Is Miliyah Kato’s boyfriend still living with his wife and children?

When Miliyah Kato debuted in 2004, many called her the voice for high school students due to both her heavy lyrical content and fun music. Throughout her career thus far she has achieved overwhelming popularity with people around the same age generation as her, especially with women.

In a story exclusive to the tabloid FLASH, Miliyah and her boyfriend (who is referred to as Mr. A) were spotted staying overnight at a luxurious inn located in the Shizuoka Prefecture. Mr. A isn’t in the entertainment business, he’s a chef in his late 30’s who works at a restaurant in Tokyo. What makes this so “scandalous” is that he apparently has a common-law wife. Mr. A and Miliyah originally started to date around two years ago, while he was still married with a child, but he got divorced shortly after. But it seems that Mr. A remarried someone else, all while still dating Miliyah at the same time. He’s currently living with his common-law wife and now two young children.

Some speculate that while Mr. A was divorcing wife #1, perhaps wife #2 got pregnant sometime within that time frame. While this seems like a very complicated situation it doesn’t seem to concern Mr. A and Miliyah, they even visited Mr. A’s hometown and parents. He also accompanied Miliyah during a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Even during the recent pictures of them taken at the inn by FLASH, Miliyah looked fine. She was smiling happily while checking-in at the lobby, and wasn’t even trying to hide her face via a face-mask.

It was also mentioned that this relationship is bringing some to worry about her mental and physical condition behind the scenes, commenting that she has been looking very thin and frail recently. That’s most likely just a stretch on the tabloids part, considering Miliyah has always been very thin throughout her entire career.

For a singer who is most known for her heartbreaking songs about love, many feel that Miliyah should see that she is just setting herself up for disaster by continuing to be with this man. Miliyah’s 9th studio album “Utopia” was just released on April 12th, 2017.

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    • K


      I’ve been waiting for this one. MESSY is right!!

    • honey girl

      Utopia didnt even sell 3k first day….need something to get her and her album talked about.

      But let’s entertain this for a minute. Wasn’t the concept of Ring centered around the very same situation? Hmmmmmmt!

      • Soyeon

        i was thinking the exact same thing regarding ring.

        when “mr A” kicks miliyahs ass to the curb to be with his wife and kids full time i expect some good classic emo miliyah. i think she still has it in her

    • baibai

      wtf is up with japan and all the cheating scandals?

      she hasn’t been relevant in a while so there isn’t much career left to kill, but still, it would be rude not to. RIP!

      • yamakita

        Must be a slow news day in the tabloid world.

    • Soyeon

      the last thing i really enjoyed from miliyah was her “muse” album. is he the reason why she’s been…lacking recently? girl needs to be unhappy to make good music it seems

      • This new album was so… At least I enjoyed the 90s R&B songs on it.

      • Ryusei

        What about liberty? It’s brilliant

    • Dalooshe

      Is to have dignity such a strange concept?

    • Ryusei

      Wut I didnt even know she had a boyfriend + we dont know if this is true it’s just one tabloid saying this after all.. + about her looking really frail, she has pretty much looked like that since 2014, just that now she works out all the time which doesnt make her appear any less thin lol

    • Karen Khoo

      She’s having an affair :O

    • Miliyah Kato

      I don’t care about Miliyah or this kind of articles, but I wanted to comment anyway. So, from what I get, she’s dating a man who was married when they first started dating and he has a child, he gets divorced and later gets married again to another woman that isn’t Miliyah? She should really think about this, she deserves better. Don’t ever be second to anyone, just move on.
      Let’s stop talking like “cheating” is a very common thing only in Japan/Asia, it happens everywhere and magazines from all over the world waste a lot of ink with this stuff. And we are only talking about celebrities.

    • warubii

      Just buy Utopia on iTunes.

    • hasawa

      Why is that so many japanese celebs in their late 20s seem so desperate for relationships they get themselves in such messy love affairs?

      • Because once you hit 30, it’s all over.

        • True, I hear if you hit 30, there is something wrong and it won’t be easy to enter a relationship anymore. If you’re near 30, their friends or families are probably on their ass all the time about “Why aren’t you in a relationship?” or “You’re getting to old for a relationship.” That’s when they get desperate. This goes to a lot of Asian countries.

    • iGleaux


    • nijiminto

      Miliyah has always talked about being lonely and alone, and if she clings to such a douche only because she’s super lonely I can only pity her. I think she’s a talented artist and can find a better person for herself. also, she hasn’t always been as thin and sick looking as now. does nobody really remembers her debut years?