Ai Otsuka Releases Trailer for New Album “LOVE HONEY”

On April 12, Ai Otsuka will release her eighth studio album, “LOVE HONEY.” The album includes the single “Watashi”, as well as one of its B-sides, “Sakura Harahara”, which served as the theme song for digital art exhibit “FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 -Risshun-.” The digital single “Hibi, Ikite Ireba” is also found on the album, along with the Kit Kat collaboration song “HEART BREAK.”

“LOVE HONEY” will come in four editions: CD+Goods, CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray, and CD only. The item that is included with the CD+Goods edition is a fabric spray that is named after the album. The second disc that comes with the CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray editions of “LOVE HONEY” includes the music videos for “Watashi” and “Sakura Harahara”, as well as footage from Ai’s Valentine’s Day concert, “AIO PIANO Vol.4.”

Check out more information on the album below, including a recently released trailer!

大塚愛「LOVE HONEY」ジャケット

2. 私 (Watashi)
3. QueeN
04. TOKYO散歩 (TOKYO Sanpo)
5. サクラハラハラ (Sakura Harahara)
7. モノクロ (Monochrome)
8. make up
9. FrogFlag
11. スターターピストル (Starting Pistol)
12. 日々、生きていれば (Hibi, Ikite Ireba)

DVD / Blu-ray
1. 私 (Watashi) -Music Clip-
2. サクラハラハラ (Sakura Harahara) -Music Clip-
3. AIO PIANO vol.4 2017.2.14 ビルボードライブ東京 (from AIO PIANO vol.4 2017.2.14 Billboard Live Tokyo)
1.とある夫婦のなれそめ (Toaru Fuufu no Naresome)
2. RounD
3. 恋愛写真 (Ren’ai Shashin)
4. 私 (Watashi)

Fabric spray

大塚愛「LOVE HONEY」グッズのファブリックスプレー。


  • Comments

    • Thomas

      Sounds great so far!

      • Liokt

        And it really is!

    • juice

      Fabric spray? Don’t think that’s ever been done before..

    • ChaiChai

      I like the visuals for “Love Honey” but honestly the sound of her previous album was a lot better.
      “Love Tricky” was one of my highlights for 2015 but well… I will give it a listen.

      • hasawa

        I was more fond of her music before her hiatus (her album LOVE LETTER is my favorite) and found her last albums pretty underwhelming, but i really appreciate how she managed to stay relevant by experimenting and renewing her music and is today (musically) more relevant than many of the other singers who broke out the scene at the same time as her.

    • Kiranaru

      Really love her new sound =D This album is awesome!