Kyary Pamyu Pamyu meets Sam Smith!

On the 16th, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu uploaded a photo on her Instagram with the recent Grammy Award winner Sam Smith.

The musician hailing from the United Kingdom just won four awards at the 57th annual Grammy Awards last Sunday: Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Record of the Year for his hit “Stay With Me”, and Best Pop/Vocal Album for “In The Lonely Hour”.

Keep on reading to see the lovely snapshot!

(via Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Instagram)

The caption of her snapshot read: “Sam Smith! Congrats on your Grammy”

In just an hour, the photo got over 10,000 likes and received many reactions from the Internet! Many fans left comments such as:

“I’m so jealous!”

“What an amazing shot!”


Sam Smith arrived in Japan on the 14th. This is his first time in the country and is booked with many events for promotion, and that does include TV appearances! In addition, he will be appearing on J-WAVE’s “SPARK” radio broadcast on the 18th with Ryuuji Imaichi from Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE. This is Sam’s first time doing oversea promotions after winning his Grammys.

(via Model Press)

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    • Sweater

      Weird how he isn’t gonna be a guest on this week’s Music Station then…?

    • Hillary

      I really don’t care for him or his music.

      • Penny Proud


        • Gabrielle Willis

          Penny? Yo, wassup gurl? The last time I saw you was on BET every morning from 8 to 9am!

    • Ja’Crispy

      So who’s the lucky one? Sam Smith or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?

      • morning glow

        Kyary ofc.

        • Ja’Crispy

          Great. :) ’cause some jpop crazed fans would probably automatically say otherwise.

    • Mr Waffle

      This picture reminds me of when she did her international tour and said she felt uncomfortable with how foreign fans kept touching her during photos…

      • Ja’Crispy

        That came to my mind as well. And it’s not even like a Ariana Grande diva thing. I guess the way we go about things is different. Unless that rule just doesn’t apply to celebrities who aren’t regular “creepy foreigners” lol.

        • derp

          I remember her making that comment too – about how she was on tour in Europe and her fans would try to hug and kiss her. I know it’s a culture thing, but her fans need to understand that and *hopefully* not take it personally. I know some Europeans kiss each other on the cheek to greet each other, but in Japan that’s not normal and that’d make most people uncomfortable if someone they hardly knew just came up and did that.

          Anyways, besides her boyfriend, I don’t see her being very touchy with any Japanese people either – even when someone’s sort of close to her, she looks uncomfortable. So I don’t think it’s a race issue – I don’t think that she thinks all foreigners are “creepy”.

          • Ja’Crispy

            yep :3

          • elimeten

            Trust issue maybe?

      • morning glow

        Sam Smith’s pretty feminine so I don’t think Kyary would feel uncomfortable towards him. But that’s just what I think!

    • omi

      funny thing is I know about KPP but not him :]

    • morning glow

      Sam Smith is amazing. I can’t relate to his lyrics much but I love his music. And he seems really sweet too. Every time I see someone comment on how fat or ugly he is, the more I want to cheer for this guy!

      My friend actually spotted him after she had dinner yesterday. As she walked out of the restaurant, she saw Sam Smith and waved at him, and he politely waved back!

      • Ja’Crispy

        I didn’t really know who he was at first, only his song, but he does seem like a really nice guy. Unlike many other celebs. (Saw him on Ellen)

    • Jo

      I like him when he was working with Disclosure and that’s about it. I couldn’t care less about Kyary.

    • Bop:

      I do wonder what the reaction will be in Japan if they ask what inspires his music. He openly tells that his album is about a man who broke his heart.

      • ampo9

        They spoke about it briefly on the Grammys news on Mezamashi TV (I’m pretty sure that was the show). No particularly strong reaction there, really. The presenters just kind of nodded.

      • Guest

        Japan is pretty accepting of diversity when it comes to foreigners or people in the creative fields (unless they’re mainstream celebrities). The problem is when the gay dude is an ordinary salaryman or something like that.

    • mi|kshake

      Cute pic of them both!

    • Koda Kumi

      Kumi has a photo with him, too.