THE BACK HORN releases short preview of “Anata ga Matteru” featuring Utada Hikaru

As previously reported, Utada Hikaru is going to be featured in THE BACK HORN‘s new single “Anata ga Matteru”, which is going to be released on February 22th. Now, the band has released a short clip previewing the track, in which both Yamada Masashi and Utada Hikaru are seen singing the chorus alongside the rest of the band. The song appears to be a slow, sweet ballad, emphasizing the vocals of the singers. Additionaly, they have released the cover artwork for the single. Check both just after the jump!

the back horn anata ga matteru cover
Anata ga Matteru cover

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    • honey girl

      Sounds so beautiful

      • Hmmmmmmmmmm

        Wonder if you’d say that if it didn’t have Hikki in it…

    • eplizo

      Victor Ent blocked it in my country. smh. as usual.

      • Sou

        Thanks for the heads up! Check it out now, it should be working. :)

    • Moh

      It’s like 90s j-pop rock meets a 2017 twist. I like it.

      • ponponpon

        yeah something about it is very 90s spitz/mr children but it sounds refreshing at the same time lol.

    • Retire now

      Sounds lame

      • Dalooshe

        Try speeding it up by 1.5 but I think it would best if there was a 1.34 option :p

    • Ben

      damn Hikki. You’re that lazy these days huh? Just sitting in a room/recording studio for your MVs? I guess she’s earned it. I wanna see Sakura Drops/Travelling/Keep Trying type of MVs again.

      Enough with this

      • kiriya

        every video from hikari to keep tryin’ (except COLORS) were directed by her ex-husband. after they divorced her videos became boring.

      • What

        This isn’t her MV, it’s THE BACK HORN’s.

        • Ben

          lol I know but she’s huge enough of a name to request on how the pv to be made

          • vorpax

            No, she’s not. It’s BACK HORN’s (and their staff’s) decision on how the PV is made.

            • Ben

              Do you have a source to back this up? Or is this just a speculation?

              • vorpax


                Utada is a featured artist in this song.

    • Jj

      Not enough Hikki!

    • Can’t say I’m feeling it. I feel like the song would have been better with one or the other, but not both of them on it. Hikaru’s guest feature doesn’t add to the song. I felt the same way about “One night magic”. Yamada Masashi didn’t add anything to it. Also, Yamada and Hikaru’s voices just don’t go well together.

      But it’s awesome that Hikaru Utada co-wrote and arranged a song for another artist. I’d love for her to co-write and produce more for other artists more.

    • HyperMoot .