Dream Ami releaes adorable MV for “Re: Dream”

Former E-girls member Dream Ami has released a brand new MV for “Re:Dream”, a promotional song from her upcoming debut studio album sharing the same name as the song.

The playful MV begins with Ami going through a vast white room filled with pink doors. The doors lead Ami through various wacky and fun situations meant to symbolize Ami’s “dream world”. These different scenes include Ami having a boxing match with a plush cartoon version of herself, appearing in a puzzle, and climbing up a set of stairs in space. In usual LDH fashion impressive dance choreography is featured throughout the video.

Re:Dream is the second promotional song from the album, following XOXO17 songs will be included in total including a solo cover version of E-girls hit song “Follow Me“, along with 7 music videos and a documentary on the DVD versions. Re:Dream will be released on October 4th, 2017. Watch the MV below the jump!

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    • Keny

      oh no, i love this! a lot!
      i also like how this is the polar opposite of xoxo which shows that ami can do these two totally different styles with no problem.

    • Midori

      I LOVE THIS! Definitely her best song so far and the PV is funny! I hope, she’ll get more upbeat songs in the future.

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