warbear unveils all of the details about his upcoming Debut Album

Last month we reported that former Galileo Galilei vocalist and guitarist Yuuki Ozaki would be releasing his first solo album under the moniker warbear.  Now that the release date of the project has drawn closer, all of the details regarding this self-titled record have been made available to the public.

“warbear” will be a 13-track album which is designed to meet the ‘world standard,’ aiming to bring Ozaki’s distinctly Japanese melodies into a more global context.  The release was produced by Ozaki himself, his younger brother and former Galileo Galilei drummer Kazuki Ozaki, Philidelphia-based saxophonist Dan Wallace, and Yuuki’s musical mentor Kenichi Nakayama.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for “warbear” right after the jump, so please do read onwards.

-’warbear’ Track List-

  1. Kuruma ni Notte
  2. Idea01
  3. Hakaba no Chou
  4. Wallflower
  5. Train wa Hikari e to Mukau
  6. Lights
  7. Tsumi no Kuni
  8. Diamond
  9. Tsukamenai
  10. Wakaranainda
  11. Hai no Shita kara
  12. 1991
  13. 27
  14. Ochiteiku (Bonus Track)

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    • hasawa

      “warbear” will be a 13-track album which is designed to meet the ‘world
      aiming to bring Ozaki’s distinctly Japanese melodies into a
      more global context3

      He doesn’t need it tbh. I enjou the pure-ness of his music : it’s never never too much, but always enough to provide genuine and deep emotions
      Everytime a Japanese tried to appeal to international audience it always sounded contrived, try hard and ended up like a mess. Bro better not fuck up, I’m rooting for him big time.
      ps/ this moniker is a bit dumb/awkward :/

      • Ryusenkai

        Based on the instruments that have been discussed as featuring on this album, and that he’s personally involved in the record’s production, I don’t think it’s going to trend towards trying to be anymore indie-pop than Galileo Galilei ever was. Will probably be a healthy mix of that and some more folksy and jazzy stuff (their last album, and his bringing a saxophonist on as producer seem to suggest some interest in that sound palette) with a bit of electronics here and there.

        That said, I’m just extrapolating from what we know at this point – one of the songs, “Lights”, will be airing on Japanese radio on November 18th, so we’ll likely have a better idea of what to expect once that leaks out. Also worth noting that I kind of had to interpret what they meant by ‘world standard,’ since the article seemed to assume that whoever was reading it would know what that meant.

        I honestly don’t mind ‘warbear’ as the name for the project though – it’s evocative.

        • hasawa

          You’ve GOT to be right!! lol
          Damn, the saxophone on “Sea and Darkness II” gives me shivers everytime <3 definitively looking forwards other tracks like that
          If they emulate a sound like FOLKS -that always came off pretty international- I wouldn't mind though

          • Ryusenkai

            If you liked the sax. on “Sea and the Darkness II”, then I have a feeling you’ll love the latter part of “Lights.” Which you can judge for yourself now that it’s aired: