Kana Nishino to release new single “Dear Bride”

Just in time for pumpkin spice season songstress Kana Nishino announced the release of her 29th single “Dear Bride”.  Described as a sweet uplifting song, the lyrics are dedicated to a close friend standing at one of the ‘turning points’ in life about to embark on her new journey as a married woman.

Two b-sides will be included on the single. A re-arranged version of “Kimi ga Suki” a track from her latest album “Just LOVE” and a new holiday themed song called “Merry Christmas”. The DVD version of the single includes the full version of her hit song “Have a nice day”, which was also originally released on “Just LOVE”.

“Dear Bride” will hit store shelves on October 27th. Check out the covers as well as the short ver. PV of “Have a nice day” below.

CD only




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    • yacchaitai

      damn those covers ugly as hell

    • Ryusei

      I like the covers, ready for that wedding smash. Don’t see the need to include kimi ga suki (probably the version used in the CM) but i’m not complaining either

    • honey girl

      Just reading the title puts me to sleep. She’s so trite. How she was able to make it and not Thelma or Jasmine is one of the biggest crimes in the J-music industry. smh

    • Guest

      I think the only things trite here are the haters lol. A couple of years later she will still be slaying digitally and you will still see the haters with their same old comments.

    • Bubi.

      Her mom-pop era is coming


    • ChaiChai

      Ugh another “sweet and uplifting” Nishino Kana song… great… not.

    • Dayse

      The cover looks so sweet and delicate, I like it.