Oricon Creates Its Own Digital Albums Chart

Oricon has long been criticized for not including digital sales in its charts. The company has heard the criticism and took a step into the current day by introducing its own weekly digital albums chart. The chart was created in collaboration with the Recording Industry Association of Japan. It features releases from 35 different record labels, and tallies its sales from four different digital music services (iTunes, Mora, mu-mo, and Recochoku).

It remains to been to be seen if Oricon will create its own weekly digital singles chart, but it would make sense seeing as how most of the music purchases digitally are in the form of single songs.

The first edition of Oricon’s digital albums chart can be seen below! Future editions of the chart will be found in the weekly Oricon charts posts.

1. Utada Hikaru – Fantôme: 6,537

2. JUJU – Snack JUJU ~Yoru no Request~: 5,776

3. RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa.: 3,771

4. Ketsumeishi – KETSUNOPOLIS 10: 2,847

5. Yumi Matsutoya – Uchuu Toshokan: 2,238

6. Lady Gaga – Joanne: 2,091

7. Hoshino Gen – YELLOW DANCER: 1,513

8. Hirai Dai – Love is Beautiful: 1,422

9. Alicia Keys – HERE: 1,194

10. Bon Jovi – This House Is Not for Sale: 1,135


  • Comments

    • surfboardt

      … Holy shit, this is great. To have actual numbers by the week instead of waiting for certifications, definitely a step in the right direction.

    • yacchaitai

      almost feels like 2016 now

    • Guest

      Actual numbers! It’s almost hard to believe this has become reality. Still quite meaningless without singles though.

    • It’s about god damn time Oricon, about god damn time.

    • eplizo

      FINALLY. Hopefully they take it a few steps further.

    • Thomas

      They aren’t publishing digital single sales because they know it’ll destroy the illusion of ultra popular idol groups lol… Otherwise it’d have been launched together with this. I see no reason as to why they wouldn’t other than to kiss J&A’s and 48G’s ass.

    • honey girl

      Oh how this chart would have looked around 2007/2008. As usual Orion is still behind the times but better late than never I suppose. Hopefully they’ll come out with a daily soon.

    • Historia Lenz

      Oricon, you are almost a decade late. Better late than never. :)