Fairies loses a member, releasing new single in March

Idol group Fairies has announced the withdrawal of one of their members, Miria Fujita . In a statement released on Fairies’ official website it’s revealed that Miria decided to leave the group to focus on her studies. At 18 years old it’s likely that she is preparing to enter university.

Miria abruptly leaving the group came as a shock to many fans, as she was slated to appear at the groups upcoming concert at “ZEPP Tokyo” in February. The official statement confirmed that she would not be appearing, apologizing to the fans and thanking them for all the support throughout the years from the bottom of their hearts. The group will continue on as a 5 piece unit. Fairies made their debut in 2011 with the single “More Kiss/ Song for you”, a sub-group called “M Three” debuted two years later in 2013 which Miria was a member of.

Fairies’ 14th single Synchronized ~Synchro~ will be released on March 1st in seven versions. The standard CD only and CD+DVD, as well as five “member only” editions.

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    • Mmm… thought it would be one of the 3 girls that their management “punished” last year so I’m shocked, but at the same time it’s basically Momoka feat Momoka (with the other girl and the rest) at this point

    • baymon

      The group is barely popular and the differential treatment between members are huge. So I would say she makes the right choice to leave. Never understand management obsession over Momoka and Miki, they don’t even sing well. It doesn’t hurt to let other members sing.

      • Sakura Harano

        They were 15 in the top 20 girl group but I think the momoka-miki pushing thing is hurting the group.

    • light

      I thought that with time Fairies could have potential but the way they pushed Momoka and Miki over the others was ridiculous. In Crossroads they didnt even hold a mic. Miria barely sang anything, she was mostly just there.

      At this point i would be curious to see a Rikako-Sora duo.

      • Sakura Harano

        I would love to see a duo. This single will have again solo songs just like in Mr.Platonic.

    • Kiang Sheryl

      there goes my favourite. she had so much potential and yet their management keep pushing miki just cause she’s model material. meh.

      mahiro and miria ft rikako were so sad to look at everytime they released something. what was all that harsh training for if they only planned to let 1-2 of them sing.

      • Sakura Harano

        She did cite that she’s been in the industry since she was 8 and it’s not what she wanted to do in the end.

        • Kiang Sheryl

          but i do believe to a certain extend that environment influence people. if she had opportunities, she may have felt different

    • james

      2016-2017 are bad years for JPOP Bands. Atsushi from EXILE is going to be next,
      follow by J-Soul Brothers…

    • Paddy Alfan

      Oh. Pardon me. Thought it was akb girls graduating.

    • WorldGN18

      NOOOOO, she was my fave, but I think she is making the right decision