“Your Name” to Make it’s Way Overseas to North America

There seems to be no stopping the anime juggernaut know as “Your Name“.  It has not only received love in it’s home country of Japan, but in China, Korea and the rest of Asia. Now it gets ready to get some more love (and money) from those in North America. News broke through Funimation‘s site January 17th (yes we’re late on this news…) that “Your Name” will be hitting theaters in the USA and Canada April 8th for audiences to enjoy. You will have your choice of watching it dubbed in English or in Japanese with English subtitles. No locations have been released yet, but you can sign up at Funimation for e-mail updates.

In more “Your Name” news, a sample of the English edition of it’s theme song “Zenzenzense” by RADWIMPS has been released. Why not listen to it under the cut?

via Funimation

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    • eplizo

      Wonder how much it’ll make once it finishes making its rounds in theatres… The film is definitely worthy of the hype, though not better than Spirited Away.

      Oh, I just watched it in the plane today too actually. I didn’t expect it to be available lol.

      • luna326

        I’m wondering what makes this anime so popular. I read its wiki and the plot is nothing special tbh. Is it because of the animation? I can understand that since his other works are breathtakingly gorgeous! What did you like about it?

        • eplizo

          The plot isn’t anything particularly special, but the execution is legit flawless. You’ll definitely find yourself emotionally invested by at least halfway through. The animation and art also play a major factor in that too. I feel the art actually is an integral part of getting invested in the plot. The movie is a brilliant example of a relatively plot simple and great art combining to make for gripping storytelling.

          I’d 100% recommend it. Don’t be fooled by the synopsis, cause it’s worth a watch.

        • isanta

          Yeah, if you just talk about the movie, it’s nothing special, but its pacing, characters, quite good telling of a story makes me not surprised about its good reviews. Animation is also good quality but it’s not like it does for all what’s good about it. I personally find the story a bit too complicated (I had too many questions for too many details after watching it for my taste) but the effort put in making it is definitely a thing to appreciate.

        • Historia Lenz

          I agree with @eplizo:disqus and isanta. The plot is not particularly unique, but the animation, the musical score, and the twist toward the end make the movie a sort of a masterpiece. I watched it in the cinema, and most of us in the moviehouse were wowed. It is really worth the hype. :)

    • honey girl

      I refuse to give this movie my coins. #justiceforSpiritedAway I will instead illegal stream it.

      • HyperMoot .

        ??? have you watched it? have you tried some Makoto Shinkai anime before?

        • isanta

          I can understand that someone can get upset about putting their favorite movie below another movie, but I must say it’s the reviewers fault, not the director’s :P

    • Ilion

      You guyz can checkout the English lyrics in this news coverage
      Looking forward to the whole song in English.

    • Well, I’ll probably go see it.