taken down for infringement

Controversial youtuber PewDiePie recently uploaded a video featuring content from idol group Morning Musume.

The popular e-celebrity routinely uploads videos where he tries not to cringe at questionable antics, and records his reaction real-time. This time his target was a Morning Musume wota, who somewhat became notorious among fellow idol fans after winning a contest hosted by NHK World. Film crews came to his house, where he was able to express his love for the idol group and even meet former member Ai Takahashi, who tagged along for the adventure.

One of the most memorable moments was when he enthusiastically danced to Morning Musume’s hit song Wakuteka Take a Chancein front of his somewhat bewildered looking parents and grandparents, while Takahashi cheered him on.

PewDiePie then went on to attempt the Wakuteka Take a Chance choreography himself by watching their dance rehearsal practice. It’s been rumored that Hello!Project fans didn’t really want to be associated with the YouTuber, and went on a mass reporting spree. Whatever the case may be it seems like it worked, his video was quickly taken down due to copyright infringement. Perhaps Japan’s very stringent rules can come in handy sometimes.

PewDiePie made headlines this year for being racially insensitive, which was largely fueled when he was caught saying the N word on a live stream. Despite the controversy he is still the most popular YouTuber with over 54 million subscribers.

Youtube user UnofficialToilet reuploaded footage of PewDiePie reacting to the wota, and attempting the choreography. Watch it below the jump

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    • Ben_thecoolhobo

      anyone has the full video for this momusu wota thing?

      • MM Fan

        Aitor is less active in the fandom nowadays, probably because half of the fandom stopped interacting with him or blocked him. I do remember him saying somewhere (Hello! Online or tumblr) that he found video really embarrassing, but he was infamous among H!P fans for other reasons.

        The fandom had a lot of beef with him for always fat shaming Suzuki Kanon and called her ugly or untalented when she was just a kid. And if you criticized one of his favorite members, he hypocritically tell you that you’re wrong and his favorites were perfect/unflawed… When other fans called him out on his behavior, he pretended he was sorry; he wrote an apology saying he did it because he was stressed and would stop, but weeks later he was back to making rude comments about Zukki. Several of fans at this point were tired of his sh*t and started to ignore him for good. I guess the video getting a ton of unwanted attention was his just reward.

        • Ben_thecoolhobo

          SO basically he’s your average idol wota that will defend their oshi like a religion or something?

          • MM Fan

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure he thought of Sato Masaki as Momusu’s savior.

        • Its ME

          He made way worse comments about Ikuta Erina. He absolutely hated her and let everyone know, but nobody cared.

    • DT

      Hello! Project is usually pretty lenient with their copyright on YouTube, so I find it hilarious that it got taken down. Might’ve been NHK’s doing.

    • Jack

      The part where you wrote “he made headlines this year by being racially insensitive” is very incorrect. He told a bad joke, learn the difference

      • haha

        ^ this
        Also he made headlines not because of N-word.

      • Thomas

        He did not tell one bad joke. He made multiple racist and anti-semitic remarks in several videos.

        • Dave Liu

          If u watched the video of his anti semitic remark, u’ll realized that it was bad joke. But That N-word is the real deal, that was indeed racially insensitive no matter what the reason was.

          • Ashley (not really Ashley)

            It was definitely not just a bad joke. He said that he made those videos thinking that “nazis don’t actually exist” when they clearly do. That was really ignorant and insensitive

            • Never has he said “nazis don’t actually exist”. It was a joke, he isn’t running a revolution to harm anyone. Don’t like his jokes? Get off his Channel.

              Also does it matter if they exist or not? The media pretends Islam is a peaceful religion so can I make jokes on how they aren’t? I mean if they don’t exist then it’s fine by your standard.

            • Jack

              After Challetesville he made a video responding to the statement he made about how he doesn’t think nazis exist saying that he was wrong and now he sees they are actually still around. He then said that he is going to quit saying nazi jokes because 1) it got old 2) now that he knows they still exist he understands why he shouldn’t joke so much about them

        • haha

          Those journalist sites like WSJ likes to take apart PDP because any news about him is money thanks to his massive following. Some of them are not true because it taken out of context and merely a slander.

          I’m not saying he is outstanding citizen he’s far from it but I like to check out both parties story and mostly those journalist overplay the issue and single him out specifically.

          Like this article for example, if it’s PDP it instant news worthy.

        • Grow Up. He said the forbidden “n-word” to himself playing a game, he took the p*** out of Nazi’s and made a bad (albeit funny because it’s a joke) joke about Jews. You people need to report actual incidents not someone on the internet making jokes or making a mistake so you can make money off of trying to destroy someone’s reputation.

        • Jack

          Watch his response I been watching him for years and I know all the videos WSJ was talking about and they were all out of context.

      • Missa

        A bad joke can still be racially insensitive.

      • …..a bad joke that racially insensitive.

        • starlightshimmers

          He made a Holocaust joke, its fine. He didn’t commit a crime.

          I think people these days are way too sensitive.

          • Thomas

            Sorry but “People should be allowed to make offensive statements.” translates to “People should be allowed to be racist”.

            • starlightshimmers

              I’m Asian and I think people should be able to make offensive statements, including racist statements.

              I’ve had people say racist things before in front of me, I don’t want it to be censored, I want to hear it so that I can see the harsh reality instead of being sheltered like an naive infant.

              What does censoring racist statements do? It keeps people ignorant of reality, of different perspectives. To understand racism you actually need to be exposed to racist statements and racist people.

              • Thomas

                I agree that freedom of speech is important but for me it ends the very second someone is being discriminated against because of their race, gender or sexual identity. The rights and freedom of minorities should have more weight in our society than a nazi’s racist opinion.

                • starlightshimmers

                  Discrimination should only be regulated with regards to access to opportunity. Making racist statements doesn’t affect your access to opportunity.

                  To understand the Nazi, you actually need to hear what the Nazi has to say. If you don’t understand evil, then what makes you think you know what is good?

                  • Thomas

                    Hitler gained power because people gave him and his followers a voice. Millions of people died because Germany “heard what the Nazi had to say”.

                    • starlightshimmers

                      When Stalin, Lenin, and Mao gained power, they censored people who disagreed with them, and millions of people died. Stalin murdered some 50 million people, and Mao around 50 million people.

                      Censorship should be only allowed if it advocates for genocide or homicide. Just because you disagree with someone or someone said something offensive, doesn’t mean it should be censored. As long as they’re not calling for the death of a person or a group of people, it should be allowed.

                      • Thomas

                        and Pewdiepie paid someone to hold up a sign that said “death to all jews”. It may be a ‘joke’ to him but that is pretty much the definition of what you just said. And with this the conversation is over because clearly we aren’t on the same page here :)

                      • starlightshimmers

                        That is different, it is satire. The word satire itself comes from Ancient Greek, the Satyr, which was a half-man half-goat beast with a big penis which symbolised barbarism. That is what satire is all about, you’re supposed to make lewd and vulgar statements.

                        It is obvious that the lack of education on Western culture is the reason for the confusion and hysteria over satire and comedy.

                      • His true colors showed when he said ‘nigger’ in that livestream so I don’t care what you have to say about his satirical nazi comedy. End of story.

                      • starlightshimmers

                        It’s still satire.

                      • Serenyty

                        How is shouting a racial slur satire? Satire has to be satirizing something, it has to be critical. Satire isn’t just a blanket defense that can be used for anything.

                      • Sounds like you like Pewdiepie. I would know, I used to like him alot. I know what the bro army sounds like. :)

                      • Bunny

                        uhm just sayin’ but “The word satire derives from satura, and its origin was not influenced by the Greek mythological figure of the satyr” were you homeschooled or what?

                      • Miyanmu

                        Lenin is a Marxist Bolshevik Jew. Ofcourse he censured the Eastern Europeans. The same Communist shit is happening today in Western Europe, Scandinavia, America and Canada!

                    • Miyanmu

                      So what is your solution? Let’s censure people’s freedom of speech and tax the living shit out of the working class. It amazes me how non of you Westerners know nothing about the horrors of Communism (which was the reason why National Sociolism/Nazism was created in first place)!

                      • Thomas

                        My version of freedom of speech allows for criticism, satire and media freedom as long as no one is insulted because of their race, gender or sexual identity. In my country we have strict laws against verbal discrimination of minorities. It’s legal to say whatever you want among friends and family but if you insult someone at work or in public you are liable to prosecution.

                        I don’t know what made you think I want the working class to pay more taxes because I never said anything even remotely related to that topic btw…

          • …..what did I just read.

          • This again

            I’m hispanic (or pick your poltically correct term of the week) and have seen AND heard less than pleasant things in my lifetime. I just continued on about my business to success. Those things did not deter me from my goals. In fact, I squared my shoulders and strived even more to perservere by my own means as did many people from all walks of life throughout history.

            I’ve not seen this person’s videos. By the looks of it I wouldn’t have an interest in them. Surprise, surprise… whatever controversial things he’s peddling didn’t hinder my progress today. Got the things on my ‘To Do’ list crossed off. Did censorship help today’s accomplishments? Not for me. :)

            This reminds me of when there was talk to remove “offensive” or “uncomfortable topics” from classic works. Yes, rewriting or erasing history will make this all go away. That’s sooo realistic. (Not!)

        • Jack

          Just like South Park and Family Guy it’s satire

      • circe154

        Non-terrible people don’t accidentally blurt out racial slurs.

        • Jack

          Go on Xbox Live sometime. Literally every other word is a slur of some sort out of anger. Doesn’t justify it, but a person isn’t racist for literally saying the “worst thing they can think of” because of frustration from a video game

          • circe154


    • haha

      Japan needs to chill on the take down. I thought Cool Japan was to open up Japan to the world and if video reaction and commentary are consider offense, I dunno what fair use is to Japan.

      This is why Korean wave swept the world and is still going strong now. In my country Japan wave only lasted for about 5 years and never made a comeback. There is zero Japan TV show on cable while we have many korean shows.

      • yurisakura

        I think it should be obvious Japan’s music industry isn’t aiming to be marketed globally. They don’t care if “Japan Wave” isn’t spread globally like the Korean wave.

        • GuestLMAO

          May be. But there’s no loss in having international fans. I really hope someone with a modern view is put in charge of the Cool Japan thing.

        • hasawa

          I think there’s a nuance between Japanese music being marketed for overseas audience, and just asking to make Japanese entertainment material ACCESSIBLE for overseas audience.
          I think a fair share of Western JE fans wouldn’t Japanese entertainment to be watered down through Westerns standards – on the contrary, one of the reason I personally enjoy so much Jmusic is how different it sounds in comparison to the western music industry.
          I mean it’s 2017, I think a whole bunch of Japanese artists would be happy to provide for their fans all around the world. They maybe don’t NEED it (Japan has a HUGE interior market) but there is an obvious prestige to be known outside Asia and I think a lot of them would sit on it. It’s just the agencies and record/production company that are messing everything up.

        • trufax

          Then what’s cool japan about?

          • lovehello

            Kickbacks for the prime minister’s friends

        • haha

          Cool Japan initiative was to expose Japan to the world but how they handle things like fair use on music video and such is counter productive. They want the exposure but they bar so many thing from getting expose with this take down witch hunt.

          Honestly I wonder how Japanese reviews movies/books/music etc it must be awfully boring with nothing but text without context. Just look at their wikipedia page of Naruto there’s not a single picture not even cover photo of the book.

          Also kudos for narrow down my general comment of Japan strict fair use exercise to Japan’s music industry specifically. Exposure doesn’t mean assimilation, it’s fine if they want to focus on domestic market but at least allow basic accessibility to outsider or at least ceate a legal channel for international fans like OK Rock with their YT channel.

          ( Had to repost apparently linking = spam)

    • hasawa

      I’m quite surprised the “Westerners react to crazy Japanese” thingy is still a thing in 2017….

      • circe154

        There’s this awesome app for Chrome that blocks Youtube channels from showing up in your recommended videos and I’ve got every one of those channels blocked. It makes YT 100% better.

        • oh i’m interested! please tell me the app’s name

          • circe154

            Video Blocker.

      • isanta

        But does it mean that reacting to things from Japan should be banned for white people? I don’t understand, a couple of weeks ago he reacted to a thing from my country and this time he picked something from Japan, I honestly don’t see any difference between those two cases and what his race has to do with it…

        • hasawa

          ….it has absolutely NOTHING to do with race.
          It’s just that making videos consisting of reacting to things is utterly stupid.

    • GuestLMAO

      Japan still hasn’t learned a thing. Why is Cool Japan and media companies so afraid of the internet and having a international fandom?

      • hasawa

        Japan has a huge domestic market enough for self suffience so they don’t seem to get the point of promoting oversea.

        • GuestLMAO

          Fair Enough. But making it easier for international viewers to watch their dramas legally is not going to hurt. It has zero negative effects.

          • lovehello

            The negative effect is that Japanese nationalists and elitist wota will get mad at the companies if they try to give “their” product to foreigners

        • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

          Yet they want it to be though, cause of ‘cool japan’ and shiz.

      • circe154

        Cool Japan has issues but I don’t blame them for not wanting to be associated with PewDiePie.

        • trufax

          It’s not like it’s an official deal

          • circe154

            True, but as the owner of the content, they have ultimate control over who uses it and that means if they don’t want a toxic celebrity profiting from it, they don’t have to let him.

      • マイケル・タンザー

        Japan should take cues from South Korea…definitely Japan should.

    • AkaneHaga

      let it be

    • King Hide

      if someone want the full version:

    • okay.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Shave the beard dude.

    • Keny

      Cue “pewdiepie is a racist” comments.
      Oh wait I am too late, they are already there. lol such a joke.

    • bkajo48

      It’s what he deserves

    • anonymous(e)

      “It’s been rumored that Hello!Project fans didn’t really want to be associated with the YouTuber, and went on a mass reporting spree.”
      Well done

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    • wafle7350 .

      I loved pews when i was growing up, then i grew up so i got bored of him. Then the media regressed and started attacking him with the very same lines i’v seen missused so much in the past 3 years, so i watch some of his videos to judge for myself, and what do you know? im hooked!

      The man is a genius, make’s me laugh every time, especially with the mockery he make’s of the outrage culture, like the one in this comment section, that’s what attracts me so much, he does not give 2 shits anymore for what anyone thinks, he know’s who he is and his believe’s and he will mock those that missrepresent him because it offended their stupid sensitivities.