Japanese Netizens Disgusted Over “Period Boy” Manga About Boy who Menstruates

Disclaimer: This post is not suitable for anyone who is squeamish about menstrual cycles

Netizens from the popular online forum for women Girls Channel discovered a manga that is weird even by Japanese standards. The manga is called “Seiri Danshi” or “Period Boy,” and it is about a boy who awakens to find that he has begun menstruating.

**Graphic Images Below**

The following are pages from the manga. (NSFW?)

The netizens of Girls Channel were certainly perplexed and disturbed, leaving comments such as these:

4. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:55:58 [通報]


15. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:56:45 [通報]

What the heck is this lol
But I’m interested in how it continues

20. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:56:57 [通報]

In the end will he give birth to a child?

7. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:57:19 [通報]

I can’t help but think that this is making fun of women

37. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:22 [通報]

He can’t have children so why does he have a period?

38. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:22 [通報]

I wonder if this is just a hemorrhoid…

40. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:32 [通報]

Without a uterus where the heck does the blood come from? This is just a hemorrhoid, a hemorrhoid.

48. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:59:00 [通報]

Huuuuh what is this?
I don’t understand the meaning at all.
Are women reading this and getting excited? Or are men reading it?
I don’t get it!

What do you, Arama readers think of Period Boy? Is it going to far, or would you read it?

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    • Yu Wei

      congrats on finally getting this article up <3 3rd times the charm, right

      • There was something messed up with the URL and no one could see the post for some reason! I bet everyone was on the edge of their seats to find out more about this menstruating anomaly

    • I wondering the same as #20 and I also would like to know what exactly is the point of this? Like, what is the life lesson? Hopefully someone translates this potenial life changing piece of literature.

      • OhSnap!

        the point is seeing a man suffering like we do. I dig it

        • Well that’s obvious, I mean more like are we gonna get some pro-feminist vibes from this or will it end up being some misogynistic bs? Because it could go either way right now.

          • OhSnap!

            Either way I wouldnt set 2ch reactions as reference. They can turn anything into misogynistic bs.

    • amuripoo

      but where does it come out of

      • OhSnap!

        his balls

    • shirogane

      Manga logic!!!!
      now if only real men understands the pain.

    • Luoar ヽ( ʘД◉ ) っ

      LMAO wtf

    • OhSnap!

      The world will be a fairer place if men had some kind of period too. Or at least, cramps in their balls

      • jing

        is it bad i totally LOL-ed on the last 4 words

        • OhSnap!

          no, they really deserve it. Nature is just stupid.

      • hakuna matata

        I vote for the cramping balls.

      • Van Johnson Gimony


      • Diana’s MovieReviews

        aaaaaaaaaaahahahhaha you just made my day with your comment XDD

      • flowerfeminist

        Men do. Men with Vaginas i.e. Trans men.

      • Brian Stevenson

        We have pains in our asses instead.

    • rebecasunao

      I can’t help but think of how cissexist this is. Trans men and other trans ppl menstruate too, not only cis women. Hopefully this is meant to throw people off or to be funny.

      • Guest

        I don’t think identities beyond “male” and “female” are really discussed (or acknowledged, or accepted) in Japan, so I don’t think it’s meant to be offensive.

        I agree it’s cissexist, and I think it’s safe to say this is meant to be a cis male, but I can’t blame them if they are not educated when it’s not talked about. I wouldn’t know about it if it wasn’t for the internet.

        • rebecasunao

          That doesn’t happen only in Japan though. And I wouldn’t go as far as assuming transgender identities aren’t really discussed there since I’m not japanese.
          I know it’s not talked about and I wasn’t blaming anyone – just stating a fact. If it wasn’t for certain trans people I met on the internet I wouldn’t be able to realize that I’m bigender.

          • Guest

            It’s fine!! I wasn’t trying to come off as attacking you, sorry if it did! :(

            • rebecasunao

              Oh no, I didn’t think you were! Maybe I sounded too serious, sorry about that. And it’s okay!

              • Guest

                haha good! :) what a pleasant exchange

        • naoyama

          Actually, believe it or not, Japan is a very open country when it comes to cisgender, transgender, sexual orientation etc. Hence why there is actually an abundance (At least in comparison to many other countries) of stars that are transgender, or are openly gay etc. To them it’s more of a “ohh thats cool so you identify yourself as ___” or “Oh okay you’re gay w/e”

    • matchalatte

      I have to side with the hemorrhoid folks. That stain says it all.

    • Babi Hong

      oh no the last picture…

    • asklepian

      maybe he’s intersex? perhaps, a hermaphrodite?

    • jadedcrimson

      Biologically speaking, I wonder where the blood comes from? Women menstruate to get rid of the accumulated blood in their uterus when there is no pregnancy. But seeing that this amazing piece of work has a male who menstruates…doe this mean he can get pregnant? o_o Wait…what genre is this manga? Yaoi?

    • lucy

      This is so messed up
      And he’s blushing too like bitch cramps hurt

    • lwavesurfer

      Blushing? Damn boy, you’re experiencing the worst cramp ever happen in your damn life, not having your balls tickled :/

    • Akane

      My guess would be Klinefelter syndrome… but I’m not particular interested enough to read the manga to find out…

      • Mikichan20

        sorry but what kind of syndrome??

    • xyz

      Well… I guess this is disgusting in its own right. But for those trying to figure out how this works, manga/anime does get pretty wtf and senseless at times. This looks like one of the more extreme ones.

    • Monsuket

      wat,true fact I wish men could feel the pain of having the period….ei! the art is pretty!

    • Mikichan20

      At first I was like : wtf as most of you, I’m sure but now I just find it funny haha..and I am VERY intrigued…XD Also I can not “relate” to this boy or any of you since I never had menstrual cramps…so I dunno the feeling of it…I do get a slight headache but with a pill, it’s all solved.. :) I guess it’s genetic since neither my mom nor grandma had any cramps ether…Thank God XD

      • Guest

        You’re so freaking lucky!

        • Mikichan20

          I know…so many girls I know have such problems; I have 2 cousins who have such pains that they need to go to hospital to get an injection and they even pass out how much it hurts them…and while I’m on net i also read such things…makes me really realise how lucky I am… poor you and the rest of the girls… :/

    • Arne Anka

      It was released April 1st!

    • Alyo

      bloody omegaverse

    • Rotten Apple

      After reading the thread so, it’s by a fujoshi, she wants men to know women’s pain (CMIIW), sadly it seems the fellow women dislike it.

      • Jade Box

        Ironic right?

      • Hawa Nee-chan

        But I like it if he’s hermaphrodite (if) if not no-no

    • Papipupepo


    • Vivaldi

      This post needs to be read with Sheezus playing in the background.

    • Erin

      What the fuck. As a woman, I hate having my period with all the cramps, back pain, mood swings and the disgusting feeling of, well, HAVING YOUR PERIOD. Why would anyone make a friggin manga about it to use this for entertainment, and even worse, make a guy have it? A guy who is clearly seeming like it’s ‘cute’ to have your period??? Wtf. Wt fucking f. Sometimes Japan is just plain dumb and I don’t get their way of ‘entertainment’ at all. What’s even the point of this.

      • Riakku

        Someone’s on a period

      • Igot7-buddy-monbebe-army

        The writer clearly wants men to understand what women go through during their periods but clearly only a minority sees it this way.

    • eplizo

      LMFAOOO! Legendary.

    • guest

      Haters are on the rag! LoL!

    • tf

      4th pic – pretty calm reaction to blood coming out of his trunk (or wherever it comes from)

    • Wasn’t this just an April Fools thing? It was released April 1st.

    • jing

      it’d be interesting to know the males’ reactions

    • udunno

      If it’s an hemorrhoid, it’s not original

    • hakuna matata

      “I wonder if this is just a hemorrhoid…”

      On point.

    • tiffany nicole

      So what is he just gonna free bleed or something

    • Mudi


    • iceley11

      I’d read this if this was translated to English
      There’s been mpreg and futanari for a long time now, Meriod will not faze me

    • Valerie Ann

      Just how?

    • Linatsu

      i just want to say “Finally you know how it feel, boy” .-.

    • Defanny Imanda Rizki

      what manga ?? LOL i’m interested

    • Cate

      This is by no ways weirder than those m-preg doujishin whose existence I don’t want to remember ever again. There are too many weird stories seeing the light “thanks” to the internet.
      I find this one interesting because it implies putting oneself in the other person’s shoes, especially when so many men throw insensitive comments about periods, hmph! Learn the lesson!

    • FukkenSaved

      Prostate exams!

    • sakura kou

      their alot of weird mangas out their , the manga world full of them so why the over reaction to this one -_-

    • grawrr

      the author should’ve just make the story about a boy changing body with a girl and knowing how it feels when on period. ah, but that wouldn’t be original…

    • rissa p

      So where does the blood come out exactly. And what do they were to soak up the blood?

    • shonya

      Weird shit. The hemorrhoid comments cracked me up tho.

    • Mcee

      haha it’s really cute for me :3 it’s like kinda yaoi <3

    • anniepie

      Maybe it is a story about a boy who tought he was having a period . But when he goes to the doctor the doctor says that ots hemorroids

    • kyo chan

      I’m not creepy but i would like read it !
      PLEASE : When can I read this ?!

    • Mewzou

      I’m just laughing. Oddly enough, I want to know what happens next! What if he gets pregnant?? XD

    • Packi

      hahahaha now you know how woman feel!! xDD

    • Dillion

      He might be a trans-Boy,,

    • Karima Reyes

      You known this isn’t all that farfetched. It wouldn’t be so outrageous if people knew about the existence of intersexual people. People who have both male and female organs. There’s even a Japanese drama about it and it has a really good way of explaining these gender fluid people. Main character grows up as a boy but one day started developing female characteristics like having a period and growing breasts

    • Nicolas Ponce

      Maybe he is transgender.

    • Eva chan

      Where can i read this manga?

    • Oliver

      Trans men are a thing guys

    • 태양

      I understand their notice: it’s disgusting, this is making fun of women ect… But I find that it’s an interesting viewpoint (even if, a man with a uterus is a…. trans), if one day the men have naturally a period, then I shall laugh. This manga seems funny.

      (Idk if my english is correct, I don’t speak english)