E-girls announce major changes: Ami graduating, Dream disbanding, & more

LDH super group E-girls announced some major changes regarding the entire structure of the group. Throughout the past week the LDH official website has been teasing fans with a “E.G REVOLUTION COUNTDOWN”, leaving fans curious if things were about to be shaken up with the group.

LDH certainly didn’t disappoint, as of now E-Girls will be their entire own origination called “E.G Family”. To begin the E.G Family lineup will consist of seven acts. E-girls, Dream Ami, DANCE EARTH PARTY, Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen, and  SudannaYuzuYully. Despite this being promoted as a “girls entertainment project”, it isn’t strictly limited to female members. DANCE EARTH PARTY includes EXILE members USA and TETSUYA, making them members of the “E.G Family”.

E-girls will now consist of 11 members instead of 19. Dream will disband and all 3 remaining members will not be joining the new E-girls lineup. Ami will continue to focus on her flourishing solo career. Aya will serve as a creative manager for E-girls, doing many things behind the scenes such as photography and graphic design. Lastly, Shizuka will focus on being a member of DANCE EARTH PARTY, it’s been said will be the link between EXILE TRIBE and E.G Family.

Happiness member MIYUU will focus on creating choreography and live directing. Ruri Kawamoto will continue to be a full-time member of Happiness.

Moving on to Flower, Shuuka Fuji will try to further her modeling career, while still being a Flower and ShuuKaRen member. Manami Shigetome and Mio Nakajima will be full-time Flower members.

What makes this new system so special is that all acts within E.G Family now co-exist, previously E-girls was seen as the end goal for everyone in the origination, but now it’s on a equal footing. This structure is very similar to EXILE TRIBE, where all the groups are connected. Currently there are no planned auditions for the E.G Family. To summarize a short Q&A was provided:


Q. Why was it announced now?

A: It might seem sudden to everyone, but after the tour last year, all the members and staff discussed where E-girls was going. After talks with all the members, everyone decided it was time for everyone to move forward towards their dreams. Over time, the members prepared a new organization called “E.G. Family” and it is finally in place, so we announced it to everyone.

Q. Who is the leader?
A. Currently, no one will serve as leader. The 11 members will make E-girls shine even brighter, will each person having awareness and responsibility as a member. E-girls will be made better will everyone taking on the role of a leader.

Q. Please explain E.G. Family in an easy way.

A. E.G. Family is a girls entertainment project featuring artists such as E-girls, Dream Ami, DANCE EARTH PARTY, Happiness, Flower, ShuuKaRen, and SudannaYuzuYully, each of which has clearly characterized features, and is a place where members’ dreams can come true.

Q. Will there be an E.G. Family Tour?

A. Although it is totally unknown at the moment, it would be nice for E.G. Family artists to gather and tour like EXILE TRIBE.

E-girls was originally started in 2011, combining the members of Dream, Happiness, and Flower. They went on to become one of the top girl groups in Japan, recently completing their 3rd arena tour.

(via Mandilinn @ OH)

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    • justice for DREAM

      GC and 2ch saying ami must be f*cking HIRO to get a solo career. idg what’s so special?

      and goodbye e-girls hello REINA WASHIO ft. E-GIRLS.

      • BAD KID

        was ami even the most popular e-girls member?

        • She was just the one people knew because she stood out due to her blonde hair. It she had dark hair, she wouldn’t be known.

          • Himi Tsu

            That’s probably true but I think she also stand out because of her smile. I don’t follow E-Girls nor LDH but I liked seeing her in music show because her smile looked really honest.

          • Bubi.

            she has always looked like Martha Stewart to me

            • Stop!

            • kashiyuka


              f u c k

        • ???

          She was usually put in front, sometimes center even though she wasn’t that popular.

        • Midori

          If she was THE most popular one, I don’t know, but she definitely was one of the most popular ones.

      • Dtt Jenny

        Ami’s sale drop one by one single, I dont think her solo career will better after she leaves E-girls
        E-girls has 3 vocals, Reina not sing all lyric like in Flower and
        Karen’s popular get higher, she now appear in JJ’s cover and Happiness
        has more active

      • Bubi.

        I wish people could just accept that a woman can get things or done or succeed without having to have please a man sexually, even jokingly. it’s a concept that people try to push all the time in any industry and while I’m sure it happens people should be given the benefit of the doubt. she’s always been given a push because the management see something in her (what that is tho,idk)

        • ???

          Nobody is saying that about Washio though.

          • Err

            They aren’t saying nice things about her either tbh and they mostly focus on Ami cause she’s the one they know the most and the news focuses mostly about her leaving to go solo

        • hmm

          except it’s not totally baseless. people are saying it because there have been rumors that HIRO has been cheating on ueto aya by sleeping around…. i mean if he could have a close relationship with a woman he was a dance teacher for when she was 12 and he was 28, i don’t think it’s far fetched to think he’d have a special relationship with one of his…prodigees lol.

          • Ichi

            Wow, I know age doesn’t matter but its sad he needs to sleep around when he is married to someone 16-years younger than him. Yukie Nakama’s husband is also having an affair and there is a 13-year age difference between them. I guess some people can’t be satisfied with one person :/.

          • Yyy

            This. HIRO has always been a damn creep so the rumors have been around. Besides, Ami is almost 30 so it wouldn’t be weird.

      • Sakura Harano

        Well the current line up for the most part includes pretty much all the popular members, the only thing is that Shuuka isn’t in it because of a hectic schedule. So I wouldn’t say Reina Washio ft. E-girls.

    • AJ

      LDH is so god damn extra.

      This concept is pretty smart though. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Korean company try this in the future, I’d be interested to see their take on it.

    • guest

      Ami graduating

      remaining members will not be joining the new E-girls lineup

      You’ve got me excited for 5 seconds, arama. I thought I’ll get my ideal E-girls without Ami’s annoying voice, but then the other Dream members won’t be in the group anymore as well :/

    • Bubi.

      it makes sense. the dream girls have been in the game for a long time despite not even being that old.

      • Bubi.

        wait i’m still confused but whatever

      • The1

        It was obvious that dream would disband, they’re sales were never great and they haven’t promoted as a group since Blanket Snow. Once Erie left, it was only a matter of time. But I thought they’d still be in E.G…

    • What

      Soooo, correct me if i’m wrong but E-girls is now: Flower + Happiness? And the only singers will be Reina, Karen and Ruri?

      • Sakura Harano

        It’s Flower, Happiness, and E-girls only members. The singers include Reina, Karen, and Yuzuna.

      • Henny

        Basically what the other commenter said, not forgetting E-girls had members that are E-girls only which is honestly easy to forget. Im still confused tho.

      • Midori

        Maybe they’ll add Shuuka as a singer too. Given the fact that she is now in a subgroup with her sister (ShuuKaren) and sings there.

    • I was listening to Dream the other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaAcw5ZqczA

      The thing I never got is that LDH ended up making their girl groups more girly as opposed to more womanly. But I guess that’s why they’re “E-girls” and not “E-women.”

      It’s just funny seeing Ami going from giving fuck-me-face on the floor to being a bootleg Nishino Kana, but without the sales.

      • Henny

        It’s baffling people think E-girls’ slick dancey cool style is a response to K-Pop when they’ve been doing this before Hallyu took off. Never saw this video or heard the song before but minus overtly sexual imagery it’s not too different visually from what they do now, Very RYDEEN.

        • It’s not baffling at all when you look at how LDH has acted since KPop emerged in Japan. They made things a lot more pop and juvenile, like the difference between this video and what E-girls do now.

          But they’re not doing things like “RYDEEN” all the time. They’re doing more cutesy things more.

      • Avex never uploaded high resolution MVs for the girls. I want them to upload good videos before they go and preserve their history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMdR6JVRYmU

        • MoMoCHu5360

          Best bet… hope for a CD+BD Best album for each group. They will never provide good quality on youtube, never mind full versions for all songs. Best quality available likely to be found on jpopsuki

      • u all let luna flop

        a modern classic imo….

      • ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥

        They were the only reason I gave a damn about e-girls honestly.


      They “killed” Dream???? Noooooooo!

      • disqus_C8js7OsgFZ

        Ikr! 😭😭😭😭


      damn it! in E-girls line up, IMHO the DREAM member is what makes the E-girls a strong band…..with the experience in showbiz more than 10 years…..damn it HIRO! why fix something that was not broken??

      • The1

        The girls made this decision themselves.

    • Guest

      I know that Ami is MC of a Music show and released solo single. Do other E-girls member have a lot of solo work?

      • The show was cancelled.

      • The1

        Sudanna, Yurino, Shuuka and Harumi I know are always modeling for something (though I think all of Flower’s performers are active models).

    • Take this L

      I’m glad they finally got rid of Dream. They didn’t live up to the original 3. <3

    • Guest

      Funny how you said LDH didn’t disappoint when I see a lot of people complaining on Twitter

      • Himi Tsu

        When reading, I thought the “didn’t disappoint” is about the revolution thingy (end of previous paragraph) and that the announcement really “shake up with the group”.

      • Sakura Harano

        Ultimately, after reading the members thoughts and notes, it was the members not LDH decision to do this.

    • Will she still go by the name DREAM AMI?

      • Sakura Harano


    • Midori

      That’s kinda sad. I really, REALLY loved e-girls in the current (now: past) formation and even though Karen is my fave, Ami came as a close second. I really don’t care about Dream disbanding, because I could never get into their music or Ami’s solo songs (or Happiness’ music, for that matter). I’m glad my favourite group Flower is staying the same…for now.
      Excited to see/hear more from ShuuKaren, though. I love those two!

      And as long as e-girls and Flower keep delivering great songs, I’ll be content.

    • Why not include Ruri on the new vocalists lineup though? Also will this “EVOLUTION” mean an upgrade to those amateur collages they call CD covers and not just the new logo which by the way looks cheesy as all hell.

      • Sakura Harano

        It was her choice.

        • Uhm… yeah, no but seriously, care to provide some actual official statements that prove that theoretical scenario you just made?

          • Sakura Harano

            The members that left E-girls each gave their statement of why they decided to leave E-girls. Ruri mentioned that she wants to focus and improve on her vocals, taking classes in New York. Also to help Happiness explore even more diverse music colors.

            • I already knew that but my question was regarding her being in the vocalists line up for the long term, what she said there seemed more of a temporary thing, I wanted to know if she would be permanently out of E-girls or be included in the line up eventually like they did before back in 2015.

              • Sakura Harano

                It could happen but I guess it’s up to the members.

                • ….Not sure if I’m liking all these changes so far.

              • hima

                she will be permanently out of E-girls (along with the other 7 members) after their Saitama 2-day concert.

                • Sucks big time, they might have just killed the group, most recognizable members are gone and the vocalist line up is cut short, to top it off their new single seems like it’s going to be a flop. Tragic.

                  • hima

                    well, they said in their recent interview that EG was like a project group to introduce Dream, Happiness, and Flower (EG was formed after those three groups was formed) and get their main groups to be bigger. Their main groups did get more recognition thanks to EG but their main focus had become more towards EG than their own original groups and they said now that they have experienced a lot of things in EG (kouhaku for 4 years straight, arena tour etc), the members discussed the things that they want to focus now. Hence, the changes but I understand why some members decided not to continue. Dream has their own priority now and since they have been in the industry for 15 years, it looks like that they thought that it’s time to move on. Miyuu wanted to become a better choreographer so she decided not to join and Ruri wanted to focus heavily on Happiness and become a better vocalist. I got it why they left though. They had always been at the back and never got the chance to show their fully potential so maybe that they thought it was better for them to focus on something than waste themselves just standing at the back. Manami, Mio, and Shuuka, the original flower members, also decided not to join for the same reason as Miyuu and Ruri. They wanted to focus on Flower plus Shuuka mentioned she had been given task and frame on what she should do so this time she wanted to show her real self. She was basically saying that EG concept doesn’t fit herself entirely so she left. Mio said that she wanted to challenge herself in acting field too.

                    I’m still sad with these changes because I love all 19 members but it looks like that the other 8 members have find something else they want to pursue and if this will give the members more screen time like nonoka then okay. Plus, Aya also mentioned that this reformation with EG as part of EG Family instead of the big umbrella of all groups will give chance to other girls (EXPG girls) to form their own group.

    • Anita Marriott
      • Midori

        They all look SOOOO gorgeous! *.*<3

        I'm still sad about Shuuka, though! x.x

    • rie

      I was lowkey a fan of Dream during their 8-member era (foreeeeever ago) so I don’t know much about them nowadays, but it’s still sad to hear they’re disbanding :(

    • WorldGN18

      I’m actually looking forward to this, I never got into Dream, and Flower and Happiness were more popular so it was meant to happen, now I do believe they need auditions

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