Charli XCX teases Japanese version of Boom Clap

English popstar Charli XCX has released a snippet of the Japanese version of her monster hit “Boom Clap”. Charli XCX first gained notoriety in 2012 by co-writing the hit “I Love It” by Icona Pop. Her worldwide breakthrough came when she was featured on Iggy Azalea song “Fancy”.

This is the first time Charli XCX has ever recorded a song in Japanese, how do you think she did? The Japanese version of “Boom Clap” will exclusively be available on the Japan press of her third studio album “Sucker”, due out on February 18th.

Check out the snippet below!

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    • Bad Kid

      the impact!!!

    • 950619


    • Bad Kid

      Charli actually sounds really good tho wow

    • Krys

      Her pronunciation wasn’t going to be great but this is at least a lot less laughable than Avril’s Japanese version of Girlfriend (or all the foreign language versions, really, my favorite was the Mandarin Chinese one).

    • Hunty


      • REW REW

      • OMG I’m so here for her Japanese versions!

    • eureeka

      That…was not as bad as I was expecting. But whoever coached her obviously took care with her “r” pronunciation so why did they let her keep saying “mone” instead of mune?

    • Ohh, Yasuda Rei wrote the Japanese lyrics.

      • I’d rather have yasuda rei covering it lol

    • Ryusei

      And here we go: hate because she isn’t japanese, and to everyone asking why: she has been a fan of japanese music for quite some time and called japan one of her favorite places on earth, and last of all she’s having a japan tour, promotion is never bad

      • wetnasty

        I don’t hate her because she isn’t Japanese, I hate her because she’s gross, she can’t sing, and she seems annoying as fuck. I’m not going to give her points just because she attempted to sing in another language. Her voice still sucks in that language as well.

        • Ryusei

          lol what part makes her gross, first of all, second of all her voice is decent and she has some really good songs that (not that I care) she writes herself and she “seems annoying” she’s like the most chilled out person I’ve ever seen when I watched interviews with her you have probably never even listened to anything except this and have never seen her anywhere, gee why so judgemental

          • wetnasty

            I’m not going to bother answering any of those questions, since they seem to be rhetorical as you appear to have already made up your own mind about her. Her voice is mediocre at best, when it’s autotuned, filtered, and layered to hell on her tracks, but live it sounds weird, awkward, and forced. A lot of things about her seem to be that way. She reminds me of debut Kesha, with less catchy songs. The whole unwashed white girl thing has been done to death by now.

            • Ryusei

              she has a lot of hair and wears it messy there’s nothing unwashed about that, and people can’t really choose what they look like, she happens to be white and wants to be a singer/ is a singer …. so? It’s not like someone produces white girls that want to become singers in a factory

              • Guest

                Shut up Ryusei

                • Ryusei

                  I will never shut up hahaha you wish I would I can go on and on for hours

            • tiffany nicole

              I really hope your not a fan of kyary pamyu pamyu then, because without auto-tune her voice would sound horrible.

      • yanderenightmares

        lol, I don’t see much hate for her here. I can see why people might find her annoying since she’s the other half of fancy. Personally I like her, but I’m just saying.

        • Ryusei

          When i made my comment there were only 2 or 3 other comments and both were mocking her pronounciation etc of course it’s not gonna be perfect and some people here took it into account which is really nice but certain other people’s comments just annoyed me and J-pop fans tend to do that thing that i wont get into again

          • yanderenightmares

            Oh I see. It’s stupid making fun of her Japanese. The fact that she even tried should be commended since most western acts don’t really translate their songs (they don’t really need to either since it sells the same).

    • morning glow

      I kinda like itttt! Her Japanese is a bit stiff but my expectations were low, so it was not bad at all! I think this sounded decent compared to a lot of Japanese artists trying to sing in English. Then again it is a pretty slow song and Japanese is probably easier to pronounce when sung.

    • Jo

      I actually appreciate the effort and I can tell some parts she was singing in Japanese LOL. No, really I enjoyed it.

    • wetnasty

      Anyone else think she sounds exactly like JPopYuna when attempting to sing in asian languages (and hell, English too?)

      • BabyGurt

        where is the lie

      • guest

        omg this video is iconic

    • Boom watashi


    • Karusuke

      I though Charli did good can’t wait to hear the rest.

    • tiffany nicole

      I liked it, no one can ever top avril on shitty Japanese tho

    • ミカ♡( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)✧

      She tried, but I think they really strained to make the Japanese words fit the beat. It sounds forced imo.

    • yanderenightmares

      She really didn’t have to do this considering most western acts don’t and they do fine, but it seems like a sincere gesture so good on her.

    • MangoLover

      I was expecting a lot lot worse…