Osamu Mukai to play Tsuneoki Ikeda in ‘Nobunaga Concerto’

Actor Osamu Mukai (32) will be starring in Fuji TV’s “Nobunaga Concerto”, set to air on October 13th.

Shun Oguri (31) will be playing the lead character who travels back in time to the Sengoku era and finds out he looks exactly like Nobunaga Oda. Oda asks him to switch places for a time, because he isn’t in good condition. The character agrees and tries to unite the country. This will be Osamu’s first Getsu-9* historical drama. He will be playing Nobunaga’s chief retainer Tsuneoki Ikeda.

This will also be Osamu’s first time performing with Oguri, “He (Oguri) is really charismatic and perfect for the role of Nobunaga Oda. Similar to my own role, I want to support ‘Oguri Nobunaga’”.

(*A ‘Getsu-9’ drama is a drama that airs on Mondays at 9. The dramas in that slot are said to be the best of the best, so they’re basically ‘must-see-tv’. This slot is special, because there are no baseball games on Monday for dramas to have to compete with.)

(via: Sanspo)

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    • Jo

      He’s cute. His acting is meh.

    • eplizo

      Love them both, so I might watch a few episodes to give it a try lol.

    • this drama is really good. i rewatching it everyday.

      its my first time heard of getsu-9, i want to find what are the other dramas airing at the same time slot.

      ps: but date, (drama that replace nobunaga concerto) is really2 bad