Japanese government launches Manga-Anime Guardians anti-piracy project

After announcing their plans to thwart online piracy, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) has revealed its Manga-Anime Guardians project which will actively work to remove illegally uploaded anime and manga.

The committee consists of top anime and manga studios and distributors including Aniplex, Kadokawa, Good Smile Company, Kodansha, Sunrise, Shueisha, Shogakukan, ShoPro, Studio Ghibli, Tezuka Productions, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Bandai Namco Games, Pierrot, and Bushiroad. Together, they will be targeting 580 sources of illegal content worldwide over the span of the next 5 months. The operation has launched a new website to guide fans to legitimate sites that offer popular titles at a cost of no more than several hundred yen.

According to the METI, over half of anime and manga fans based in the United States watch and read pirated works. The estimated cost of damage from online piracy is as much as $20 billion worldwide. In fact, a popular site used for piracy is ranked 156 in Japan, amongst the very same companies it steals from. This is a huge problem that is growing more and more every year.

In recent years, the “pirates” that use these sites have begun earning revenue, through advertisements, URL shortners that pay according to hits, affiliations with E-commerce sites, and by selling Apps. “They are exploiting Manga and Anime just for the sake of money,” the Manga-Anime Guardians project claims.

Publishers have tried to submit DMCA notices to the sites that host them for years, but it takes time to process and validate their requests but the uploader can just continue to publish the same materials under a new name. Now they are banding together so their efforts aren’t in vain.

They have posted a two-minute video featuring messages from 42 anime and manga characters saying “Arigatou” on YouTube.

Dear all of those who love Manga & Anime
Thank you
For loving our works.
Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you for wanting us.
We owe you what we are today.
You have defended the future of Manga & Anime.
Thank you
Stop! Piracy

Here is just a small portion of which sites they will be targeting first.

Manga Hosts

  • mangareader
  • Mangahere
  • Mangafox.me
  • Manga panda
  • submanga.com
  • DM5
  • Mangastream
  • Dongmanzhijia
  • Aimanhua
  • kissmanga
  • batoto
  • Ten manga
  • Mangakuweb.id
  • MangaTraders
  • Animextremist
  • Manga24h
  • Mangabb
  • mangainn
  • 99manga
  • manmankan
  • goodmanga
  • Mangafc.com
  • Manga Share
  • MangaPlusTV
  • 9lala.com
  • Mangayes
  • Mein Manga
  • Mangakong
  • Manga Volume
  • 7k7k.manhua

Anime Hosts

  • Youtube
  • FC2
  • Dailymotion
  • Youku
  • Niconico
  • Vimeo
  • Pandora
  • Tuduo
  • bilibili
  • iQIYI
  • Metacafe
  • Sina Video
  • myspace
  • letv
  • Rutube
  • V.QQ.COM
  • Animefreak.tv
  • Anitube
  • VBOX7
  • Xuite
  • 56.com
  • himado.in
  • Video.mail.ru
  • Say Move! (FC2)
  • Anime44.com
  • AcFun
  • Nosub
  • Myvideo
  • PPS
  • TU.tv
  • Ku6
  • Veoh
  • nate
  • AnimeUltimate.tv
  • pptv
  • Inda video
  • Wat.tv
  • B9DM
  • 音悦Tai
  • UOL Mais
  • Animeplus.tv
  • Dalealplay.com
  • Myvi
  • Pinoychannel
  • XemPhimSo
  • AnimeUltime
  • StageVU
  • Mgoon
  • 6.cn
  • sapo video
  • Videolog
  • anime1.com
  • Chia-anime
  • Baomihua
  • RuTV
  • Veevr
  • 123video.nl
  • TruyenTranh8.com
  • Megavideo
  • AUengine
  • Anime On Hand
  • Videobb
  • Mevlo
  • DAUM
  • MoxTV

File Hosts

  • Mediafire
  • 4share
  • Zippyshare.com
  • Rapidgator
  • tubobit
  • Freakshare.com
  • Depositfiles
  • Letibit
  • Hotfile
  • Rapidshare
  • Ryushare
  • NovaMov
  • videoweed
  • 2Shared.com
  • Uploading.com
  • Share-Online.biz
  • Fileserve
  • Megashares
  • Megaupload
  • Filesonic
  • Uploadstation
  • Hispashare.com
  • Wupload
  • zShare

Torrent Trackers

  • The pirate bay
  • Kissass.to
  • Torrentz.eu
  • RuTracker.org
  • Nyaa
  • Extratorrent.com
  • 1337X.org
  • torrenthound
  • TorrentReactor
  • torrentdownloads.me
  • Torrentcrazy
  • Torrents.net
  • limetorrents
  • yourbittorent
  • D-addicts
  • torrentfunk.com
  • torrentアニメ館
  • 東京図書館
  • Mininova
  • Akiba-online
  • torrent.cd
  • Torrage
  • Vertor.com
  • Mp4Upload
  • Xunlei.com
  • duckload
  • isoHunt
  • Kickmirror
  • Btloft.com
  • Crazy’s Manga
  • baymirror.com
  • Torrentzapproxy

Leach Sites

  • FilesTube
  • Youtubeアニメ無料動画
  • AnimeTake.com
  • Anime-Sharing
  • アニポ
  • Animehere
  • kissanime
  • アニコレ
  • Pideo
  • Goodanime
  • watchanimeon.com
  • Animeget.com
  • Animefave.net
  • Download Manga Raw
  • animewaffles.tv
  • 特選アニメ動画紹介所
  • raw-cans.net
  • Raw Manga BK
  • Manga Zip
  • Animeavenue.net
  • Little Caesar
  • Manga Raw Zip
  • アニメ動画倉庫.com
  • Animea.net
  • 高画質無料アニメ動画
  • rawxt-scan.com
  • FreeMovieNavi
  • アニメ無料動
  • アニメポスト
  • Cyber12
  • Woopie
  • Baw Manga
  • Sakura Anime
  • mvcoon
  • raw manga download
  • 東京 RAW アニメ無料ダウ
  • ChiaSeTrucTuyen
  • 2chnet無料アニメ動画スクー
  • Juncch
  • 無料漫画ダウンロード
  • DramaCrazy.net
  • Animeseed.com
  • Videozer
  • Rawscans v2
  • アニメインデックス
  • animesXgames
  • OPS
  • Onlyanimedownloads.net
  • fdmovie
  • R2RAWS
  • Cover-Land.net
  • VTAP
  • 漫画幕府
  • アニメ無料動画 – ライブド
  • Raw ZIP
  • Godelixir

For more information, check out Manga-Anime Guardians’s official website.

  • Comments

    • Yu Wei

      thanks for the list of sites, Guardians of the Anime & Manga

    • Karina

      Better watch/read everything now before it’s all gone!

    • I don’t watch anime/read manga, just Japan really needs to think about how their copyright laws contradict their Cool Japan efforts. They’re turning off currents fans in an effort to get new fans that may or may not come. But are they replacing the material they’re taking away?

      I know some anime/manga fans and some of them said the reason they turn to illegal sources is because there are no subs out there besides fansubs for some content. So is Japan going to start subbing everything now? I doubt it. So all you end up with his pissed off fans.

      • Cate

        They end up like that with basically everything. They expect international fans to be like japanese fans and buy physical copies of everything but that’s not even possible. “international” comprises how many countries? it’s obvious that the availability and licensing is different everywhere and of course no one is going to say ‘oh yes everyone is reading this manga I love but I’m going to wait god knows how much time until they license it in my country’.

        People outisde Japan just can’t consume as domestic market does and these old business men can’t move their brains to think in new ways to market internationally.
        As per subs and translations, they just can go with English. Most anime and manga is translated in English and (almost) everyone consume it like that. They could do something like Viki… everyone can watch korean dramas there without a problem an as a result korean products are being inmensenly popular overseas. If Japan continues like this it’s gonna get run over by piracy all their lives
        tl: dr, sorry!

        • Ohh no, not at all. If I didn’t want to have a discussion, I would’ve never said anything. Hallyu is succeeding the way it is because of Korea’s lax copyright laws. Everyone knows this, except for the people trying to spread Japanese pop culture apparently.

          • Cate

            Totally! Time to face 21st century Japan! But they are so slow with changes…

        • aslongasnotalljapanesetv

          The comparison to how Japanese and Korean media approach towards internet never fails to puzzle me. Look how popular and widespread Korean products have become, as you said. In only a matter of years.

          • Cate

            For me it’s like a modern approach of people who understood how intenet is handled for their own benefit and then… well, Japan. Still living in 1980 or something

          • kazu_no_ko

            That’s so true. Korean entertainment has become so accessible legally and illegally on the internet. I can’t tell you how many legitimate sites offer the most RECENT Korean media. It’s not the case with Japanese media.

        • Nenad Jovanović

          Funny to mention Viki, when its owned by Japan company Rakuten , didn’t you see that more and more Japan dramas and anime got injected there ?

          • Cate

            I only watch few korean dramas. but yes! I saw there were some japanese ones and it was weird…
            I never knew Viki was owned by Rakuten!! Just because they are supporting streaming I’m gonna make some shopping NOW haha

      • Omnirosa

        I stopped giving a shit about Japan once my favorite download site went down. I didn’t even listen to my favorite Japanese artists as much, maybe once of year for my absolute favorites, and etc. It may not have been logical for me to stop caring so much about Japanese music, dramas, and anime but that’s just what happened.

        • You’re not alone. This has happened to a lot of people I know. You can’t find stuff on YouTube. Download sites are semi-secretive. What site did you use?

          • Omnirosa

            I don’t remember it’s been way too long. It was just some DDL for Japanese music, I went everyday and found new artists I loved frequently.

            I always thought it was just me until I read the stories of other people. Once I got lazy to find Japanese content because sites were being taken down left and right, I found new content from other countries. I found new American TV shows (where I live) and my life went on well. I’m trying to enjoy Japanese content again but if they don’t want me to, I could easily go back to not caring.

            • aslongasnotalljapanesetv

              I lament this crackdown because there are many people who first got introduced to Japan through anime/manga and went on to actually support i.e. for money. By cracking down websites MAG just close these kind of potential future revenue sources. So I think it’s a stupid move.

              When you did give shit about Japan, did you ever buy a CD, visit Japan, spread Japan culture, or anything that requires you to fork out money/do things beyond the internet? If you didn’t, you are exactly the type of people the MAG wants to prevent from enjoying their copyrighted stuff. They just want people to pay. And I can’t blame them for that even though it’s such a stupid move in this internet age. But they really couldn’t care less about losing your interest, if you never forked out money.

              • Alexdhamp

                If they wanted money so much, they could have injected ads and such into these sites. That way they’re still making money even from the people that can’t fork out money. Lowering the ridiculous prices of their merchandise would help, too. ($60 for a Mizuki Nana CD when I got an SNSD one for $35 dollars…)

              • Arya DayRose

                I was one of the people who fell in love with Japan. I bought CDs, introduced anime to the people in the shelters i volunteered in, and I met one of my best friends while discussing anime on an illegal website. Now I just wait for my friend to get a copy of what I want and send it to me but that takes a long time. I’m lucky she speaks English and Japanese fluently so she helps translate and find errors of the subs. I’ve probably forked over a 1,000 U.S. dollars buying manga and merchandise.

            • Well there’s always JPopSuki and sites like J-CD.

      • starlightshimmers

        I’ve actually thought to myself that Japan can make a lot of money if there was one big company that can act as the mediator to distribute their entertainment overseas, like set up a Japanese entertainment department store. They can set up shop in major global cities first, and if they do well then they can expand. It could possibly encourage Japanese companies to make their content available in English and other languages too.

        But I’m not a business expert so my idea is probably shit, however considering most Japanese companies are reluctant to expand overseas, I don’t know what else.

        • I go to the Kinokuniya in New York all the time and I know that there are others in major cities so maybe they could use them?

          • amerain

            Kinokuniya outside Japan sells manga 3 times higher than the original manga in Japan. Well, because the need to pay for translation,shipping and good quality of paper, maybe. In Japan, they sell manga in cheap price, like a price of one-time cheap meal, and they use crap papers. If manga can be cheaper also in Kinokuniya outside Japan..

        • Persayal

          Even better: do it online.
          If they set up a streaming site like netflix, hulu etc. and offered animes and mangas in english or with subs, that would be a HUGE deal – I’d pay for that.

          • the Who

            no.sorry.makes.too.much.sense. the japanese would explode from such common sense.

      • Sen Tei Teishi

        They already take popular shows and expect us to want to watch it in english languages, thus ruining it with crappy dubs. these dubs take a long time to make and then they have to contract them out to an american company that can distribute them. this entire process is so long that america’s “official new episode” is about 250 episodes behind the ACTUAL new episode in japan. for like lets say, Naruto, is coming to an end after 15 years, but american fans are still barely watching half of it so far.. no ones wanting to wait THAT long.

      • Arya DayRose

        Yeah. Gogoanime was one of my favorite sites then they stopped it and now a bunch of people on forums are raising a stink about it and not buying the merchandise anymore.

    • Cate

      ah Japan. That obsession you have, If you offered free streaming of your products as some other countries do you’ll be earning the money from advertisements, URL shortners etc
      What do you think it’s the real availability of manga in all those countries that read it from the internet? They are being ridiculous as usual.

      • Bos Duit

        agreed… offer free manga if streaming video is too much. Build strong fan base surely other product will produce sell significantly….

    • jadedcrimson

      I doubt they will be able to shut down ALL of the listed sites.

    • Hozrein

      Ah fudge…I like reading on mangahere but I guess it’s going to end up being gone…and no more manga for me then

    • Sabrina

      They will lose most of the international fanbase with this crap. Japan is doing everything wrong and thst Cool Japan thing means nothing. Galapagos syndrome.

    • Reileen

      Welp that’s a HUGE list!
      Uhmm maybe these pirate sites should start paying royalties to owners? IDK. Because a lot of manga/ anime fans are not willing to pay

      • snow anaya

        Your wrong. It’s not that people are not willing to pay.People don’t want to have to wait half a year to watch something. People like me don’t have money to spend on subscriptions to sites. Basically Japan is fucking themselves by doing this shit. They are not even offering ways for the internation anime and manga fans to watch and read stuff. If they had a site that was like Youtube or something were they have ads to garner revenue then that would work. This fucking copyright law is a bunch of BS and really it’s not gonna help Japan. it’s gonna hurt them cause without people being able to watch or read how will they buy ? Why would someone buy an anime before they even seen it ? I’ve actually used illegal sites to watch anime I like and then bought the anime cause i got a chance to watch it before hand so I know i’ll enjoy the anime. Same goes for manga. Not everyone is just using these sites to not buy shit. A lot of the people do buy the dvd’s and books after watching and reading. If you enjoy something you will buy it.

    • Javiera Fernandez Vollmer

      I think it’s fair for the authors to protect their copyright material, but I don’t think is right to track file host and torrents sites, after all, sharing something you own with someone else should not be illegal. I find this arrangement to be very unfair for us, latin american people, becouse we don’t have an established market for anime/manga.
      Anyways, I think Internet is just to big for they to control it, so I guess I’m still getting anime and manga, I’ll just have to try harder.

      PD: About the video: I’m not feeling any sorry; it would be easy for me to protect the anime and manga if I could watch it in TV or buy it in the corner of my street. So, I’m fine with piracy <3

      • Alexdhamp

        They’re not really protecting their copyrighted material, though. They’re stifling potential new buyers that this free publicity(because that’s really what this amounts to) would bring them. They’re cutting off potential routes of cash inflow.

    • aslongasnotalljapanesetv

      gotta say i’m glad i only watch variety/music shows and dramas. i hope the won’t take those down. for some reason it’s not as easy to watch variety on youku now. if i want to watch an anime, i’ll just pick one that’s available for free on hulu. seriously though, how successful can they be? maybe they can close the huge sites but new smaller websites will always appear again. that’s the nature of the internet i think.

    • Ariya

      Pirated anime and manga is how I got into them and it did lead me to buying what was available. I prefer reading manga in book form but as the series I was interested in failed to get licensed in my country I lost interest in manga and anime. Now I only occasionally read or watch them.

      • Alexdhamp

        This is why I say it’s free publicity…it’s stupid of Japan to do this.

    • 독도수호

      All of Japan’s industry is their last legs, and they are answer to close off in the rest of the world? Combine their reduced reproduction and setting themselves up for disaster it. Japanese people are going to be extinct in a few years time with.

      • HiddenMickey

        I see that Korean flag. :)

        • Derek

          Some truth to the statement though. They havent done much to improve their shoddy rep

        • Alexdhamp

          Yet, Korean things are known more globally now than Japan.. I love Japan, but they should learn some things from Korea(and the rest of the world).

          • HiddenMickey

            I’m sure if they took cues from the Koreans they won’t be extinct in a few years. Yep.

    • Omnirosa

      What kind of website name is Manga-Anime-Here? Erika Sawajiri was right that these dudes are some serious old fucks if they think that’s a legitimate website name. Shame to see these useless fuckers run around with so much money when they don’t even know how to take full advantage of what’s right in front of them.

      No way in hell am I going to pay a shit ton of money for your shit. I stopped paying attention to Japanese stuff before and I can do it again without there being a void in my life. Their shit isn’t special.

    • justaguest

      well at least we still have tumblr

      • Ash

        even t****r mainly got their stuff from the sites above

        • justaguest

          i was thinking more about the scans website

          • justaguest

            should i be saying this i feel like people are going to come after them too TT

            • Ash

              haha I think we need to hush-hush about the sites

          • Ash

            I swear I saw a comment saying having t****r as a backup .__. I thought you edited it because they might go after it, lawd D:

    • meh

      I always watch anime on crunchyroll (free) and funimation ($7 per month is cheap) so I’m not upset with those webs above getting shut down. What’s wrong with waiting for couple of months to watch an anime after its airing in Japan? I follow an anime because I like it, not because Japanese people or anyone else make a hype about it.

      • Reo

        Exactly! People bitch about being poor and not having money to pay for their anime but you don’t have to pay for it. Even funimation lets you watch some for free.

        When it comes to tv series there are countries that have to wait almost an entire year to watch seasons that have already aired in the States and you don’t see ppl complaining abt it. I don’t get why some anime fans can’t do the same. Waiting to watch smth won’t kill you.

        • Alexdhamp

          Why should people wait to watch something in the damn computer age? This isn’t 1980 anymore…

      • Guest

        Do you understand that there are some other currencies than dollar? in some countries $7 is much more than it costs you

        Plus, all that applies to anime. But what about manga? In some countries not a single manga is published, not a single one. There is no way you can read them although they make up some “legal and paid ” site to read it. An excuse you, but no one goes to Amazon to buy volumes without even glancing it first.
        The whole logic of “people who watch free are cheap leechers” is so stupid and wrong. There is a multipicity of circumstances involved and situations vary greatly from country to country. If a person really loves a franchise they will end up buying something. You can bet on that.

        If you think about it, Japanese audience first watches series on TV “for free” and then if they like it enough they start buying merchandise, DVDs etc. How are people outside supposed to get familiar with a series without TV? Exactly: Internet, internet acts as TV does in Japan.

        Get some damn sponsors for your page and that’s all. Same as open TV
        If they want to maintain anime and manga industry global they better do something better than making a hell for fandom to find new things

        • meh

          “Do you understand that there are some other currencies than dollar? in some countries $7 is much more than it costs you” I mentioned Crunchyroll is free, besides most Funimation anime are free too but I paid $7 for free-ad.

          Just because some people can’t afford or are able to read manga, it doesn’t mean everyone needs to have free access to it.

          ” In some countries not a single manga is published, not a single one.” Do you mind to give me an example? There are many licensed manga published in Asia in their own languages. I grew up in Vietnam for 16 years so I know how manga publishing works there. Vietnamese currency is pretty low, but a manga book is way cheaper than one in US. I remember back then, owning a computer was considered rich, having internet was almost possible for middle class citizen, and everyone wanted to read manga had to buy it. I was one of those kids who lined up in front the newsstand to buy manga. Manga/anime had always been popular before internet took over and people got access to free translation. Now, people depend too much on internet and give all kind of excuse to defend themselves.

          “Exactly: Internet, internet acts as TV does in Japan.” can you explain how manga/anime have been well-known in 1980s before Internet was accessible.

          ” There is a multipicity of circumstances involved and situations vary greatly from country to country” I would like to know other reasons besides “I’m poor so I can’t buy it.” Sorry if I sound BS. If I can’t buy it, I don’t need to read it. Just because I can’t afford an ipad, I can’t demand someone give it to me for free. If my country doesn’t have license to publish some manga, I don’t need to read that manga either. Don’t have money to buy manga? Instead of spending my allowance on clothes, movie tickets, I used them for manga. I worked part time to earn money to buy manga. Buying not only helps manga/anime industry but also support our beloved mangaka. They work days and nights but still have dirty low salary. I’m still upset at US Tokyopop went bankrupt and got closed down because the books didn’t sell well.

          “but no one goes to Amazon to buy volumes without even glancing it first.” Amazon let people read free sample like first chapter so at least readers know how the story and art are like. Or you can go to the bookstore to check out the manga. Have you ever used Amazon or gone to bookstore before? These are basic knowledge for a manga buyer.

          “If you think about it, Japanese audience first watches series on TV “for free” and then if they like it enough they start buying merchandise, DVDs etc” As I said above, funimation, crunchyroll let people watch free.

          • meh

            “having internet was almost possible for middle class citizen, ” -> I meant ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE >_<

            • Persayal

              While I do get your point, I understand the other person too. I grew up when manga first came up in my country and there were about 12 series you could chose from, half of which were uninteresting to me. So when I checked out manga on the internet, I found way more stuff to be interested in, which then got me familiar with other mangakas, series, genres etc.

              It’s true that most people will read something online first and then buy an actual copy because they already know they like it. It’s the same with movies and TV shows. Do you have any idea how many first volumes I have of series I never finished because I bought one volume without having the chance to read it first? That really sucks!

              Some people might have the money to buy mangas from Japan to read them for the first time, but I don’t.

          • Guest

            No one said free access though? I was thinking on a paid page for manga, basically because mangakas are not making the money they should.
            That is not the case of companies producing anime, though

            in 1980 only 2 or 3 series were popular, come on. This is the same as saying “in 1980 people recorded music from radio!!!” aha but they wont anymore because this is not 1980 this is frikin 2014 and people KNOW there is much more. You cant blame people for not accepting to get only 2 series when they know there exist millions as well as you cannot blame people for downloading an mp3 instead of recording a damn tape- this is not 1980. And you do that too, dont play hypocrisy on me. we are precisely discussing how to handle contents in 2014 when the internet exists. what it was done 30 years ago is completely irrelevant, sorry

            You totally choose to ignore the part where I told some countries do not license, or sell any manga AT ALL
            LOL, you are acting on the premise that I see things that way because I never buy anything. I buy shitloads of manga FYI, the difference is that doesn’t make me think I’m better than anyone else in less priviledged positions. I just try not to be pendantic fucker just because my cirsumstances happen to be more favorable than other people’s (circumstances that can’t be controlled in most part) few things can be more miserable than denying people access to information, educative and/or cultural material because they happen to be in the areas of the world that are shitholes (many of those are shitholes so that we can live on our so called advanced nations, btw)…. just my opinion *shrug*

            Recently, George Wada said that “He hopes for a system that allows more international people towatch shows and that he sometimes looked up reactions from people all over the world on youtube” (mind you a FREE site) so he saw the material there and he doesnt give a fuck , shocking right?
            Artists and people involved in the actual making want the most people to watch and read their things (I understand that not completely for free, I dont want anyone to work for free, esp in manga) This is being impulsed by cheap and ambitious business men, not by your “beloved mangaka” how you can be so naive!?
            I think no one wants this whole mess of illegality to go on, I prefer to pay $7 damn dollars or have to put up with one million ads if the money of those ads go to artists, but that is not the problem!
            The problem is they come here to take all the fuckin internet down without offering anything that is remotely close to an alternative to the service all those ilegal sites are providing. An alternative that even artists “hope for”

            The problem with people like you (as I stated in my previous comment) is that you are unable to consider the multipilicity and complexity of all the circusmtances involved, as it is a global issue with many different realities
            You are just diving the world into the chosen rightful one who pay for their shit and those horrible leecher scums who deserve nothing and it’s not like that. Burst your priviledged bubble, there are much more outside
            even those “leechers” who dont have our luck contribute because, as I also said before, they ultimately buy something.

            • meh

              F-word and S-words //facepalm// Ok, you won. I hope you’re happy.

          • Alexdhamp

            Cruncyroll isn’t free. Last I checked it was a subscription service.

      • yanderenightmares

        Anime fans are one of the most entitled feeling fans out there. THey gotta see something that instant or their minds might explode from their asses.

        Of course I’m still a little upset over these anti-piracy things.

        • meh

          “Of course I’m still a little upset over these anti-piracy things.” -> I understand why people are upset, but their reasons made me facepalm.

          I hope someone will convince me with good reasons why these anti-piracy are so wrong.

          • Alexdhamp

            Free publicity in the computer age. Or just look at how well Korea is doing with their lax piracy laws. Because they understand…

          • yanderenightmares

            Hey, kind of missed your comment lol, it was now what ages ago in internet time.
            Honestly, the whole anti-piracy thing doesn’t bother me too much. I watch all my anime on Hulu which has it updated a few days later with new episodes, or I just buy them once they come out in english dub. I don’t really read manga too much now, but my sister who goes onto online manga sites so far has said all her manga’s are there. She’s reading magi, noragami, and some other less known manga all online.
            People today feel entitled to free media. They seem to forget that it’s still a product and people intend for it to be purchased. Of course, I still think the punishments for piracy are a little extreme.

      • Persayal

        Well, I for example like some animes that will never be available in my country. Never ever. So the question is, how can I wait for something that I will never be able to enjoy here? Also, on the internet it’s subbed – the original isn’t.
        Same goes for manga … in a very frustrating case, one of my favorite mangaka’s series was published in my country not so long ago, but I just found out that my favorite series of hers is never going to be published here because it’s too long and features scenes that are apparently too dark. Now I can’t get the series in japanese because my language skills aren’t good enough and it would be too expensive for me to buy them/ship them to my location. The only way I have of reading my favorite manga now is online.

      • Guest

        A lot of us read manga, not anime. Where are the legal options to access new manga?

      • clairbeau

        Not all of us watch anime. Where are the legal and convenient options for manga lovers, variety lovers, drama lovers? I don’t see them.

    • me

      it’s weird, d-addicts doesn’t have their own torrent trackers any longer, and they don’t have anime, do they?

      • No, D-Addicts hasn’t it’s own tracker anymore. We do however have dramas
        based on manga. For D-Addicts, I don’t think there’s any use in

        Maybe we will be asked to remove some torrents. If that’s the case, then we’ll do that. But taken down completely, I doubt it.

        • Derek

          The most likely move is you guys will face an ip block in Japan. Aka isolate the smart ones by cordoning off the fools

    • snow anaya

      Wow Japan way to be utter douchebag idiots. How they hell do they expect western fans to watch or read anything when there is no place to read or watch. A lot of people can’t afford subscriptions to these legal sites. Maybe if Japan focused on providing more FREE legal places like how Youtube does ads. Maybe then they won’t be seen as such hypocritical douches.

      I mean really how the fuck do they expect people to get into anime and manga when they do this shit. They try to have a ” Cool ” image, yeah no.

      • Derek

        This is the nature of Japan. Its a tall fandom

      • Alexdhamp

        And this is why Korea had overtaken them in global popularity/awareness.

      • Persayal

        Not to mention that all those legal sites have absolutely nothing in english. So either they expect us to learn japanese to enjoy the ending of the mangas we now can’t finish reading in english or they lose us as potential customers entirely. So fucking ridiculous.

    • jing

      good luck Japan

    • As long as dramas aren’t affected, I’m good! Lol

      • Jurippe

        The problem is a lot of drama is based off manga. There might be a pretty large take down request for them.

    • Yume

      As a poor Asian fan, official English manga is expensive. :( Manga Box is great but they only have latest manga. I tried to use Comic Walker but the app took so much time to load, I lost interest. Official local manga is just no… the cheapest paper quality, the printing quality getting bad, the translation going worst but the price is going up, it’s not worth it at all. It’s hard to read manga in a good quality & translation, that’s why I always prefer scanlations.

      I don’t want to talk about anime, pirated DVD is everywhere. Local companies ripped off the fans, took the fansub videos & sell them in DVD box set & call it original, pfft!

      • amerain

        yeah! I bought those so-called “original” anime cd box-set, and I was scolded by a Japanese friend for buying pirated anime, because original things exists on dvd only, not in cd.. saying I didn’t have common sense in copyrighting, equals to stealing, etc. what a prick. I bought that cd box-set in such a high price! not all, but some other Japanese people also like that.. I like them but they don’t have to be so mean to me to defend their country..

    • Treechicken

      They should get with the game and put their own stuff up for free, with ads. But now, with so much free content from other countries already online they are just turning their own media into something no one will bother with. That, and ruining their reputation by showing themselves to be boring and out of touch with the times.

    • PunkyPrincess92

      oh…my….no…no…NOOOOOO!!! T_T
      it’s like megaupload all over again!!
      sorry dudes!! but i ain’t rich!!

    • Guest

      I understand where this is coming from. I remember last year there was a show where they were interviewing mangakas and a lot of them said they were barely making any money off their work because most people read the mangas online for free, but the thing is in a lot of countries there are no places where to buy mangas legally and moreover most publishing companies don’t provide translations in all languages.

      What Cool Japan needs to do is start making it easier for international consumers to purchase mangas in their native languages at an accessible price. The same goes for music, dramas and movies.

      I don’t really worry about anime because you can easily go on Crunchyroll and Funimation and watch as many animes as you want legally.

      • Guest

        a paid page where to read manga. for each hit mangaka receives something.
        I truly want to give mangakas my money because I have deep admiration for them. They are overworked and not even making money… that’s why I buy manga that gets licensed
        But it is really ridiculous to think people will buy manga volumes without glancing them at first, at least read some chapters. I think 90% of people into manga prefer reading them in paper, but sometimes licensing sucks. We have to consider in the vast amount of coutries where people read manga. Many of those don’t even have one single title licensed. And they wont either because no publishing house is interested and the inversion to publish cant be recovered among the small audience in that country.
        if manga is on the internet you dont have those costs, what makes it available for everyone, everywhere. And because it’s not a psysical copy you can read lots of titles paying what a single psysical volume costs.

      • Alexdhamp

        Those illegal sites also are a form of free publicity for them, though. They should block said sites domestically, but it’s stupid to just axe them completely…that is if you want foreign customers. Korea has no problem with their lax piracy laws, so why is Japan having so many issues when their entertainment industry is the second largest in the world, only second to America.

        Nevermind the obvious option of ads to generate income…

    • chu

      guys what do you think.. will all the anime from the internet will be deleted??..
      I am so worried because anime is my life..if its all gone I don’t know what to do anymore. So does anyone have a suggestion on where and how I can download my fav anime before its all gone. Also what should I use to save all that huge amount of data??? Please HELP…

      Do you think they will also delete the ost and anime opening and ending songs from youtube?

    • Yuki no fuyu

      Japan is creating yet another bubble… Isolating themselves from international consumers. Manga is becoming my life right now.

      Not many mangakas get really popular, and earn big money. So I really understand the need to protect them, especially their work. However, Japanese government should ensure that they also think about International consumers. I’m one of those who are willing to pay, cause fortunately I can afford that now. But I also know that there are many who can’t do that, as I was in a similar situation. But hey, thanks to uploaded and scanlated rurouni kenshin, for example, I bought the volumes in English; and now that I can read Japanese, I bought the first original volume. So in a way, these sites do offer some kind of benefits.

      • Alexdhamp

        It’s free publicity. Even for those that can’t pay(like me..well, sometimes…I save up and get what I really want like my last Mizuki Nana CD..still), they have another option: Ads.

    • yanderenightmares

      Fuck this. Seriously.

    • Amy

      I doubt some of those sites based in China will give a shit.

      Anyway, even if they manage to take down these sites, I’m sure more will pop up in no time.

    • Nenad Jovanović

      Lets face it , Anime fans are moslty separated by fangirl and fanboy groups, and while fangirl group are more honest and more viling to give money for anime and Japan mercandise, on other hand, fanboys are mostly totally not interested in Japan, and are watching anime just so to kill time, and mostly have no interest to spend not a single dime into anything related to anime , and specially to Japan , and those fanboys are the only that mostly complain aboud this , not to mention that they are super lazy to watch anime shows on official pages, but they rather stick to watch on illegal ones , simple, they dont care for Japan anime studio, nor for Japan, nor for anything related to Japan –

    • Nobukazu

      I’m actually okay for this. It is unfair for the mangakas, editors and publishers who are working hard to create a manga/anime. Besides, those companies are creating ways on how to release manga/anime legally. I live in Japan and here, they are releasing legal anime/manga smartphone apps and ebooks and such for everyone to use. In a matter of time, they would release one internationally. It will cost a little but the money we give is what those people involve in the manga/anime business need to survive.

    • Joyce

      Can someone explain to me how they’re going to handle the media file sharing sites? They couldn’t shut down the whole thing because there’s more than just anime and manga on there, but I can’t imagine them going through each individual file to see if it’s anime/manga.

      • Guest

        They can quickly collect links from forums and other sites that share them and submit a bulk request removal to those uploading sites.

    • I pay my $7 for crunchyroll to watch anime but that is as much as I can pay for entertainment for myself. Paying for manga? Pffft. I just can’t right now. So mangahere is my go-to place. :

    • Alexdhamp

      This…so much this. I use Netflix…but they have crap for Japanese anime and movies…no drama to even be found. That and I prefer subs(dub sounds horrible…we need better voice actors…or get our game voice actors to start working on anime, too)…the streaming feature rarely features the subs option. I’d also like to hear Mizuki Nana’s voice work…not whomever they replaced her with in the dubs.

      • iGleaux

        Oh gosh Netflix is kind of horrible in this regard lol. The little bit of good stuff they do have I either have seen before or already bought it.

    • Jill

      Not Youtube! If they remove all of these FAN SITES it is the end of the end internet free service. I do not own a credit card and cannot afford to buy anything online unless if they sell it at a local Walmart or Target and ITunes Stores. Then I will buy anime and manga!

    • Persayal

      So they basically want to close down everything. That’s honestly bs. If they offered options for us people abroad, then that shit wouldn’t happen in the first place. This way though … you know stuff is just going to pop up again.

    • The Don

      I wonder when they’re going to realize that piracy is physically impossible to stop?

      Megaupload went down, did absolutely nothing to piracy as a whole. So I don’t know why people are worried. Moment one goes down sixteen more pop up. It’s like a Hydra, except you can’t burn the wounds closed.

    • Андрей

      Вы, блядь, совесть-то имейте! Не во всех странах продают лицензионное аниме, да и вообще просто показывают. И не во всех странах у людей хватает заработной платы, чтобы покупать аниме! У нас торрент-трекеры – единственный шанс смотреть аниме вообще, и вы хотите лишить нас его!

    • Luvstoki

      The reason why legal streaming became so popular is because all the people that used to “pirate” now have unlimited access (in the US) to their favorite series’, even HBO is doing it. They did this combat “piracy”. And it has worked. I haven’t had to DL any TV series in years**** because all the networks provide them online for free. Japan is stuck in the past and letting their industry’s #1 product suffer for it. Subbed anime has become available legally on dozens of sites but manga is another story. You have to wait MONTHS even YEARS before it is published in ones native language. if its even published at all overseas. It’s hard to wait that long when you have all those manga sites translating them weekly. I know crunchroll has recently started adding manga, but only certain *selected series. It’s like holding candy in front of a baby! As for that list…Good Luck! It took YEARS and MILLIONS to take down Megaupload. And I will be truly impressed if they can even touch The Pirate Bay. They will waste so much money trying to take them down versus making a couple websites for streaming and reading. I do feel for my fellow international otaku’s who have very little access and i hope Japan can create solution that will allow us all to enjoy and love anime and manga together.

    • JP

      You can’t stop the signal, Mal.

    • ncclubz

      I think it’s a GREAT idea! But not for the reasons you might think. Yes old braindead business make these decisions thats true, they will lose all fans etc etc. Thats awesome news! One less dickhead gaijin coming over here (yup im living here) is AWESOME news! More and more keep coming and tbh I just can’t stand seeing them. Yeah sure back home I got heaps of friends and back home thats great but fuck having to see my own countrymen here when im overseas.

    • ncclubz

      People mentioned how wonderful (dasai) korea is doing now with their fake-clicked-up music etc in the world and overtaking Japan. Haha thats AWESOME too. Please I really hope all the dumbass gaijin fall in love with korea and give japan a miss on their travel agenda. One less gaijin means one less dickhead in japan hehe. I really dont want to have to walk down the road and see westerners over here, it’s total bullshit. Please dont come.

    • Oscar

      Why you always take what we love the most

    • Yman Gundran

      dear M.A.G …. if your really owe us what you are today . think more before you remove the free streaming site’s. i am a really huge fan of anime and manga yes there are some anime who parental guidance yet there are also anime that have moral value and can educate children. i recommend to do not remove the free streaming site because it will only cause you less support from us who been watching anime in more than decades. please as an otaku i beg dont remove the free streaming sites.

      • Dada

        You’re not entitled to free content.
        If you can’t afford it, you can’t have it. That’s the basics of a market economy.
        Not localized, probably because there isn’t a demand for it.
        “Theres so many fans, why isn’t is localized? ” probably because those idiots are all pirating.
        The people Mag thanked were people. Who support anime and Manga and access it legally, not you self entitled prices that think you deserve to consume entertainment for free. Japanese distribution methods are old, they don’t work in the modern world, doesn’t give you self entitled prices the right to steal it. Yes pirating is stealing, and pirating can never be justified no matter what. I don’t care if you pirate first and buy later, you should just but later.

        • Aqua Wu

          That is only applied to tangible assets (i.e. food, cars, houses). How do you estimate price and cost of something that can never become scare (i.e. information). And I’m not even an economics student.
          They only limit their potential consumers from knowing their products. Anime and Manga are just marketing tools. Anime companies earn profit from ads and other related products (i.e. toys, figures). They air it on TVs, how do you think television boardcasting companies earn money anyway. The same applied to publishing manga companies. Ads is their main income.
          They should just set up a website, let people view it for free and collect money from ads, instead of letting piracy website earn money from their hard works.

    • Ami .

      they take away the only form of entertainment for people who can’t buy anime dvd’s…they’re cruel,and insensitive.if they think i will pay 150 euro’s to buy 1 season of anime on dvd then they can go fuck themselves with a broom.

    • Guest

      Why not follow USA’s example?
      Like dc comics, marvel comics. hollywood movies etc.

      • Guest

        they actually also sell them outside the us

    • xygnets faigmani

      I need a site who had the best performance of anime . . Being A fans of anime please come back the animeget.eu and onepiece.eu…
      I begging u all .where did i watch anime ??? for now on im doom i need that site…

    • 90s kid

      Hmmm…As far as I can see with this move of the Japanese government for the anime/manga industry, all I can say is that it can backfire at them in the future.First, it will cut off the number of fans (and probably eliminating the potential of new fans)that patronizes the animes and manga. Second, not all country has access to animes, which again, which will result to my first reason. Third, piracy co-exist with the internet and taking down one host or as many as they can does not mean it will end (just a waste of resources for the japs). Others will just rise in order to continue the distribution of free anime (hooray mates!), just look at pirate bay (down today, up tomorrow). Lastly, no more free and world wide publicity for new mangas/anime (especially those small time artist) that will come. They have to admit, most of the famous animes and manga spread to the sharing of fans. These are just among the effects that I think of when they try to fight piracy and I’m sure, different and many effects on the anime/industry will happen if they continue this campaign.

    • Ganesh

      Yay! Kickass made the list.

    • Hingleberry

      Most people pirate is because they can’t afford to spend money on anime. While their are fans that buy it, the numbers are pretty small. Also it’s because it’s not available or in short supplies where they live.

      • Dada

        People who can’t afford it shouldn’t get to have it. You’re only entitles to what you pay for, this isn’t a communist society.

        • amerain

          you’re right. it’s just people in Japan get it cheaper, just like buying one cheap meal. Can’t they adjust the price?

    • Agrajag

      Fuck it, i’ll do my anime and i won’t let japanese see them! It will be with John Titor going back to the medieval ages were he use a IBM5100 pc to mess up with the future

    • Erza Scralet

      Hontoni Arigatto Gojai-e-mas senseni gata tachi …….

    • Kissanime is still online, soooooooooo yeah

    • Concerned Anime

      And yet again, Japan shows how much they fail with their government stepping where they have no business being. GTFO of anime. Japan sucks at releasing subs/dubs. Meaning no where else in the world will ever be able to enjoy their anime/manga. Which means those of us who check it out online then buy it once we know we like it will get screwed. Which screws over their companies more because guess what… Now they cant sell because no one truly understands it anymore. Its thanks to these so called Illegal sites that japan is even able to really sell any anime/manga. Now with this they are making it so that no one other than those fluent in japanese will be able to enjoy them. Congrats on another world government being so ignorant to the facts that they destroy yet another pastime the people of the world enjoy.

    • Dominique Petty

      I’m watching/reading anime/manga regardless. lmfao!

    • Jacob A. Allen

      There plan failed because like the characters of anime and manga there never give up even when the odds are against them.

    • ralassad

      Just a thought…. We get interested in a manga/anime and commit to buying them after reading the pirated stuff…. That’s how we know if a manga is worth investing the money in or not. I for one am not going to bother about spending my money on something that could be a total bust,

    • Arya DayRose

      No matter what you do Youtube will be impossible to stop completely. People just keep uploading the videos under a different name or they put it on docs and link to the docs on Youtube.

    • Arya DayRose

      Also if you had anyone with even an ounce of sense in the departments that control sales and websites you’d realize that if you simply offered the videos free of charge and only ask for donations and sell merchandise you make a lot more money.

    • And I was thinking of hosting a manga site! may be I should drop the idea.

    • Takemori Suterusu

      i laugh way too hard at this, they dont allow you to do piracy stuff but wont sell manga or let us watch anime in Vietnam then what the hell do we suppose to do fly to japan and watch it ridiculous