AKB48 Releases The Full MV For Their New Single #SukiNanda

Mega-idol group AKB48 has released the brand new MV for their 49th single #SukiNanda, perhaps learning a thing or two about hashtags from their senpai Tomomi Itano. #SukiNanda will be released on August 30th, 2017.

Members for the main a-side were selected by the 49th Senbatsu Election, with the top 16 girls having the privilege of participating in the main a-side. The #SukiNanda MV was filmed on the Japanese island Okinawa. The members are seen fully taking in Okinawa’s beautiful nature, dancing in a giant grass field and frolicking around on the beach. There’s also scenes showing off Okinawa’s unique city experience and the girls learning how to play the “Sanshin”, a 3 string musical instrument that is native to the prefecture.  

Hungry for that 1 million+ first week sales, #SukiNanada will be released in 10 versions. As usual an additional theater version of the single will be exclusively sold at the venue. Every version of the single will include Darashinai Aishikata, a b-side performed by the Under Girls (rank 17-32 in the election).  Each different type of single will have their own exclusive b-side, they are as follows:

  • Type A: Tomadotte Tameratte – Next Girls (rank 33-48)
  • Type B: Jibuntachi no Koi ni Kagitte  – Future Girls (rank 49-64)
  • Type C: Tsuki no Kamen – Upcoming Girls (rank 65-80)
  • Type D: Private Summer – SHOWROOM SENBATSU
  • Type E: Give Up wa Shinai
  • Theater: Dakitsukou ka? – AKB48 16th Generation Kenkyuusei
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    • Wtf

      11 fucking versions? JFC.

      • Guest

        Err, nothing new. Far from their first time.

        • Wtf

          Err, sorry, I don’t pay attention to idols usually.

      • lol

        they have to scam their way to a milli somehow

    • MahiruNoYume

      Even though Sasshi is the center of the song, the MV sure made it seem like Mayuyu is the “main character” lol

      (not that I’m complaining, I actually really like Mayuyu)

    • Ralph Michael De Torres

      Mayuyu’s final senbatsu election single. 😢

    • Owari Konoyono

      In the MV scene Sasshii asks “Let’s compete”.
      Mayuyu answers “I do not want to do anymore.”
      It is a metaphor for Senbatsu Elections.

    • pondloso

      this song just so boring(like mos of they song)
      But i really like Ima Para

    • Hello. Im a total Bitch.

      Dis is nice :)

    • l3012

      It’s been a while since a SSK release was this nice.
      OP, I’mnot sure if you are serious or ironic with your post?

    • james

      Boring. when will this end?

    • E

      OgiYuka is adorable.

    • Jessica

      I love everything about SukiNanda!! The covers, the song, the PV are all great and gives me nostagia of old AKB songs.