Dream Ami releases cover of The Cardigans’ “Lovefool”

The third solo single released by Dream AmiLovefool -Suki Datte Itte-” has been released to Avex’s official YouTube channel.

Originally released in 1996 by Swedish rock band The Cardigans, “Lovefool” was a hit worldwide, particularly in the US and Japan where the album reached platinum status in only three weeks. Ami’s version features newly penned Japanese lyrics while maintaining the song’s classic chorus.

Check out her cover below.

Dream Ami’s new single “Lovefool -Sukidatte Itte-” will be released on October 19 in three versions: a CD+DVD edition, a CD only edition, and a one coin edition sold only on E-girls FAMILY OFFICIAL CD/DVD SHOP, LDH official mobile CD/DVD SHOP, and the mu-mo store.

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    • Krys

      You really can’t go wrong with this song. This PV is pretty cute and nicely-made too, just wish it wasn’t a short version. :’^)

      • i had to learn to accept that short versions of music videos will usually be as good as we’re going to get from avex

    • yacchaitai

      It’s cute

    • visionfactory

      Who is cardigans by the way

      • They’re a Swedish rock band whose biggest hit is Lovefool. There’s really not much more than that mainstream wise tbh. Have you heard their version of Lovefool? I feel like it’s a classic.


        My Favorite Game is also pretty good

        • starlightshimmers

          There are two versions of the Lovefool music video, the American version and the UK version. You can view the UK version here, which was removed from YouTube for some reason!


    • visionfactory

      That Shakira also sung Try Everything doesn’t make it a cover, Ami’s song was released simultaneously with Shakira’s.

      It’s just another version as you can see both Ami ver. and Shakira ver. are on the movie OST titled just like that “Try Everything”

      • It’s an adaptation of the Shakira song and is considered a cover by Japanese coverage

    • No1currs

      This is my jam tho