Gesu no Kiwami Otome. to Release New Digital Single “Anata ni wa Makenai”

On October 10, Gesu no Kiwami Otome. will release a new digital single “Anata ni wa Makenai.” The band debuted the song at the final show of their tour at Tokyo’s Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall.

Besides the A-side, the single will feature a new B-side and two remixes of older songs, one by PARKGOLF and the other by mabanua.

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. has released the music video for “Anata ni wa Makenai.” The song is a display of the band’s more electronic side. “Anata ni wa Makenai” features more prominent vocals by the members of the band besides Kawatani Enon. The video itself is a mixture of militaristic uniforms and video game destruction. Check it out below, along with more information on the new digital single!

1. あなたには負けない (Anata ni wa Makenai)
2. まだ生きれるだろ (Mada Ikireru Daro)
3. 私以外私じゃないの (Remix by PARKGOLF) (Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no (Remix by PARKGOLF))
4. ロマンスがありあまる (Remix by mabanua) (Romance ga Ariamaru (Remix by mabanua)) (iTunes only)


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    • gck_

      The video looks like it was from some silly 90s sci-fi kids show and then the Thunderbirds costumes. No crazy guitar work like in the previous songs but it’s really fun & catchy😬

    • guest

      keep it

    • hasawa

      Lowkey impressed they’re still a thing…
      Still feeling salty about Enon tho, but the others members shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of the messy sentimental life of this dickhead

      • ETR

        Kacho is still working with him with DADARAY, don’t see how they’re suffering any “consequences”

        • hasawa

          Did you overlook that my sentence was in CONDITIONAL tense or..?

          • ETR

            You’re implying that by being in the group they suffered, are suffering, or are bound to suffer because of Kawatani’s personal life and his past scandals. And going by your other comment, “bitched about how much better he/she deserved~”, isn’t this exactly what you’re doing? Always bitching about the poor other members in the group and how they suffer, have had their “careers destroyed” because of evil little Kawatani?
            Get over yourself.

            • hasawa

              Oh please, chill down lol
              The statement of my comment above that while I’m still mad of the trouble Enon put is own band in I’m glad they’re still a thing since the other members didn’t deserve to get ‘punished’ for something they’re not responsible of. It’s not “demonizing” Enon, it’s acknowledging the fact he DID fuck up big time (TWICE!) and that the others members had to put up with his own shit….
              As for my comment below, it has absolutely nothing to do with Enon but more about how cute females in the Japan industry were objectified by their attractiveness when their job was not capitalizing on it (like musicians). I really don’t get why you’re reaching that hard and why you’re so pissy hun lol

    • H

      Is the drummer girl up to anything? I know wota twitter was trying to get her more jobs lol.

      • hasawa

        If I remember well she was up to do acting (?)
        That being said, crazy how a girl, just because she’s attractive, is somehow expected to capitalize on it and do more than being in an activity rewarding talent (only) (such as being a back member of a rock band). It’s not the first time netizens got their eyes catched up by the endearing figure of some ‘underground’ music personality and bitched about how much better he/she deserved~
        Japanese can be so shallow…

    • I expect him to be picked at every time he appears on tv.