Keyakizaka46 Embrace Their Quirks in New MV “Eccentric”

Idol group Keyakizaka46 has released a music video for their previously released song “Eccentric”.

The song “Eccentric” acts as the ending theme of their NTV mini-series mystery drama “Zankoku na Kankyakutachi” that began its run May 17.

An original concept from producer Yasushi Akimoto, “Zankoku na Kankyakutachi” is set in the near future where 21 female senior high school students find themselves confined to their classroom, and the only way out is to earn the approval from the audience tuning in to the real-time feed of their classroom.

The video itself is an extension of the series, with the group members wearing the same costumes they wear in the drama. Scenes take on the school setting amidst a storm in a variety of situations—having the members in the school gymnasium surrounded by stacked desks, dancing in sequences similar to “sankai juku”, in the classroom spinning their shoe around their finger, and dancing freely as the rain falls down on them.

Eccentric” is a coupling song from Keyakizaka46’s 4th single “Fukyouwaon” released on April 5, and will be included in their 1st album “Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru” due out July 19.

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    • DT

      That was a much cooler MV than I thought it would be. I like it! Keyakizaka continuing to surprisingly impress me.

    • Bubi.

      what the hell this is kind of GOOD?? let’s wake up to keyakizaka46

      lowkey serving suiyoubi no campanella in the beginning

    • light

      I like this, the mv is nice too =)

    • Kanjo Maru

      Was a candidate for the A-side of Fukyouwaon. I would’ve preferred this but a lot of people seem to like Fukyouwaon more.

      Hopefully they get an A-side of a similar vibe someday.

    • Guest

      This has to be the highest budget B-side MV ever.

    • Midori

      I really like Keyakizaka46; their songs are always great and their PVs interested (my favourite song/PV so far is definitely 二人セゾン, can’t get enough of it!), though I find this PV to be overly dramatic in some places (song is great, though!).

    • Jessica

      Wow this MV was amazing! The MV has great visuals and Eccentric is a great song. I loved the part where Techi is just walking in the middle of the road not giving a F about the car behind her. I’m loving Keyakizaka more and more! <3

    • lulu

      I find Keyakizaka46 a version of AKB dark singles, MV and lyrics about society, oppression etc etc.I guess the reason AKB is not doing dark singles anymore is cuz Akip is giving them to this group. Though, I have to admit these girls put a perfect performance and seem to have so much energy, still Beginner remain the best MV and song among 48/46 groups for me.

    • betterthan48s

      Keyaki delivers! Loving the lyrics
      Translation by Bad Icecream at

      That person said I’m like that
      This person said I might be like this
      A kind of rumor without a sender
      Spreads as much as it is unconfirmed

      They said even if I look like that, I’m unexpectedly like this,
      As they thought, I’m like that
      A version of myself even I don’t know is created
      And exists as a different self

      No one cares what’s true and what’s not
      It’s impossible to get them to understand
      An evil domino effect begins
      And even if I try, it can’t be stopped

      Just when it’s corrected,
      The same thing repeats

      I’ve had enough of it already

      Like a weathercock
      Depending on the wind’s direction,
      Everyone changes their stance to here and there
      Closing my ears to the voice of the society,
      I have no choice but to live the way I want
      So, alone, I’ll close my heart
      And won’t concern myself with them

      I am eccentric, I’m fine with being eccentric
      I thought not being understood by others was pretty comfortable
      Not minding the public gaze, love means to cut ties
      Let’s be forced out; that’s what freedom is

      “I heard that was like that”
      “I heard it’s actually like this”
      A game of Chinese whispers full with guesses,
      Where’s the original story?

      “Don’t ever tell anyone about this,
      This is a secret between us”, they whisper
      Secrets that shouldn’t be leaked always get leaked
      As if there’s anyone who can keep their mouth shut

      It no longer matters who’s on my side
      I don’t care if I gain or lose
      They believe or they don’tー
      That’s an irresponsible make-believe friendship

      Agreements, denials and lies
      Are all for the sake of convenience

      Give me a break from that already

      That everything is fiction or a delusion,
      Is immature innocence
      The world overflows with lies and deception
      Someone says with a smug look on their face
      That there are no fishes in a beautiful river
      I’d never want to swim
      In a dirty river like that

      I am eccentric, I’m fine with being eccentric
      Sorry for not being normal, let me be myself
      Even if I’m shunned, I’ll keep living my life the way I want
      I won’t change to the same color as them like a chameleon

      It’s not a joke
      I have no interest either
      I don’t want to match with them
      I’m not adept to that in any way
      What exactly does being normal even mean?
      In fact, everyone who I think is normal,
      Is eccentric themselves

      I am eccentric, I’m fine with being eccentric
      I thought not being understood by others was pretty comfortable
      Not minding the public gaze, love means to cut ties
      Let’s be forced out; that’s what freedom is

    • miraikuru

      46 groups is getting more good this days… I Like it…

    • Owari Konoyono

      Dance close to “Sankai Juku”, not “sumo wrestlers”.
      Why are their uniforms not see‐through wear in rainy scenes?
      Their uniforms is like a uniform of middle school, not high school, including the length of the skirt especially .
      Besides Yurina, Neru is featuring, but it seems that she is beaten on the net.
      Tall trees catch much wind.

      • Thanks! Everywhere has been saying “Sumo” but “Sankai Juku” is definitely more fitting. I’ve updated the post.

    • bailey darbii

      the lyrics are good, these girls are awesome.

    • Is the part in the beginning supposed to be rap?

    • JSBLove

      I love this MV so much. So much thought is put into making this MV and the dramatic effects are good. Keyakizaka SLAY!

    • l3012

      This was my favorite b-side from Fukyowaon, so happy it was so well received/got a MV!

    • JSBLove

      Here’s the subbed version of the MV

      credits to: Night Daydreamer