Masaki Suda releases new MV for “SAYONARA ELEGY”

Actor Masaki Suda has released a new MV for his latest musical project SAYONARA ELEGY. His third single overall, the song is featured as the main theme for NTV drama series Todome no Kiss starring Kento Yamazaki and Mugi Kadowaki.

The single will only be released in one version, a CD only. The b-side is an acoustic version of the title track, and fans who purchase the single from select retailers will receive a special B-2 size poster while supplies last.

Once promotion wraps up for SAYONARA ELEGY Suda will be preparing for the release of his debut album Play. The album is being packaged with a special feature called “playPASS”, this enables you to listen and view the contents of the album on a mobile phone. The feature does not guarantee that it will work outside of Japan.

SAYONARA ELEGY will be released on February 28th, while Play will come out on March 21st.

If you’re living in Japan watch the full MV on YouTube below

For those outside of the country click here to watch the MV

(via kara @ tips)

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    • Dalooshe

      So they aaare the lost brothers in the series…..?or maybe not…? Too sucked in lol.
      Although I love my baes here, and the song is cool, I really would have loved to see something a bit more sparkly. This simply reminded me of a karaoke background video :/
      Nonethelesss, it must be lots of fun for two good friends to enjoy acting and casually hangout together and somehow end up popping up in an MV so nothing negative could bring them down.

    • 菅田 将暉
    • chakki

      i wanna listen to the OSTs but i cant find any on youtube… :(