Arashi’s new single “Tsunagu” to be the theme song for “Shinobi no Kuni”

Johnny’s super group Arashi will be singing the theme song for the upcoming ninja film “Shinobi no Kuni”.

Arashi’s leader Satoshi Ohno is the leading man in the film, playing the role of “Mumon”. A lazy but very elite ninja who has gained much notoriety due to his skills.  One day Mumon takes takes a job that requires him to kill a ninja from another family, what he doesn’t know is that his actions lead to a bloody battle between Oda Nobunaga’s army and the ninja of the Iga Province, who Mumon belongs to.

Supporting cast include Satomi Ishihara who will be playing Mumon’s wife Okuni. Ryohei Suzuki, Yusuke Ieyasu, and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri round out the rest of the main cast.

The theme song titled “Tsunagu” will be Arashi’s 52nd single overall. It will be released in the standard CD only and limited edition CD+DVD versions.  The high energy song features prominent electric guitars and shamisen, perfectly melding the two styles of past and present. The last time Arashi sang a movie theme song was for the 2013 hit “Platinum Data”.  With such an all star cast and the power of Arashi behind the film “Shinobi no Kuni” will no doubt be one of Japan’s biggest hits of the summer.

“Tsunagu” will be released on June 28th, 2017 while “Shinobi no Kuni” hits theaters on July 1st. A trailer with a preview for “Tsunagu” can be seen below.

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    • Fish

      I think the international screening trailer was so much better. This looks cartoonish. Getting really tired of your Kaibutsukun rehash Ohno-san!

      Tsunagu sounds promising

    • light

      I like what i’m hearing and really happy “Reach for the sky” is not the main track!

      Movie looks fun but the scene at 0:21 looks so bad lol

      • Fish

        Honestly Tsunagu is not that great (its ok) but at least its better than recycledBittersweet+Everythingmashup that is RFTS

        I don’t mind scene 0:21 but can’t with 0.14.
        No wonder it didn’t make it for international film festivals big premieres like the initial aim was. Disappointed they went for the boring route of Ohno being Kaibutsukun again.

        • light

          Nah i still find that scene worse, the mix of bad cg and Ohno’s derpy face lol

          It was just 15 seconds so i’ll wait for more before really judging the song, but for now i like the sound of it=)

          • Fish

            Tsunagu sounds like Boom Boom XD

            Are they testing us with all these recycle songs? XD.
            Boom Boom is a fan favorite too (not my taste tho).

            • light

              Mmmm dunno, they give me different feelings. Bittersweet and Reach for the sky do sound similar though.
              Anyway i love Boom Boom, guess we have different tastes =)

    • Whoa

      Damn….he’s ugly

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        And you’re faceless. Ugliest I bet, inside out.

        • anonymass

          GEEZE, why are you so defensive? it’s not like you even know the guy

          • H

            Right? Loool I’m pretty sure he’s not sitting at home thinking, “Arigato Hatori Sachiyo-san. 😢”

            • Sane Arashi Fan


        • anon-SAN

          don’t know where to start with this one. the “U UGLY TOO” or the use of japanese when the rest of your comment is in english lmaooooo

        • Fish

          Hatori-san.. please learn not to feed the negativity. You’re just entertaining these sad trolls who are frustrated their anon meme is infested with positivity.

          If you feel like you still feel the need to reply, make it simple or do it like Nya by inserting a beautiful humbling gif ^^v

          • Guest

            This comment is such a huge irony of itself it’s just tragic.

            • Fish

              I’m just genuinely concerned about the pile up by you trolls on Hatori. Sorry it’s not helping.

          • lol







            • Fish

              In my opinion it is a beautiful humbling gif

      • baduglyboy

        And yet this ugly man is way more sucessful than many of your favs for sure, your should feel ashamed to say that :)

        • H

          What if their fave is Beyoncé or a more relevant example, B’z or AKB48. And besides what does success have to do with anything. Arashi fans being psycho as usual lol.

          • baduglyboy

            Psycho? lol

            I’m not the one entering and commenting on post of acts that doesn’t interest me or I find ugly.

            If his/her fave is Beyoncé why read and take the time to comment in a post about a ugly idol. That’s a sad life lol

            • hmmm

              taking 2 seconds to comment is sad? K

              • badyhappyboy

                yup, to comment on post of stuff that doesn’t even interest you, it is. Even if it’s just 1 second, If you need to go and type hate on an “irrelevant” or “ugly” content for you to feel better, you have a sad life for me :D

      • Nya
    • Nya

      Finally a new single that sound interesting…. Bringing back the Japonism feels…

    • Midna


    • surfboardt

      /looks at comments

    • lol what are these comments? Anyway, the part where he’s flying through the air tho, I almost laughed up a lung.