Another step closer to world domination, BNK48 debuted their first generation members today in a surprise appearance during AKB48’s JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017 stage.

Six members of AKB48 took to the stage (Nana Okada, Saeya Kawamoto, Rina Izuta, Megu Taniguchi, Kayoko Takita, Miyabi Iino) performing a selection of their biggest hits, including “Heavy Rotation,” “Aitakatta,” and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie“.

The 29 first generation BNK48 members stormed on stage and proceeded to introduce themselves to the crowd and take a group photoshoot.

Short for Bangkok48, BNK48 was first announced on March 26, 2016 at the AKB48 single concert held in Yokohama stadium in Kanagawa, Japan.

BNK48 will participate in activities in both Thailand and Japan to improve personal relations and tourism between the two countries.

Another day, another 48 group slay.

(via Natalie)

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    • Steph

      Ah yes, because using a bunch of underage girls to promote tourism to Thailand is going to help. The only tourism from Japan to Thailand that would increase under this is sex tourism.

      • hhhh

        Why would sex tourism to a country that is already internationally notorious for red light districts and a laissez-faire attitude to prostitution increase because of the debut of a frumpy-looking pop group?

        Do you really think gross perverts are going to shell out hundreds of dollars for trans-continental flights just to get off to a ten-second handshake with a BNK48 member? I don’t know how you wrote this comment and thought it was an appropriate thing to say about teenage girls. What’s wrong with you?

    • james

      don’t give a sh*t

    • Jay

      Who cares?

    • Kanjo Maru

      “I care so little that I want to make the effort to post a comment about how little I care”

    • yacchaitai

      They’re cute but we don’t need more 48 groups

      • surfboardt

        Oh please, we need more. ATC48 for Antarctica. Aki-P can write a stage song dedicated to Club Penguin for them.

        • yacchaitai

          waiting for PCK48 (Pachinko48) w koda kumi as center!

        • dreams come true.

          Hashire penguin

          • surfboardt

            That was before Club Penguin closing. Aki-P needs to write an ode to Club Penguin, not a rehashed mess.

    • L

      Aaaaah. so AKB is like Akihabara? I mean, I usually read through them, so I could care less, but I realized this after I saw a tarpaulin of MNL48 along a main highway here in the Philippines and of course 48 seems familiar. MNL is Manila. You don’t say? Dfq is happening? Lol.

    • rshina

      a lot of people care about it…
      I’m not one of those people though

    • lovehello

      Is AKB even still popular enough for this kind of thing? I guess it’s not about popularity anymore, just about how far aki-p can stretch his grubby hands

    • I don’t really like the JKT48 girls, they are too raw. We will yet see with this one… Also, I need an 48 group that can actually speak English. All my hope is in MNL48. ></

      • gus

        too raw?

        • they are loud and their behavior is unsophisticated rather than being cute, playful and funny.

          • Risa

            *lol* So, you mean they are less fake and more normal? :D Sounds more like a good thing to me.