Vogue Reports of Sandaime J Soul Brothers Paris Fashion Week Takeover

Paris Men’s Fashion Week is underway! While what you see walking down the runways is exciting, the guest list can be just as exciting (or even more so). The group of attendees that just happen to catch the eye of American Vogue are none other than Sandaime J Soul Brothers of Exile Tribe. The popular act has made such an impression, that a profile piece about them has made it’s way on to Vogue.com! The boys took in the sights and shows of Louis Vuitton and Yohji Yamamoto (member Naoki took to the runway for the latter); and also made their way to the Ambush showroom. While these are familiar faces to most who follow the J-entertainment scene, it’s nice to see them pop-up and be admired by unfamiliar places. See more photos of Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ fashion week adventure when you continue on.



Members Takanori Iwata and Naoto with Usher

00-holding-j-soul-brothers 07-j-soul-brothers

(L) Takanori Iwata and Naoto with Takumi Saito /(R) At Ambush showroom with Verbal


(L) Naoto, (C) Takanori Iwata and (R) Naoki Kobayashi

Via Vogue.com